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  1. Oh no, it's not Stick is it? XD
  2. Oh my gosh... its amazing!
  3. Will it even be possible to fit Oathbringer into a mass market paperback style book, or is it just to big?
  4. Orson Scott Card teaching a class and discussing Stormlight Archive?!?! lucky
  5. Wow, I was two seconds late. XD
  6. Based on what we've seen and learned from other books, I'd say it's almost definitely aluminum.
  7. Remember, Hoid said that if Odium even had a hint that Hoid was in Kholinar he would completely wipe out the city for even a small chance of killing him. So it makes complete sense for him to stay mostly in the background.
  8. Warbreaker is AMAZING!
  9. Dang it! I noticed this will reading and was so sure I'd discovered a new shard. Oh well
  10. My favorite scenes would be from The Way of Kings and The Emperors Soul.
  11. Men in Black, it was awesome.
  12. Ooh, Oathbringer has been found.
  13. Only a few more weeks until release!!
  14. That does make sense.
  15. Don't they only have 6? If I remember correctly one of the honorblades that gives regrowth is missing.