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  1. Coppermind or Coppercloud

    I could edit the original to have the new symbol but I suck at design so an entirely new one is outside of my abilities
  2. Question 20

    Of course, the hero we deserve is BatPug right?
  3. What happened to the metals when Harmony came into power?

    True but if it was metabolized as normal then Allomancers wouldn't live very long since they'd get heavy metal toxicity.
  4. Question 20

    Of course I do. The really, really important question is: How many?
  5. Question 20

    Best way to get Reckoners RPers to post in a thread? Challenge them to a pug-off. via Imgflip Meme Generator
  6. Staying logged in on multiple devices

    Best guess I could make is 1 login each for the regular and mobile versions of the site? But then this would completely refute that. So... try turning it off and on again?
  7. Habits and quirks

    More a habit than a tic but I often start counting in binary when I get stressed, good method to calm down.
  8. What Happened in Portland

    Neverthere smiled humorlessly as her erstwhile friend was forced to act like a trained pet. She wasn't show was supposed to be for her amusement, to scare her, or as a warning. Then again, it hardly mattered which it was supposed to be, her reaction would be the same for any of them. She continued smiling down at C4, making sure not to break their eye contact. You wanted to stand up to the big High Epics, this is what you get. "A fine dog indeed." She agreed. "But she was never the most loyal of creatures before. I'm sure with such a fine master she'll learn though." Shifting her gaze from the crawling Epic to the other two who were still standing she bent her head to Lucentia slightly. Not her proudest moment but meeting the diamond queen physically did not encourage her to reckless action. She considered briefly trying to add some mist-like effects by projecting an image on top of her but Lucentia was probably already aware of what had happened, had probably helped it happen if she was here. Doing her best to steel her nerves she maintained her focus on Nighthound instead, he seemed easier, more comfortable to be around, even physically.
  9. Question 20

    Same city but a different faction so he wasn't droned at all. He is indeed.
  10. Theory on how to kill the Lord Ruler without removing his metal-minds

    Which WoB is that? As far as I know he said something like that in 2009 then in 2011 changed to say it was possible and would splice your sDNA.
  11. Question 20

    So sorry I've been a bit absent of late, the RP slowing down a lot didn't help but I've also been insanely busy, working 14 hour days and trying to fit in reading, gaming, learning and game-making in as well has been a bit of a nightmare. Looks like things will be calming down a bit now though so I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things, I'm hoping some of the people who are still on the more active side of posting can help me out with some interactions to keep things going and I was also contemplating playing around with a few Vanilla characters with a bit of a twist. So my ideas have mostly centered around Vanillas who have been majorly influenced (Mostly negatively) by Epics in major ways. Sometimes supernaturally so, other times as just characters with Epic-wounds. A few ideas to start with: Name: 0006 Personality: Logical Appearance: A young man of unknown age, black, slightly glazed eyes, mid length black hair. Expressionless face, permanently hunched posture. History: A survivor from the city of *Insert city we haven't already destroyed/used yet*, like Portland the city was engaged in a turf war, one of the major leaders of which was Queen B, a mentalist Epic with the power to turn people into drones for several days. People who were exposed to this power frequently enough steadily had their entire mind re-written, losing most of their memories as a consequence. While Queen B was eventually killed by another Epic the effects of her powers still linger in some of the drones, 0006 was one of the first drones and is the oldest survivor. His mental state has been almost completely overridden to the point that he has completely forgotten his original name and while he is still capable of emotional thought he is incapable of expressing his emotions through tone or expression. Name: Henry Lincoln Personality: Annoyed Appearance: A tall, middle-aged man with a round face, perpetual stubble and steadily graying hair. His right arm is hidden beneath bandages and a sleeve but is noticeably stunted. Usually seems to be scowling at everything and walks with a limp. History: Another survivor of *Same city*, Henry was coerced into joining the militia of Parasthesia. While never actually trained in the use of firearms he became reasonably proficient with them until a skirmish with another Epics forces ended when one of the Epics themselves showed up, his arm and a large portion of the left side of his torso were horribly burned by the Epics acid attack and while he managed to survive the ordeal he quickly fled the city with a group of other refugees. He became attached to a young boy with strange mannerisms, and a stranger name on their journey and along with a few others from the group eventually they settled down in (Portland, the Dalles or Corvallis) Thoughts?
  12. Theory on how to kill the Lord Ruler without removing his metal-minds

    Yes she does, she uses it in WoA to detect emotional allomancy Chapter 20. Also, Brandon has gone back and forth a bit on whether it is possible/what would happen if you burn a spike made from someone else. Most recent that I'm aware of is that it is possible and would splice your sDNA which would have 'consequences'
  13. Vampires - need help defining them

    If you ever need ideas for random minor powers let me know, I have a compendium of... well a lot, for the Reckoners RP. How specific can the powers be? Could someone pick "Moving precisely 1.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 tonnes of earth" and then move that one tonne at the speed of sound?
  14. Vampires - need help defining them

    It's also incredibly healthy Of note is that many vampiric weaknesses are natural occurrences or substances (Sunlight, running water, garlic, wooden stakes)
  15. Question 20

    That's one of the coolest presents I've ever seen.