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  1. 1. @AonEne is a She 2. You are twisting what she said to serve your own purposes. That is not what she said. You are inserting words that aren't there. Why would she be referring to using spikes? All she was saying, is that we face our enemies bravely, and do not stoop to the low levels of hemalurgy to accomplish our goals.
  2. When you're playing Scrabble, and you almost have the letters to do Leras, and no one else understands why. and they look at you, like you're crazy (which you are)
  3. Hey! welcome! Lol, @AonEne's previous comment is rather direct, but yes, it is true
  4. Now may be a good time to mention, TUBA has the exact same cookie recipe, and you never have to worry about it containing hemalurgic metals.
  5. Restrictions? how are we restricting you? we are a seperate entity.
  6. The DA is held up by pillars. and from what I can tell, just a few pillars. if those pillars are knocked down, where does that leave the DA? Sure the DA is big, but does it really have enough of a foundation to stand up against new ideas? new organizations? new people? TUBA existed before it came to light. We had time to grow. we had time to form our foundation. We had time to take root. Every other new guild that opposed the DA, was quickly swept off, decimated by the DA. But we have not been swept off. We shook your organization. We destroyed the Counter-Intelligence department. It's gone, dissolved. And let me channel Kelsier for a moment. We represent Hope. We are Hope. We won't fail. why? because we have Hope. What does the DA have? The DA has a facade of loyalty, and an air of bigness. Why do I say facade? because where is your connection? your cohesiveness? You built your group through spikes. We built our group on trust, trust, and a little bit of friendship. Cliche? sure. but Cliche is good. TUBA is built on cliche. So don't think we'll fizzle out. we are not the same as any guild that has come about before. So don't think we will disappear. we won't fade away. We are just beginning to shine. (P.S. TUBA will continue to maintain it's neutrality. we will not attack anyone unless we are attacked first.)
  7. @Voidus I'm afraid you are mistaken, The Light Alley never really existed (speaking of the front for TUBA) and as such, is immune to lawsuits.
  8. @The Thinking Herald Welcome! Glad you found our casue a worthy one
  9. Hello! Welcome to the Shard! I see archer has already asked you what your favorite book is. All I have to add, is that you probably don't want to take any free cookies. Free stuff is often too good to be true. Or it has some catch. (in this case, te catch is likely a hemalurgic spike)
  10. @MoHaam To join, please affirm your Oaths, which are stated in the first post of this topic. And as has been said, if you are members of any other guids (within the Alleyverse) joining this one is a pretty big conflict.
  11. I will ask my orthodontist next time I'm there
  12. When you like to think that your braces are your metalminds.
  13. HI

    Publication order-ish is usually best, I would suggest starting with Elantris for the Cosmere (the interconnected worlds). he does have other books which are not connected. (also, who is your friend who introduced you to the Shard?)
  14. HI

    Hello! I would say your friend is giving you good advice So, what of Brandon's books have you read? (I would also recommend not eating the cookie, or saying the "initiation" phrase)