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  1. Anime fans are the patriarchy? This must be some black hole created by too many memes converging.
  2. I agree, especially because of the Original Sin parallel that I didn't notice myself, haha. That would make it a bit too important to be a Roshar story. Also it's one thing to say that humans committing Original Sin was part of God's plan, another thing entirely to say that human colonists displacing natives was all for the best in the end. I don't Hoid would mean the latter. edit: Er, I should say I agree it's Hoid stealing a little piece of Adonalsium, that went on to inspire whatever conflict happened afterwards, with people thinking big about stealing the whole thing. But I don't think Adonalsium is going to fit in a single gem a person can wear.
  3. I think this is normal for LDS, Brandon's religion. I've only read about it, but it has more positive views of The Fall, either that it was supposed to happen, or that some of the consequences were good and had to happen anyway, etc. This might be a good summary... I mean, it's from lds.org so it can't be that off. I hope.
  4. I don't remember this perfectly, but I think it was dramatic irony. They ordered him to carry ladders for an assault against humans, as a slave to listeners. It's the opposite of how he used to carry bridges. And the person giving the order doesn't realize how ironic it is.
  5. It's my favorite Stormlight book, but it isn't The Emperor's Soul, so 9/10. I actually liked Dalinar's flashbacks; this is the biggest improvement on prior books to me. With Stormlight 1 & 2 flashbacks, it was "Let's read about a powerless child getting bullied or abused for 100 pages!" No thanks. Especially not for the 3rd time in a row. Dalinar actually had agency, created his own problems, and did interesting things in the flashbacks. The only part I didn't like was Adolin & Renarin fighting the Thunderclast. Compared to all the other action scenes happening at the same time, it was boring. I do wonder if fandom killed Eshonai, by complaining about Jasnah and Szeth surviving. Did Brandon kill her and give her story to Venli, as a way of placating readers who wanted more deaths?..
  6. Resist the spoilers! Anyway you reminded me of these two conflicting WoBs about Renarin and autism, I thought I'd link: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/227-rithmatist-denver-signing/#e7099 https://wob.coppermind.net/events/72-shadows-of-self-san-diego-signing/#e5714 It sounds like Brandon changed his mind, and is going to increase the portrayal of autism, but we haven't seen much yet. Steris has obvious difficulties; Renarin just gets called weird. There must be more, but we don't have enough time with him to see.
  7. Interesting; we haven't seen anyone on Roshar taken by the Beyond yet, except I think Jezrien -- "It's taking me!" -- but he's too unusual to generalize from. Characters spent a ton of time in Shadesmar around areas people were fighting, but we never saw it once. Do we have people hearing screams from murder victims on any other cosmere world? That could be our clue that Roshar is different. I figured it was the Spiritual Realm remembering people after they're gone, and them being connected to their murderer. But perhaps it's more.
  8. I wish I could set Amazon to text me when the book is out... edit: I spoke to soon; I think it's starting now!
  9. Is 17th Shard safe, or would it be best to stay away from here until after the release? I don't know why I'm even in this thread; I have a video game I can play... But I can't stop thinking about Shallan and Re-Shephir.
  10. Congratulations! I'm so glad to see someone did this.
  11. She could try. Jasnah would be the second "mother" to try to kill Shallan, pushing her into the arms of Re-Shephir, who's waiting to love and embrace her. It might end very poorly.
  12. It took years to get where we are today. Shallarin used to be the favorite. It still gives more google matches than any other.
  13. It could be an explicit and completely gratuitous sex scene. I mean, not really. But I'm going to pretend that's what it is, because it will stall my brain from reasoning out who's at most risk of dying, etc. Only 8 more days!
  14. Is this a clue that Parts 2-5 continue to use the word "whooped", enough that it was pushed to the front of the reviewer's vocabulary? Because I noticed it enough in Part 1.
  15. "Re-Shephir, the Midnight Mother, giving birth to abominations with her essence so dark, so terrible, so consuming. She is here! She watches me die!" essence so dark = Midnight Essence Strange that someone would have this vision in Taravangian's hospital though. Was Re-Shephir there recently, before going to Urithiru? Or was the vision seeing the death of a second, different person, in a different place?