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  1. Here is a one. Pure speculation and I can’t find any thing to substantiate it, but for some reason I think Eshoni=Timbre. I know about the comet spren that was around Eshoni in WOR. But she never bonded. Why would it be at hanging around her dead body? I know that this breaks all kinds of rules and exceptions to rules used by authors are never fair to readers, but it is just a feeling.
  2. Oh. Thanks. Fixed
  3. Yes. Thank you for the specific”text evidence”
  4. Okay, finally finished OB. I wanted to savor it. . .
  5. Well, we need to consider where the end of all this will go(Cosmere) .. Are the shards going to be reformed into Adonalsium or possibly u a new entity? Is Harmony step one? I think we are going to have to see new shard combinations and thus vessels Odium, Ambition, etc- how does their story end? And of course- what does Hoid want?
  6. Thanks for responding without Oathbringer spoilers. Excited to read it Good to know about the words of Brandon So, what exactly does it take to become a vessel of a shard ala Sazed? Is there criteria.?
  7. To Honor what Sazed is to Harmony? what if having bonded with what is left of the Almighty and then uniting them alll reconstitutes Honor. Was honor hiding this whole time and not really dead? (Hearts of men). What if IHonor knew it would be defeated by Odiom and chose a strategic retreat? What if this was the plan? What if odium is trapped because of something Honor did that was part of the retreat? Taravangian is trying to unite them without honor(his methods and tactics). Dalinar is doing it right. That will matter in the end. Hope that makes sense I am sure this has been brought up before, but needed to write it down Need to go read Oathbringer....