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  1. Or the scream of an eldritch horror beyond human comprehension, birthed from a dimension of chaos and darkness.We only have one of the smaller infinities of them and R&D have them booked out. I want to test this theory on acoustic resonance and Connection.
  2. Judging strictly from writing ability it's probably the weakest of the cosmere books but story and character wise I think it holds up well with Stormlight, definitely recommend getting it if you get the chance.
  3. Well if you ever meet someone in a dark alley trying to offer you cookies that's probably me... actually could be Fatrebreaker, this may be harder than I thought.
  4. Waiting for someone to gaze into it so I can gaze back.
  5. Didn't someone start using that place as storage for our spare intelligence spikes? Last I heard the penguins had build a giant death star like construction.
  6. Well I have a vacuum in my RPing now that the Reckoners RP has finally wound down More than willing to help out, participate or GM as needed if this takes off.
  7. My that's a lot of new denziens, at this rate we may need to invent another dimension to fit everyone. Anyone from R&D know if we found another one after we found that dimension that smelled of purple?
  8. Really sad to see this all coming to an end, it's a weird feeling to miss so strongly people that I haven't technically met in person but this has been an important part of my life for a while, I've had some amazing times in these threads. Thank you to everyone for making this such an amazing experience, and if anyone ever starts another RP definitely let me know You are all amazing people, I hope I'll still see most of you around the Shard but if not then thank you again and hope you have an awesome life.
  9. Feel free to take up a spare office if you find one, don't mind the endless wails that sound like screams of pain from the depths of hell, I think FB or one of the research heads opened up a portal somewhere again, not sure which plane it's on but screaming voices mean screaming people who can be spiked customers for our cookies. If you're after something more official with a name on the OP then yeah just let me know and if you'd like a particular title, otherwise feel free to start using the resources of the DA for your research. And the last copy of the disclaimer I have on hand is:
  10. Would this be OK for an character for the Role playing game? (I Haven't written short story yet


    Name: Phoenix


    Phys Des: Tall, 20 years old, has blond unkempt hair, hair and hazel eyes. Always has a cigar and tends to take it out before a fire blast. Male

    Des: Generally a good guy. Tends to be arrogant.


    Weapons Summoning: Can summon two flaming katanas.

    Fire-Blasting: Can shoot fire out of hands and mouth.

    Incorporeal: Can change body into fire reflexively and on command.


    Chemical Burns

    1. Rage


      Also could you fill me in on what has happened in Salem so far. (I don't have enough time to read it all) Sorry.):

  11. Brandon has stated this on numerous occasions, yes. Earth, or any versions of earth, do not exist in the cosmere.
  12. I'm always around but the alleys have always been a free place, we don't really have leadership.
  13. If there was enough activity I'm happy to keep it open but it's been a while since it's really been active. Happy to do collab posts with any characters if needed.
  14. I try to be pretty reactive in my writing so not sure how good a job I can do without other player input but I'll try to get something up for Salem and maybe a few of my other characters. Might do a few scenarios for it if I can get into the rhythm again. EDIT: Just finished the final Corvallis post, I'll probably structure most of mine with a similar format, summary and rough drafts of what I had planned then a final viewpoint leading up to/at/after the cities destruction. Currently planning: Salem (Mostly Soulcaster focused post about the city) PP/Saccharine - As my first character I feel I should wrap up their story. Impact/MV - Probably the one I had planned the most for so I'll get something up at least Cornucopia - Working off of Comatoses wrap up post I'll wrap up Cornucopias story and her part in the fall of Corvallis. If anyone is interested in what happened to any of my other characters let me know and I'll try to get something up.
  15. See I've heard about the a bomb thing before and I find it an odd topic, once your body is completely disintegrated there's no point in putting additional energy in, sure an atom bomb could disintegrate several million people but on the scale of a single person disintegration is disintegration, doesn't matter how large the blast is. Plus you also have to sacrifice an insanely large chunk of land for a long period of time just to kill one person. I also think people significantly underestimate compounding strength, given the speeds that Miles heals at he has to be tapping thousands if not millions of times of healing factor most of the time, broken bones heal over a period of months, Miles heals them in less than a second (2.6 million seconds in a month, give or take) without worrying in any way that he's significantly depleted his reserves. Teleport them into the earths core, or even just the mantle, no escape and they will die eventually.