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  1. See I've heard about the a bomb thing before and I find it an odd topic, once your body is completely disintegrated there's no point in putting additional energy in, sure an atom bomb could disintegrate several million people but on the scale of a single person disintegration is disintegration, doesn't matter how large the blast is. Plus you also have to sacrifice an insanely large chunk of land for a long period of time just to kill one person. I also think people significantly underestimate compounding strength, given the speeds that Miles heals at he has to be tapping thousands if not millions of times of healing factor most of the time, broken bones heal over a period of months, Miles heals them in less than a second (2.6 million seconds in a month, give or take) without worrying in any way that he's significantly depleted his reserves. Teleport them into the earths core, or even just the mantle, no escape and they will die eventually.
  2. The odds for being a Twinborn without having a known Terris ancestor are very, very low. Additionally if he was he would have found out pretty much the first time he touched Atium, Feruchemists are a lot easier to detect than Allomancers. Almost every way to slow down or stop aging is easier than compounding Atium, Atium is a godmetal, which is itself rare, but also requires you to have access to two separate, rare genetic abilities. All Elantrians have extended lifespans, Awakeners just need a certain number of Breath, even using Allomancy alone you can extend your life with time dilation. Other than all of that, the only known, reasonable sized amount of Atium suitable for compounding is in Marsh's hands.
  3. Whoever wants to, or I'll pick one if the mood takes me. The presentation in that scene featured all the Epics that are participating today so it doesn't necessarily mean he'll be fighting first.
  4. There's usually a couple in tandem, but today's brackets will be sequential so no.
  5. Savannah reopened his eyes, adjusting to the sudden shift in consciousness as he was transported, once again, to the arena of Salem. This time he was, thankfully, not greeted by pink fairy floss or ice creams. Instead he stood in the center of an almost identical replica of the roman Colosseum, among a few dozen other challengers. On all sides an explosive cheering could be heard, there were even more people present now than there had been during his last fight, were those sins of Salem really such a big deal? He'd heard some rumors since the announcement but for even the regular humans to turn up in such numbers, these must have been some real crowd-pleasing fights. A sudden burst of light appeared in front of him, almost blinding in its radiance. Amid this pillar of light, three figures stood proudly, raising their hands towards the stands. The cheering amongst the stands intensified even further, hoarse shouting and stamping of feet could be heard as the light dimmed steadily, making the three figures more recognizable. Speak of the devil, or rather devils. The sins of Salem I presume? To confirm his suspicions, one of the announcers nearby announced the three figures as Wrath, Envy and Greed. Feeling an ominous pressure in the air, Savannah turned to both sides, observing his fellow competitors. Glares that were intense enough to be almost palpable came from every side, all directed towards the three Epics that had been placed in the spotlight. "Hi!" A small, high pitched voice said, a young girl noticing Savannahs glance and returning it with a wave. He feebly waved back, a slight expression of concern on his face at such a small child being here. Then he saw that small child swinging a large scythe that must have easily weighed twice as much as her entire body. Even as an Epic, I don't know if I'll ever be entirely comfortable with a post-Calamity society. Savannah mused wryly.
  6. Yeah particularly given that it's an entirely different country it would make sense that some names were duplicated. Can do, will try to get it up today.
  7. A day in the life of Alarm
  8. Todays tournament will be more serious than usual so there won't be any joke arenas or non-combat contests. If you have any you want to try let me know but if you were looking for ideas: Lava-pit: Two contestants start on rocky platforms in the middle of a giant lake of lava, there are numerous small islands that are within jumping distance and a few larger platforms where both contestants could maneuver a bit. Flying forbidden. Ocean battle: Contestants are all given the ability to breathe underwater, the entire arena is submerged in cold ocean water, sharks patrol the perimeter and may enter the arena itself to interfere in the fight if things get boring. Paradox chamber: An arena of distorted dimensions, full of pathways that have different gravities, doors that teleport you, and infinite staircases. Contestants must find a way to reach each other to do battle and if they can fully master the dimensions may be able to spring surprise attacks. Apocalyptic wastes: Contestants start on a barren field, wreckages of buildings and abnormally large robots litter the landscape. Sci-fi like weapons can be found spread around the arena, with effects ranging from simple lasers, to portal guns, to arc casters that can fling lightning towards opponents. Made the Epic a few days ago and I just got an idea for the personality so yeah pretty much
  9. A day in the life of Shadowslip
  10. The powers are but when those powers are sufficiently distanced from the Epic the weakness no longer affects them (eg. Nightwielder can block out the sun from the sky, despite the sun being essentially a giant ball of his weakness) I'd be inclined to say that gifting is likewise distanced from the Epic themselves, and gifted people don't have rendings or Epic madness so they're at least partially different from a proxy for the Epic. Either way though, as I mentioned for Necropathy at least it is highly unlikely that someone else would trigger it.
  11. Instant and complete annihilation would do it but that's about it, so long as there's a functional cell Necropathy himself could regen, and if he gifted enough of his healing away then an Immortal could too. I'm not sure if we ever found out what would happen to someone who was gifted with a power was confronted with a weakness. I'd be inclined to say it would fall under the umbrella of large power usage and be unaffected by weaknesses but that's up to discussion. Necropathy's weakness would be kind of hard to trigger in any of the Immortals anyway though so not sure it will come up, but for the hypothetical I'm going to say that no it won't affect them. They start whenever someone wants them to, I can do a Soulcaster opening if needed but I don't mind people jumping right into it. Fight order can be pretty vague since they shouldn't impact each other much, but generally it's first come first serve. There will be some exceptions later in the game-day but I'll let people know when that's about to happen.
  12. I was going to suggest flipping the powerset, so he gains power from killing or imprisoning people, and due to his personality he only chooses criminals to murder or imprison. But I like this better, just a simpler powerset and as Blackhoof noted, more in line with what's typical in the Reckonerverse. On a Salem-related note, the following Epics will be participating in the first round of the tournament today, feel free to take your pick of them for opponents. Other than Meliability and Savannah I don't mind people writing for them or let me know if you need me to write their side of the battle. Imperium: Bronze manipulator, is capable of secreting molten Bronze and shaping it into a structure as well as manipulating any solid bronze. Also capable of animating bronze statues though they are only able to obey his direct orders. Caltrop: Capable of emitting a stream of caltrops from his hands, created from pieces of his skeletal structure, which has vastly enhanced regenerative capabilities however the rest of him does not. Dragonlord: Can breathe fire and also manipulate the air, enabling him to fly, stand on air or blast people with it. Skippy: Can shapeshift into a kangaroo, also has greatly increased strength and durability, in kangaroo form he is capable of leaping over building or kicking through solid steel. Stonetorch: Can instantly immolate any surface made of stone, known for throwing pebbles at people before turning them into fireballs. Powerswing: Can extend the range of slashing weapons Savannah : Shapeshifter who can transform into a cheetah and draw any nearby water to him, including groundwater and even some water from within peoples bodies, prolonged use can kill people by dehydration. Meliability: Primary power: Metallic malleability- Can reshape the structure of any metallic object she touches.Passive ability: Enhanced dexterity and physical strength, vastly enhanced speed. She also has very little reaction towards pain though it is unknown if this is an Epic ability or a quirk of her personality.
  13. Decapitation would kill most of them, it's not significantly more difficult to decapitate them than anyone else as long as it's quick, other than the difficulty of catching one in the first place. But for those who are granted significantly stronger healing (Which is none at the moment, and rarely happens as it weakens Necropathy's own healing factor to dangerous levels) the head is the core so they'd regrow the body from the head / survive even if a new body couldn't be grown. If split into a bunch of pieces then one piece of brain would regrow the rest of the body. As a consequence of the above if their skull was removed they'd grow a new one. If the wounded part of their body is still attached to them then it'll re heal, if it's separated then they grow a new one, in contrast to Bioterror who just reassembles from his parts. I'm very cautious of meta-Epics. I'd suggest at the least to just write other characters for now, and see if a meta can be fit in somewhere at a later date. Remember that the point should be to create interesting stories and characters, not the most powerful city ever, that should be the goal of the character, not the writer. (I find a sadistic joy in denying my characters their goals) I couldn't find anything that mentioned the day so far so I'm going to say day 0 was sunday, day 1 monday. We can retcon later if anyone has mentioned it at some point out.
  14. Re: The Wastelands, yeah if it's been a substantial length of time since the original player posted anything or they're known to be inactive on the site (preferably both) then I'm happy for some retconning of cities. I think Perth was the other main one that was claimed and never really used. And yeah it was Blackhoof that ran the numbers for the Epic/High Epic count, although those are rough estimates (Especially for the High Epics as the numbers are so low there's bound to be some statistical variance) so 1 more or less High Epic in a state shouldn't be a big issue.
  15. Also because I haven't done one in a while, here's a day in the life of with one of the Vanilla characters I came up with ages ago but never got to write.