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  1. Really? I didn't Know I already had such a reputation throughout the Shard. But I don't know where you get such an Idea, I mainly do research in the Non-Hemallurgic Department.
  2. Welcome to the Shard! Have a customary Upvote and a cookie! Don't worry, I'm fairly certain I didn't mix up the spiked and non-spiked cookies again So this one should be fine: EDIT: So, what's your favorite book so far?
  3. I was out playing with ice, and when I broke a big sheet of it, these were the biggest pieces: Please take note of how many there are. Yes. 16. 16 shards. I shattered Adonalsium.
  4. Perhaps the wrong section
  5. Yugi. from Yugioh. (just Yugi, not the Pharaoh) Windrunner probably. the "i-need-to-protect-everyone- problem" applies here too. Edit: Actually, scratch that. idec. The real Windrunner is Nicolas Calva. He's the main character in Jennifer A. Neilson's Mark of the Thief Trilogy (which I just finished last night). And he for real faces some challenges with trying to protect everyone. I would highly recommend reading this series if you haven't. She also wrote The False Prince, another really good book (and its 2 sequels).
  6. Jasnah is pronounces yahs-nah? never knew.. so, maybe The Heralds came from Ashyn, after the migration? would make sense with the whole tranqualine halls thing.
  7. (not sure If I should just edit but it's been 3 hours so -shrug-) Random.. hmm... Does anyone else have this problem: You're taking a shower, and the curtain won't stay against the side of the tub, and keeps, like blowing inward. I suppose this isn't a problem for people with separate showers..
  8. yes, I realized that
  9. hi, I've been inactive since early December, what did I miss?
  10. Ah, okay, thank you, I figured as much but I wasn't quite sure
  11. so, what is this place I have wandered into?
  12. when you're riding down the road and you see one of those signs that says "Bridge ices before road" but all you read is "Bridge Four"
  13. Cool theory. Would certainly deepen the plot. We'll just have to wait and find out.
  14. When you start talking about cosmere stuff, and your friends have no idea what you're talking about, but you don't care because maybe all the weird things you say will make them want to read the books so they can figure out why you're so weird