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  1. Light Novels

    Dungeon ni deai (Already mentioned, also known as DanMachi) - Fun and amusing dungeon crawling Death March (510 chapters and counting released for the WN) - One of my favorites, light hearted and fun for the most part, some great characters. And the translation is some of the best I've seen. Only Sense Online - Another VRMMORPG style game, though this time the MC isn't sucked into a game, they just play it. Overlord - An interesting one, the anime was a good adaption but the LN goes on for quite a while longer and explores it all a bit more. Arifureta - A bit heavier on the harem stuff than I like but good story, gets a bit grim at times though.
  2. Question 20

    Didn't he do that 3 personalities ago? Probably nothing, since Oregon will probably be destroyed by the time they can Now what they were planning on doing with it is another matter.
  3. Oathbringer Prologue (spoilers)

    Tagging this topic for spoilers, and just a reminder that if you want to post again before someone else has replied, editing your posts is preferred, not double/triple posting.
  4. Question 20

    It's a DreamMare? A situation we're simultaneously excited for and terrified by.
  5. [AU spoilers] I'm Confused

    They'd certainly need access to Investiture, which would be new for Elantrians but not necessarily the Dor itself, Stormlight would probably do the trick,
  6. How long can Marsh stay alive?

    Yeah, Inquisitors tended to live longer, not sure if we ever got an estimate on how long exactly. As for TLR, well Marsh had one bag of Atium and it kept him going for 300 years, pretty sure TLR was a long, long way off of hitting the limit And Marsh is good for 'a while' so not much to go on there but I'd say it's relatively likely that he'll either attain immortality through other means or secure a steady supply of Atium.
  7. Not anymore Used to be a shorthand approximation of how many posts you'd made I think? 5 dots was anyone who'd made over 1000 posts IIRC
  8. Question 20

    BZZZZT! "You lose again" Came the irritating voice. "How are you so bad at this? Can't you change your body into something with better fine motor skills?" "Shutup Sparkles." Bioterror growled back "I was in the middle of imploding all the veins in my body when you dropped by for this stupid game, excuse me if I'm still shaking a bit." "Pfft. You're a healer, you're fine by now. You just don't like losing." Brightdeath drawled back as she pulled the small plastic object out, wrapping it in a shell of light. "I don't like losing to someone who's cheating with their powers." Bioterror spat back. "Funnybone for $200" She said, ignoring his jibe completely. "Fine." He muttered, grabbing the small set of tweezers and carefully lifting the bone out, it was almost out when once again BZZZZT "And again." Brightdeath sighed, barely waiting a second before she began lifting it out herself. Bioterror narrowed his eyes at the Epic, sparing a moments hesitation and- A flash of light lit the room as Brightdeath vanished, reappearing a second later with a furious expression on her face. "It fell after you teleported." Bioterror stated, blank faced. "You lose this time too." The plastic game did not manage to survive the ensuing superpowered brawl. Neither did the house.
  9. [AU spoilers] I'm Confused

    I believe you mean of Dominion We have a paraphrased WoB that they are 'related to' Skai, which is very nearly but not outright confirmation still. So almost certainly but to my knowledge Brandon has never explicitly stated it. Also I'd say that like Seons the Skaze themselves are probably not Splinters, but they have a core that is (That Dhakor equivalent of an Aon presumably) In terms of whether an Elantrian could use their powers off world, the answer IIRC is yes but it would take some pretty significant work arounds, we do actually have a sort-of example: (SH spoilers)
  10. The future of Hemalurgy

    I think the most likely need for developing Hemalurgy will be as a deterrent, if the Southerners start extensively practicing it, along with their already far more advanced magitech in the medallions then the northerners might feel too threatened to not supplement their own forces with more Allomancy and Feruchemy through the use of Hemalurgy. Immoral? Sure, but civilizations have done plenty of immoral things before to save themselves. And some of those things are still being debated today as to whether or not we need them.
  11. Question 20

    So I completely lost my old copy of the RP game I was working on but on the plus side I got a new engine to try out so I'm just going to remake it
  12. Drabs=Non Nalthian?

    Other Shardworlders have their own innate Investiture, they just can't give it to other people like Nalthians could.
  13. Coppermind or Coppercloud

    I could edit the original to have the new symbol but I suck at design so an entirely new one is outside of my abilities
  14. Question 20

    Of course, the hero we deserve is BatPug right?