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  1. To all future users who find this. Look no further, for all is revealed in time (with the Alcatraz novels at least) oh, also, remember what Al is.
  2. Yeah, and rithmatist is the only one that would make pg. ... well, then again that bit about how chalklings eat people... if its adapted into visual rather than simply said, I think that would break it being pg.
  3. thanks. I might look into it. I kinda want to see how all these idea about his books are put into stories.
  4. So... Sorry to be off topic, but where would one find something such as fanfictions here?
  5. The rithmatist is among the best novels I've read, and the second out of 3 sources of any type including math based magic (the first was a great graphic novel I forgot the name of, for formula, when completed, opened a portal to a world where math is essentially magic, start of a series, please tell title if you know) anyway, it is the best material that he has made for a movie, and I think he should try for it. Yup, not really much to this, just saying I think it would be his best shot at an unedited movie.
  6. There is 1 flaw with this. It is a very nice theory, but ignores that the shadowblaze must be bound. We get a brief example in the forgotten. And while it should have bound, it didn't. He will quite possibly become a rithmatist through other means though.
  7. I believe glyph of rending was saying carve with chalklings. Also, this could likely be possible assuming the rithmatist does it all by hand. Another option is trace a 3d object that is either very light and flexible, or that can be dissolved without damaging the chalk. An interesting idea I've put to use already in an rp with some friends (it is quite my own, although some forms of magic have been taken from books. They however, were modified.)
  8. Hey, kinda new here, but I've been reading the books a while. Hope it counts. Anyway, it is a very interesting theory, but I swear he told melody about it and she flipped... May be wrong, its been a while, and I am known to dream about stories I've read. Either way, I remember melody flipping out over what happened, but still refusing to give specifics only saying it was wrong. Another flaw, I distinctly remember him forgetting he wasn't a rithmatist temporarily. Very interesting, but its a stretch, especially considering some of the kids would believe so much and want if so much they would practically know they were rithmatists, yet still be normal.