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  1. Epic technology is a very broad umbrella, could be literally anything
  2. Sorry I've been a bit behind on my RPing lately, work got really crazy again, our team was just reduced by half and we're being asked to do three times as much because apparently management has no idea how maths works. Hoping I can start doing some posts again soon, can anyone let me know if they're waiting on me atm? (I assume either Impact or MV is up at the fight scene, hopefully get to that soon)
  3. I don't think the question can be reliably answered, 'powerful' is subject to interpretation. Some powers are very very strong in the right circumstances but not otherwise, some Epics are strong but squishy, and also everyone is going to be biased towards their own Epics. You can compare who would win in a fight between two Epics but it's hard to say that one is emphatically better than another. (Case in point for the everyone is biased to their own Epics: ) Personally I'd say either MV or Scribbler in terms of pure destructive capability and both can also use their powers defensively though neither is a full blown PI. But both are also incredibly situational. Scribbler would need a lot of time to prepare but could kill the entire city, MV could kill the city faster but doesn't use her power that intelligently and also needs the right circumstances. My issue with systems that get this complex is that you're probably better off just using a standard Epic profile where you just precisely list their abilities, limitations, etc. and also a recommendation for tactical approach But the idea of creating something like the ICD for Epics does appeal to me very much I don't have much opportunity for long replies at the moment but yeah that sounds reasonable, if I get access to my desktop before you reply then I might post something.
  4. Might be more useful to have it as an additional rating system on a per-Epic basis rather than per-power. Many powers fit under multiple categories to various degrees, teleportation would mainly be logistically useful but may be able to be used offensively, or multiple powers may combine together to become more than the sum of their parts.
  5. Will need to dig around for it when I have my laptop back but sure. I think I may have posted bits and pieces here previously though. Broadly speaking it's a 1-5 grading system, 5 being the highest. Split up into range, power and limitations (Specifically Limitations that aren't power or range based but that's a bit long so I just label it as limitations). I have some general guidelines for various generic powersets but broadly speaking a level of 1 is weaker than what an average human is capable of doing (Or is incredibly situational) 5 is Obliteration level city destruction and beyond. (Given the amount of time he needs to charge his Limitation score would probably bring his average to a 4)
  6. We came before and will endure til long after. FOR SCIENCE!!!
  7. I have Epics of all strengths and sizes, I just use the minor Epics most because no one wants to use High Epics as cannon fodder. (I have no idea why though)
  8. Most Epics would be considered pretty OP compared to other cosmere magics but that's the only issue I'd say. I'm definitely not one to judge people liking creating Epic characters. *Gestures towards binders full of Epic ideas for the Reckoners RP*
  9. The shadow held out one hand, holding a small gemstone sitting in a metallic housing. It wordlessly deposited it on a nearby table before collapsing in on itself, becoming a mere patch of shadow once again.
  10. The shadow shifted again under watching eyes, it remained an intangible patch of darkness, seeming to form a series of shapes that flowed from one to another. An indistinct cloud became some small rounded object which became a single spike before reforming into the silhouette of a dog, the dog then morphed into a hooded figure which seemed to look right back out of it's shadowy corner, beckoning.
  11. Finally the lasers, explosions, swords and huge creatures all stopped. Quiet returned to the Waystop. "Is it over?" Laurelai asked the air, uncurling herself. Someone had brought her to a large metal vehicle, a tank she remembered. One used by the Chaos Marines it seemed, but what in Odiums name were they doing here? Why attack the Waystop? Why break the peace and quiet and bring all of this chaos, this destruction? As she studied the bodies around her, a cold sweat broke out across her skin along with a feeling of nausea rising from her stomach. She clutched one hand to her mouth and closed her eyes, taking some deep, steadying breaths. "Might need help." A masculine voice nearby asked. Turning, she saw a large man wearing a long cloak, a weapon in one of his hands pointed towards a nearby, it's head was completely- Laurelai turned herself away, shutting her eyes again. "Just a sec." She weakly managed to squeeze out. "I can Reseal. Just... Just need a minute to prepare." Taking a minute to calm back down, she turned towards the man again. This time her sinuses were blocked enough that she couldn't smell the aftermath of the fight, but still, out of her peripheral vision she could see the blood, the broken bodies, torn apart, burned, disintegrated. Too many horrors to count, even if it did seem that these men and women had deserved it. Seeing their bodies like this wasn't easy. Diverting her attention towards her savior, she examined his wounds. Was that Stormlight keeping him alive? She couldn't see a glow, but people didn't usually survive having a hand-sized hole blasted through their chest. Taking another steadying breath, she felt herself calm as she examined the wound clinically, medical knowledge and training helping her, this she was familiar with. Just a patient who needed some treatment. I can do this. I saw the wound be made, just a small tweak to his past, I'm sure his body wants to be whole again. She held a hand over the wound, more to cover the sight of the organs than out of any real need to channel her Forgery. Quickly she sketched a mental seal and pushed it towards the man, feeling the Dor flow through her and into his body. And then another familiar feeling, the Dor filled her Stamp but it also crackled with wild energy, exploding around her in another unpredictable surge of Investiture. "Sorry." She managed to say before it filled her completely. Suddenly her vision shifted. She could still see the man, but now she was behind him and twenty feet further away. That's a new one. She shifted again. Another twenty feet, almost back to where she started. Her mind struggled to keep up with her body and she felt the bile rise up her throat again. Shift. Shift. Shift. "This is not going to end well." She muttered, holding her hands to her mouth again. Shift. Shift. Shift. She was back near the main building of the Waystop now, from the brief glimpses she could make out. "Direct people who need it to me." Who was that man? He'd been here before she left hadn't he? Shift. Shift. She appeared immediately behind him and finally the world stabilized, she held one position in space for a few seconds. "Unless, of course, I don't actually know what's going on and nobody needs any help. i'm fine with that," He continued. She promptly vomited on his back.
  12. Using a Fabrial to move within Shadesmar, Laurelai walked slowly, pondering the note in her hand. It seemed to be some kind of treasure hunt, but was there any treasure left? Regardless, it was an interesting exercise. One that let her stretch her intellectual muscles and also gave her a possibility of watching others on the hunt. Perhaps she could gain some new insight into her own mind, she could tell that she was close to her Essence Mark, but that last little bit felt like an eternity sometimes. But first she needed to return to the Waystop to gather the rest of her things. Tapping a finger to her chin, she continued to hold the piece of paper in front of her, reading it again as she stepped through the perpendicularity towards the peaceful Waystop. What the sparks happened to the peaceful Waystop!?! Immediately several bolts of what seemed to be pure light soared over her head as she exited. She had to dive out of the way of a small explosion but couldn't avoid all the shrapnel. Crouching in a small ball, Laurelai was very confused.
  13. Might merge this with one of the other guides eventually but pinned for now.