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  1. for toasting up theories.
  2. how about "necro threads" (oh, wait, I can do that myself.) what would probably then happen: "I felt a great disturbance in the Shard, as if millions of threads suddenly cried out in life, and were silenced"
  3. Insanity, and coming up with insane theories.
  4. If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t there more happy people? I was trying to write the letter o, and I found a really easy way to draw an eggplant. If you think our problems are bad, then you should see our solutions! What’s a quarter step among friends? and a few of my favorites from the Cosmere: secret history warbreaker mistborn E1 mistborn E2 Words of Radiance also Words of Radiance
  5. I kind of feel the same as @Ookla the Leyspren, if you don't want to post it to everyone, just PM it to me, also, please. PS. If anyone finds new info, but it has been a while, I'm ok if you want to necro this thread, since it's mine.
  6. that makes sense, and thanks for being willing to let me know. eh, good enough.
  7. by "this" do you mean your response that you deleted, or my theory? if it is my theory, then yay! First person to believe one of my theories! if it was your response, I, personally would be very interested to hear what you came up with. you might want to put it in spoilers, though, for potentially spoiling future books. RAFO'd to death... sounds like it would make Alcatraz's list of unfun ways to die. possible, but improbable. might need to activate the Improbability Drive...
  8. yes, I know it wasn't a "next question please" because mine was going to be the last question, but he didn't want the last question to be a RAFO, so he let another person ask a question. although, I can see him giving RAFOs just to mess with us. i might have to try again later, and rephrase it so that it isn't as obvious what I'm after.
  9. that was me, actually! I just forgot the exact wording of my question, and his exact reaction, so I didn't want to post it in case I got it wrong. glad someone was paying more attention than I was. it seems pretty accurate though, from what I remember. also, I agree, why would he RAFO it if it was just the Atium? if it was, I think he would have just said "yes, that is the Atium." the biggest reason I think that was that I was going to be the last person in the crowd to ask a question, and he seemed to feel a little bad about the last question someone asked being a RAFO, so he let another person ask a question after me. If it was the Atium, he would have answered, and wouldn't have needed to let another person ask a question, so it was probably closer to a "I'm not going to tell you right now, because I'll reveal that later" RAFO than a "go look it up" RAFO.
  10. are we sure, though? because the planet isn't just Investiture, it is a planet with a soul that has been Invested to the point of Sentience, so it isn't just Investiture like a Spren, it is more like Planet and Investiture, which is closer to Kelsier, which was his soul plus Investiture, I think (you guys convinced me that Kelsier was different, so why not the planet?)
  11. so we know now that the different kinds of self-aware Investiture definitely act differently, and since this isn't a spren, it still might be possible. but thanks, though, for finding that! (now we can stop arguing over whether or not it will work because of differences or similarities between Cognitive Shadows and Spren,)
  12. yeah, I probably misinterpreted that. It was probably just the first thing my mind went to, because It's hard for me to wrap my mind around it still being physical matter, but it isn't physical.
  13. sorry, that was a bit vague. what I meant is that because they still have a physical aspect, (yes, I know they aren't dead) they would interact differently with a Shard, but because they are in the Cognitive Realm, this physical aspect is now Investiture, even though it is still there. here is a WoB that I hope helps explain: so you are transfering into Investiture, so you are Investiture, I think Edit: (now that I look at that, I might have misinterpreted)
  14. I just found some evidence that points towards you guys being right: the Ire probably would have had full power over Preservation, unlike Kelsier, even though both are just Self-aware Investiture. So, different instances of Self-aware Investiture would act differently when picking up a Shard. Now we are back to "maybe it could work. We should ask Brandon sometime."
  15. ok, I think that makes sense, but I'm pretty sure that a Spren has a Spiritweb, too (If a sentient robot has one, then a Spren should have one, too.) but I think I get what you're saying; that a Cognitive Shadow's Spiritweb would definitely be very different from a Spren's. although I don't think that they're that different, probably the most different they could be is closer to the difference between aimian and a Parshendi (a smaller difference than a tank and an apple, but still large enough of a difference to keep us from being sure until someone actually asks Brandon)