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  1. This is original fiction. Sorry, I was having the difficulties with world creation. Therefore, I stopped writing. I have some questions to ask. Which would be best action by me? 1) First, draw the whole world map, assign races to map locations, depict main factions in writing, and have a quite good idea of how this whole fiction would start, develop and finish and then write it. Or, Having an idea how the whole thing would start and finish is enough? 2) Found out that creating the magic system is a whole lot of huge problem. Therefore, decided to minimize it by limiting destructive magic to magical items (artefacts, like shardblades) created long time ago. And allowing only the magic which heals living beings. Will it diminish the storyline? The whole thing is a process. But hopefully, it will be done. ********************************** - "Mother, he is opening his eyes". - "Thanks Heavens, my son is alive", said Marsha coming to the bedside where a youth was lying. He was of average height and sturdy. Strong muscles of his body indicated that he may have been a soldier. - "Mother, you have to admit yourself, this is not your son. This is not my brother Mat, who was lost in open sea last year. Mother, please..." Adele couldn't continue, as tears poured from her eyes. She was worrying for her mother. Her mother once was a cheerful and delightful woman. This past year made her age very quickly making her look twenty years beyond her age. She was becoming more mournful day by day. - "Adele, storms in the sea took my Mat before he could fulfill his duty, I know that, honey", said Marsha looking thoughtful. -"However, they gave me this boy. I think, this is not coincidence. Maybe my Mat's soul lives in him. Look at him Adele. Don't his eyes look like Mat's?" Adele made herself look at a stranger whom villagers found three days ago almost lifeless near the shore. The youth lied helpless on the bed. Then, understanding of this situation struck her. Caring for this youth will help healing her mother's wounds. -“Water, please” youth whispered while sitting up on his bed. Marsha gave him a cup and started brushing his hair with her gentle hands. – “What is your name, son? Do you need any help?” -“My name is Barlas Darthoridian, as for help, I’d appreciate if you can let me stay with you”, started the youth, and he told Marsha and Adele his story. His mother was an elf and he never knew his father, but his features strongly suggested that his father was human so he decided to come to Griffin Empire and learn about humans. Learning that this youth was half elf, Adele was a little bit shocked and several questions started circulating her head, but as soon as she opened he mouth, Marsha sternly looked at her and said with a smile –“Honey, let Barlas rest. You can ask your questions later. He is still tired. Barlas, my name is Marsha and this is my daughter Adele, we’ll be honored to have you as a dear guest.” *******please feel free to correct me, and give me sugggestions if you think i need to change something************
  2. Thanks Zas and Rioter, what's the difference?
  3. which made me fight it with spear
  4. very nice! Didn't see you.
  5. Thank you very much.
  6. I would like to announce that I know who's got the best Reputation to Posts ratio here. 39% of her posts got upvoted! Ok, I just gave you a hint. It's a lovely lady.
  7. Best medicine to feel good Vin from Mistborn If you want to see how Roshar looks like...
  8. This is priceless!
  9. 1) So, what you mean is before Brandon Sanderson shows us Hoid's nature in one of his books, all our opinions on Hoid are worthless. Is that it? Correct me if I'm wrong. It is just my personal opinion, my personal explanation of Hoid's powers and mystique that Hoid is a sliver of 16 shards. If you have another one please share. 2) Again, if you don't like my theory, please share your own. I just have a hard time understanding the posts where a person states: "Nah I don't think it's not even probable" Here, we all share our understanding of Brandon's books. This way theories evolve. People start looking a bit differently to the implied facts and events in the books. What's wrong with that?
  10. You both got tired of writing? Can anyone explain me what is this game all about? Is it a story written by many people or what?
  11. Is it possible for me to see who downvoted me twice recently? Its not good for them buggers to hit hard the newbie here. Here is a hypothetical situation for you admins. Let's say member A for some reason doesn't like member B. A creates other profiles C, D and E. Then, with these 3 profiles he downvotes B's points. I hope, you'll be able to fix this situation.
  12. Dear Admins, In a user profile page there is a section called "Gallery" It would be nice if we could upload our images there, instead of uploading them in other sites and then using URLs. Of course I'd understand if its impossible due to too small hard drive space in your server.
  13. Rankings: The Highest Power (who is capable to shatter Adonalsium). To me its - GOD ALMIGHTY Adonalsium and other diamonds. To me this level represents ARCHANGELS Shard holders / Hoid level. ANGELS Heralds level. SAINTS Surgebinders, Soulcasters, Allomancers level. GENIUSES like Einstein Ordinar human beings. ordinar JOE P.S. Being religious and looking at Brandon's books from this perspective, now I have no problem when WOK delirious shardholder named "Almighty" dies. Odium, I have to say thank you to you! Its your thought process made me look at it this way. Earlier, I was sort of having problem with WOK "almighty" being dead
  14. Consider this. Taravangrial has spies in Shin with whom he has an instant contact. Spy informs King that a citizen of Shin was turned into Truthless who possesses surgebinding abilities. Immediately king's people contact the first merchant ship sailing to Shin with specific information: "Bring us that truthless" Merchant does as he was told and gets rewarded. Szeth will be turned over to Parshendi through intermediaries. And Gavilar dies. Sliver of 16 shards is indeed something else entirely.
  15. Let me know if I understood you correctly. If Adonalisium = diamond We need another diamond to shatter it to 16 pieces. Therefore, you are saying that one may assume that Hoid = diamond. But this math is a bit wrong as Hoid in his letter gives us a clue that he is on a level of shard holders as he knows them personally, i.e. his level is not the whole diamond level but a shattered piece of diamond level. I have no idea if I'm making sense here.