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  1. Idea: Shallan's Stick I AM A STICK!!!
  2. I've read all cosmere works including arcanum. It may have been a while for a few (such as having forgotten that the flowers were for attracting creationspren rather than practice & such. Spoilers are perfectly fine here.
  3. NOTE: I've been told that this counts as an OB Spoiler. If you want no information about the book please exit the thread (it may have been moved since this note), else it should contain only minor information about spren with the only character "spoiler" in point F (you do not encounter the character prior to the book, and by the time you do the question becomes obvious, though you should probably avoid that one if you haven't read the book yet (I mean to say that simply at a glance won't hurt, but actually reading it might ruin a little bit)) However the first person to mention this should be on OB did bring in a lot of spoilers for it, so perhaps avoid reading other comments if you want to read this. So... I've been thinking about parshendi recently, and more specifically about their forms. We know that each form corresponds with at least one spren, though we do not know if each spren has its own form. Thinking about this, I came up with a few questions, mainly just what would bonding ____ spren yield, but a few more serious one's as well: A) Have Parshendi attempted to bond creationspren yet to achieve artform? If not, but they know of creationspren, have they attempted to get help from friendly humans to attract Can a Parshendi bond a spren that a human attracts for them? Alternatively, could a spren be haggled/diplomacied with to bond a Parshendi if they wouldn't normally do so? C) Can a human bond a spren in a fashion similar to that of a Parshendi? Since I feel the parshendi gemheart has something to do with this, could a human receive some sort of transplant of a gemheart, and bond spren after? If so, what might the affects be? D) What Spren can cause workform? Warform may be caused by angerspren, nimbleform by fearspren/windspren/something, and the others have spren that make sense too, but what would allow for workform? E) What spren causes dullform? Are Parshendi born to dullform as they have no spren, or is it a different form we do not know of? After bonding a spren, does the spren stay with the Parshendi, or does it leave? We have not seen anything suggesting it stays beyond bequeathing the form, no communication with a spren offering help in applicable scenarios, no strange version of the thrill for warforms that might show angerspren or whatever is bonded for it getting to control the Parshendi a little bit. F) Should a parshendi bond a highspren (Rlain with an honorspren?), would they adopt a new form of power? Would they change form at all as the bond is external, and not having to do with the gemheart? G) On to less serious questions, what would alespren yield when bonded? H) What would deathspren yield when bonded? Would it be possible to bond a deathspren? Is it possible to intentionally attract a deathspren as you are likely to think you won't die, but will get close? Do parshendi attract deathspren seeing as they are less physical and more cognitive than humans causing most spren to prefer humans? I) Anyone else have interesting sprenbond ideas? Maybe starspren or firespren? These aren't truly serious questions. If someone has actual answers to these that would be cool, but mostly it would be nice to just hear other people's opinions on it.
  4. ...and animated versions only work with discord nitro could we get some static versions of them too? that would be cool, thanks.
  5. firespren voidspren starspren deathspren windspren!!! painspren um... ye. Not entirely sure for others right now... anyway, looks great they've been uploaded to the discord for the rithmatist project thanks, these are great! now if only we could get stuff for the rithmatist (please? the spren are a lot better for emoticons though, I will admit)
  6. Very important to the one who posted this, but unrelated to the comment. I found the steel ministry about a month back, and wanted to join, however the register page has been infected by lib.tongjii.us if you could bring this to the attention of admins that would be great.
  7. dies 3 seconds later from exploded heart going at 20 beats per second
  8. Hey, honestly, 2 months isn't that long. I would love to join you in working on it, but take note that the extent of my programming knowledge is robotics, minecraft mods, and mediocre general java knowledge. Despite my low amount of knowledge I've been able to pick up programming in different environments/languages and morph to different project types faster than many other people I've seen in school, so chances are I'll be able to be helping out with programming pretty quick if you can give me info on language, environment, etc. As far as art however... well, I can do mediocre pixel art, but I doubt I'll be too helpful in this game beyond simple GUI art.
  9. So... its atium and Lerasium per the name of the holder of the shard, so why not Sazedium? to my knowledge there is no reason given in the books, and the only thing on the page itself is a link to some reddit page (which I'm not sure of accuracy with sanderson stuff, but so far reddit has been a crappy source for me) from some unknown person with the name "mistborn" implying that it was not Brandon, and therefore really shouldn't count as a valid reason. I honestly would be shocked if Brandon hasn't considered this yet, and I expect that he has a good reason for it. I would like to hear that reason, or at least receive confirmation that this "Mistborn" account is indeed sanderson, and not just another big fan of the series. (I expect that it may be something to prevent spoilers for those who read wax&wayne first, but it really could be anything)
  10. Wow... this is amazing (meaning ... well, just amazing how much depth this goes into, other people who actually care about the magic systems and stuff. I'm used to only my brother and myself having even read any of the books) Well... as has been stated, he is a cognitive shadow. I unfortunately do not know much about cognitive shadows, but I believe that he never actually touches anything that we can tell, so it is possible that he filled the bracers and made the memory simply from a state of a cognitive shadow manifest in the real world. ... and I just remembered that he did medallions and all that. um... yeah, I would say the returned theory is part of the answer with a possibility of gold feruchemy being the rest (inhabited bones, then used ... probably the BoM to regrow the flesh as was stated previously into what... hm... would it be his soul, or is there a seperate soul for the physical body? it obviously carries over to cognitive shadows... not sure. anyway, yeah, inhabit bones then regrow with gold.) I really need to read secret history or whatever it is with cognitive shadows... still awed and happy that there are others even more into this than I am.
  11. I have done some programming (unfortunately its been rather isolated, not much that has been general to build skill in diving into unfamiliar things), but I do not recognize the language you are programming in. I also have a lot going on right now (school, FRC (robotics, we're going to worlds! ), AP classes, etc) so I don't think that I'm going to get much of a chance to look at it in a while. This is probably my first free evening excluding weekends for 3 weeks, and including weekends... well, I typically just play video games friday to wind-down so I could work on it then, but I have projects... etc etc. Its .js so I would assume java script. I will look into it if I find enough time to.
  12. Also "I wanted to do that." should be "Wasing the wanting of doing the thing", however it returns "Wasing of the wanting of do that." it really is quite amazing what you're doing, I don't intend to be insulting by pointing these things out, I merely want to improve it. And with the previous comment about "wanting" I believe it was used in place of "need" such as in a distress call in... was it alloy of law? where it said something along the lines of "wanting the assistance" (it wasn't that specifically) but it was a distress call that could be viewed as "I/We need help!" so... I'm guessing that a lot of what it is would be overly simplifying the language. I'm not sure if they would still do that with High Imperialism, but at least on the Eastern Street Slang part a good idea would be setting up proper conjugation charts for certain words, then creating lists of words that would become the word in question. Just an idea, though I feel that the sheer volume of a task like that would make this something of an open-source, or at least something that should be put further into the community for aid. Perhaps a link on the high imperialism page including a link to somewhere improvements/grammatical stuff/synonym lists and the like can be sent to be incorporated?
  13. cool, wasing/wanting both seem to show up more in the books though Also would be nice to be able to go the other way. As is said in the books, it really is a headache to understand it, even if it is created systematically.
  14. I'm a skaa are ranks based on mistborn only, or all his books?
  15. So... I've been thinking about programming an accurate rithmatist game, then about simply playing it on paper with my siblings because it would be a horror to make a video game of for my skill level... honestly, making something like that would be hard I've seen a few games, but all of them fall terribly short, they are cool, yes, but none are even close to what it really should be... anyway, that's kinda besides the point. Thing is, once we do get a true rithmatist game (I have no doubt that we will eventually), I have a really cool idea considering a play method for it. I've heard descriptions of stuff like airsoft arenas, and have been in laser tag arenas, large, walled off areas where people who don't like conventional sports (and even those who do) can play a fun physical game. My idea is make something like that, only on 1 level. Essentially remake the melee arena in the real world, with something similar to smart boards as the floor. I've seen stuff like that done, a virtual tide pool that you can stand on top of and make ripples in. Just, ya know, melee sized. then have an uber-powered computer programmed to run a rithmatist-style game. the players would be given special shoes to detect where they are on the field to tell when they are taken out, along with some chalk, perhaps 3 sticks that they can customize before hand, color, hardness (essentially size), etc. So... what do you guys think? You would still be left with the problem of chalklings, you would be limited to the chalklings in the machine, then also the runes to control them... it would be rather annoying. The best thing I can think of is allow submissions from players of various level versions of creatures, skeletal, shaded, etc. you would then be able to select your chalkling based on various options. Offensive/defensive, attack/health/speed, skeletal/shaded, you would then set where it is bound to (if bound), then set where it is going to be as maximum distance (if bound), or start point. if bound it would bring the chalkling closer in and have a wavy chain/rope (players decision) going to that distance. you would then trace the creature and its chain, and it would receive stats based on its base stats and how well you mimicked the chalkling. Further improvements may include the ability to have an account that stores favorite chalklings, as well as a name to display on leaderboard, or perhaps the possibility of polychromatic chalklings with higher stats, perhaps capable of fire damage, bark skin, etc. So... what do you guys think of this idea? as of now, I would be stuck on the theoretical team, my programming skills leave a lot to be desired, and as far as artistic capabilities... well, they aren't that great. Feel free to share ideas to improve this, or ideas on how to do the coding, perhaps ideas for sketches, stats, etc.