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  1. Ability to channel, finesse with weaves and elemental affinity are all separate traits from what we've discovered, although if you use an Atium spike and don't mind significantly more corruption to the soul you can rip off a larger piece of spiritweb and gain multiple of those traits.
  2. Another idea for Oregons destruction, the arrival of one of the many Epics in my backlog, Red (Who now regrets his name once he learns of the Red who resides in Portland) and his many followers. 151 followers to be exact. (Well actually 153 since I count togepi and Ho-oh as well) And no I'm not just suggesting this because I went to the effort (read: Had tremendous fun) of creating an Epic profile for every Gen 1 pokemon.
  3. It'd be one of the most dangerous cities to be in for him when he still had a cooldown on his teleporting but he could definitely do some serious damage if he wanted. Given that a large number of Epics and Vanillas all pack into a single small space on a daily basis, while unconscious, it'd be a pretty prime target.
  4. Dear Primary power: Telepathy (Tier 1) - Possesses highly limited telepathy, is able to tell at a glance what pet names people use for each other.
  5. Having fun? We could make it a competition if you want? Who can produce the most underpowered/overpowered Epic in theme from a name.
  6. I actually already had mine saved somewhere, though I think it was under a different name like Offence. So I may have cheated a bit there
  7. Step up: Primary power - Can create footholds in the air, allowing them to walk into the air. Step up 2: Primary power - Can turn any street into a staircase
  8. Yeah I used to just sit for a couple of hours and go on a wikipedia journey, just keep clicking through links until I found a page that was interesting, then make an Epic about it. Insult: Primary power - insult curse - can cause anyone in her vicinity who speaks an insult to have their tongue rip free from their mouth and fly towards her. Can set specific standards such as insulting a specific person or concept, target only one person in her vicinity, etc. Not necessarily lethal but most people who have their tongues torn free choke to death on their blood or bleed out unless they receive assistance.
  9. Her Primary power: Ominous aura, capable of letting off an aura that induces terrible fear in any living creatures nearby, is even capable of killing small or weak life forms. Passive power: Banshee cry, (Instant death tier 3) anything which hears her voice is struck instantly dead. No one knows Her real name, she wanders the country in search of some purpose, but as none live long enough to hear it, most simply avoid her figure as soon as they see her.
  10. Uhhhhhh Passive: Continually makes people feel like he's (Or if in a crowd, a vague sense that someone) about to interrupt them when speaking, this typically leads to people using a lot of filler words when talking in his presence. Has been used by some High Epics in an espionage war against their opponents to make them seem less charismatic as they keep mumbling and losing their place in speeches.
  11. I already have Opportunity: Primary power – Precognition(Tier 2), able to see one targets future up to 3 seconds in advance. secondary power – Vibration manipulation (Tier 3), able to create vibrations in any living organism that are capable of bursting internal organs, requires touch.
  12. I think this Epic works in the same building as me...
  13. After your 3000th or so you stop asking why and you learn to just enjoy the ride. ... I'll leave that for someone else to try.
  14. But are they really throw away Epics? Or am I secretly just creating dossiers for all the superpowered Epics who will take place in the inevitable uprising of doom!? Or do I just like creating Epics more than is sensible? Who knows!? ... Whoknows Primary power: Information manipulation (Tier 3) able to restrict one piece of information from the awareness of everyone in a city-wide radius, preventing anyone from consciously being aware of that information or being able to divulge it. Passive power: Memory manipulation (Tier 3) - able to absorb the semantic memories of those close by, this is a slow process but anyone who spends an extended period of time in his presence will gradually lose more and more of these memories. Vanillas who experience prolonged exposure have been known to have permanent memory impairment, either losing their memory completely or losing the ability to generate memories. (Couldn't help myself)
  15. Oh we did that ages ago. You never wondered why the seals are all circles? They could almost be mistaken for some kind of cookie...