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  1. To answer the OP, by waiting until said radiant is asleep then Mistborning into their quarters and stabbing them in the eye with a knife. Mistborn are thieves and assassins, not knights. Put them in an open battlefield or a dueling ring and the odds are pretty highly stacked against the Mistborn, not impossible (Particularly if you give them all metals), but it would be a hard win. But put them in the Mistborns arena, a mist covered city at midnight with no idea of your opponent and I would bet on the Mistborn against any radiant.
  2. Jarrad was staring up at the ceiling in amazement, the slight clouds he'd seen on the train over remained but in between them he could make out an incredible starscap. This was the exact room that You know Who had died in, dozens of other death eaters had been killed as well, he could almost see it now, spells flying throughout the hall, the blank eyes of- His stomach instantly started rebelling against him and he hunched over trying to prevent the impending barfing. "Thomas, Jarrad!" Oh god, eating so many of those strawberry lolipops was a bad idea. Taking slow breaths he tried to still his stomach. "Ehem, mr. Thomas?" Thank god everyone wathcing the hat not me, no one would believe a half vampire who was almost puking. Looking up he noticed that almost every eye in the great hall was turned towards him. Wait, what letter were they up to? "Mr. Thomas, if you've quite finished could you make your way up to be sorted?" Said Professor Mcgonagall, the Headmistress. Jarrad awkwardly made his way to the stool placed at the front of the four tables, head looking directly down. Maybe they'll think I was brooding? He hoped desperately. Sitting down on the stool he was sincerely grateful when the hat was dropped low on his head, covering his eyes. Hmm... A small voice sounded in his ear. Now what to do with you? What's this? Not much ambition, plenty of knowledge if you cared to tap it, a touch of daring in the right places. Yes, I think you'll do best in... "RAVENCLAW!" The hat yelled next to his ear. Ravenclaw? Awesome! I can go to the library and read up on vampires and borrow a bunch of books on curses and then take them back to the common room and.. Er... you can get up now.The hat whispered to him again. Jarrad briskly walked to the Ravenclaw table to a mix of applause and giggling laughter.
  3. Hmmm... none with the same name, got a couple with powers that might fit? Border: Can manipulate the strong nuclear force in a 2 dimensional area, causing anything which enters this area to be disassembled at a subatomic level. Achieves this by drawing a line with some part of his body, a wall of faint green light is then projected upwards from this line, disintegrating anything that touches it. (Energy not completely conserved, decay produces only mild radiation, light, heat and mild lower wavelengths) Whitespace: Can manipulate written text, cannot change individual letters but can freely move the letters around so long as they don't collide with any other letters. Given the spacing of most documents this usually limits him to increasing the spaces between words or lines. (Highly restricted telekinesis, non-mentalism) Shatterswing: Can extend the range of force from blunt weapons, usually carries a metal mace which he can use to strike opponents up to a distance of 100m away. (Non-conserved, applied equally across area at strength of swing, opposing force acts on air, not Epic.)
  4. Think I said as much in a PM but yeah that's fine with me Sorry for lack of posts again, been on midnight shifts at work and I usually do my posting at night, I have a long weekend next week though so will definitely get something up then if I don't sooner.
  5. So... I randomly fainted for no reason this morning. 12 hours, 2 hospitals and multiple tests later and... I still have no idea what happened.
  6. Given that it'll only appear for one scene and most of its decisions will need to be made by other players (What house they go to) or at the least with their permission, not sure how that would work out. What were you thinking?
  7. Yeah it's one of those things where the books aren't explicit and the WoBs have been somewhat vague, the references for that article are the quote I mentioned, and Brandon has on a few occasions referred to the pits as the pool but yeah you could definitely make the case that the pits are technically separate from but connected to, Ruins pool.
  8. I'm a bit rusty on some of the more recent interviews and signings so some of this may be a bit dated but nontheless: 1- Every Shard that Invests itself on a planet develops a Shardpool, Ruins pool was the pits themselves. 2- Two parts to this one, 1: Preservation exists in the Well and the Mists (Which both do regrow when consumed) as well as Lerasium, but also the pits were meant to act as a way to lock part of Ruins power so that the two Shards would be balanced again so this is sort of intentional. (This last part is more interpretation than stated canon) 3- We have yet to see the full extent of either of their effects, but seeing into the future is still something very powerful in the cosmere so it's not necessarily as unbalanced as you might think. 4 - Not much to add to the previous answer here, the power was Ruins prison, giving it up got rid of the prison. 5- If you mean to move in and out of the cognitive realm then yes, if you mean to ascend to become a Shard then no. 6- The power returns to Preservations store, what originally created the Lerasium that TLR found is still (To my knowledge at least) unknown but if it does just grow like Atium does then it has a much longer generation time. 7- Yes absorb it, it represents a large chunk of his Investiture, which he needed to be more powerful than Preservation so he could end the world faster as he desired (And also, presumably in order to fight other Shards when he went to go ruin their worlds too) He didn't let it grow, Preservation created the pits as an outlet for his power specifically so that he would be weakened.
  9. Sorting order from the list in the google doc I added ages ago, some characters may be missing Elizabeth Allred (Ravenclaw) - Mistrunner Ming Cong (Hufflepuff) - Cloudjumper Chas End (Hufflepuff) - Chasmfiend Gregory Halover (?) - Young Bard Lorelei Marchbanks (Slytherin) - Honor Spren Eleanor Peaks (Gryffindor) - Master Elodin James Sirius Potter (Gryffindor) - NPC Jarrad Thomas (?) - Voidus
  10. Maybe teacher and deputy Headmistress if needed for backstory?
  11. I was reading back through and noticed we'd created a new headmistress but according to wiki's at least, McGonagall should still be head until 2020, thinking we should probably decide what we're doing with this soon if people are going to be coming into the great hall so that we can describe it properly. @The Honor Spren?
  12. More like an intranet than deep web, only accessible to wizard devices.
  13. It's not specific to Hogwarts, it's mentioned multiple times that heavily magical places interfere with muggle technology but the Hogwarts Express works fine, as does the Weasley car and there's an entire department in the ministry devoted to stopping people messing with muggle stuff so while just a regular mobile phone wouldn't work I'm pretty sure wizards could make one that does. That being said Hogwarts is enchanted to be Unplottable so yeah gps definitely wouldn't work.
  14. Well wizards can get tech to work, judging by the various cars, trains and other tech that they can make use of. It just takes some extra effort.
  15. A gentle knock sounded at a door, after receiving no response there was a somewhat more insistent knock and a question. The rooms occupant was unable to hear either knock or question however, his ears having been separated from the rest of his body when he tried to headbutt a steel column. Once more the blood , flesh and bone fragments that had been scattered around the room flew back, reintegrating back into Bioterrors body. Cricking his neck to one side he waited for the delicate bones in his inner ear to finish reforming correctly. His eyes had just returned to their usual reptilian appearance, albeit still somewhat bloodshot, in time to see the door opening slightly, one of the servants timidly looking around as he entered. Bioterror leapt accross the room in an instant, pinning the servant to the wall and growling in his face. "I said, NO DISTRACTIONS." The servant grimaced in pain and fear, lowering his head and apologizing profusely, his ribs had just started creaking when he managed to stammer out the word "Visitor" and Bioterror dropped him. "Knock next time." He growled before prowling out into the corridor to see who had come, it had to be one of Astoria's leaders, no other Epics would bother coming to greet him, and sparkles would have just teleported into his face if their previous encounter was anything to go by. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The somewhat confused servant sat in a heap on the floor for a few minutes, feeling tenderly for what seemed to be several broken ribs. Still, by most Epic standards it was a fairly mild rebuke, his limbs were still in tact at least, as was the rest of the city block they were standing on. He gingerly brought himself to his feet, coughing painfully as he did so. Leaning heavily on the wall he pulled himself in the direction of the kitchen, a few broken ribs would not pass as an excuse for failing to serve drinks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bioterror walked into the room where a man stood waiting for him, the well dressed one from yesterday who sent them to the shadow tower. Deathgale as he'd later learned, though he still didn't know the extent of his abilities. "Sorry to keep you waiting." Bioterror said, forcing his annoyance at the interruption down and attempting to adopt a business like tone that seemed like it would appease Dethgale. He extended a hand in greeting, morphing the clawed fingertips back into something more normal so that it could be comfortably grasped. "What brings you here today?"