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  1. "my chin used to be farther down on my face!" -me, about 15 minutes after getting my wisdom teeth out. "death by yoga pose laser"
  2. remember to put OB spoilers in spoiler tags.
  3. also, Oathbringer spoilers
  4. also, metal is very important across the cosmere as well, which is interesting. I actually might have something more in-depth. some of this is from coppermind, and definitions, but some of it is my interpretation: definitions: "The name Adonalsium is derived from a Hebrew name for God, Adonai." -coppermind the suffix -al, as defined by google as relating to; of the kind of. (not sure if this is actually important, but it seems like something that nobody else has noticed, though.) and the suffix -ium, forming names of metallic elements. (according to google, it could also be denoting a region of the body, or denoting a biological structure.) my interpretation: so, it seems like it means something that was like or relating to a god (which brings up interesting implications), perhaps a metal, which means it could mean something like "something like or relating to a god metal (strange that we already have god metals...)" or maybe something else, perhaps it means "a region of or a structure in or relating to the body of a god", which I think is a really interesting concept. I might be wrong, though. I would like to see what other people have to say.
  5. I suppose that makes sense.
  6. yes, that works too, but what I was wondering is if, someone else has a full stomach(not just nutrition, but physical food in their stomach), and you spike them, can you also have a full stomach? will it last longer, or will it disappear just as fast as if you had eaten food?
  7. I wonder if you could steal what they have in their stomach at the time, like could you spike them if they were full, and then you can be full (I know, it is a horrible waste, but that's how hemalurgy works.)
  8. there would definitely be an effect, but it might be a different effect than you think.
  9. "know everything and post it to the 17th Shard" this would probably have the same result as necro threads.
  10. for toasting up theories.
  11. how about "necro threads" (oh, wait, I can do that myself.) what would probably then happen: "I felt a great disturbance in the Shard, as if millions of threads suddenly cried out, and were silenced"
  12. Insanity, and coming up with insane theories.
  13. If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t there more happy people? I was trying to write the letter o, and I found a really easy way to draw an eggplant. If you think our problems are bad, then you should see our solutions! What’s a quarter step among friends? and a few of my favorites from the Cosmere: secret history warbreaker mistborn E1 mistborn E2 Words of Radiance also Words of Radiance
  14. I kind of feel the same as @Ookla the Leyspren, if you don't want to post it to everyone, just PM it to me, also, please. PS. If anyone finds new info, but it has been a while, I'm ok if you want to necro this thread, since it's mine.
  15. that makes sense, and thanks for being willing to let me know. eh, good enough.