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  1. This is indeed so, as confirmed both by Brandon (To a degree) and Taravangian himself. Or at least the part about being more compassionate when he's duller. Not sure if I'd agree that the compassion was the capacity though, the intelligence was definitely at a supernatural level wheras we haven't seen the compassionate equivalent of the Diagram so I'd say high intelligence, low compassion was the fulfillment of his request. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/107-orem-signing-2014/#e1376
  2. Well I have PP from last campaign and I've been considering having another version of my original plan for that character come up, I think having Epic-tech available is probably fine as long as it's not overwhelming. Might actually be an interesting motivation for characters to fight over the handful of Epic tech that exists in the city.
  3. I like the time dilation idea as a means of separating the city out, but that seems to be more of a utility Epic to me rather than one capable of single-handedly controlling a city without major rivals. I would suggest just have the city controlled by a handful of groups, Epoch leading one of them and kind of hiring his powers out to the other factions when they want their use. Alternative city backstory / backstory for another city if we branch out: One prominent Epic in the city is a web-user, similar to spiderman but capable of creating webs remotely and of a much larger scale. The city buildings are connected at higher stories by large silk pathways, some lone threads hang off of other buildings. Major roadways are blocked off entirely to inhibit travel, and some houses are completely enmeshed in webbing, doors and windows sealed off and their inhabitants trapped inside. And now that I've started planning for cities I'm going to spend the next few hours creating a binder full of city ideas.
  4. Not enough pugs in this name, otherwise 10/10 would upvote again Yeah not sure I'd have enough time for the Wastelands either tbh. If there was enough interest I'd probably give it a try but I'd be worried about burning myself out. Because she's OP? I think she's fine, having OP characters can be good, as long as the writer doesn't try to derail the entire narrative with them.
  5. Probably, although we do have Edge, Winter and I so that's a fairly large amount of the Wastelands player if everyone wanted to bring that back.
  6. Hard to do in a collaborative rp where we don't necessarily know all the outcomes up front. Same reason we tended to avoid Precog Epics last game beyond having dangersense.
  7. Same thread would be easier I'd say, not much point separating Maples and Epics from each other.
  8. I can guarantee that by the time the day is done I'll have at least another 40
  9. Just a suggestion, if people would get more use out of a new thread then I'm all for it.
  10. I think using the old thread is probably fine, saves anyone who wants to bring an old character in from needing to rewrite the profile
  11. Iva would be in a permanent semi-corrupted state purely due to lack of opportunity to actually use his powers. Unless Epics frequently directly target him he can't really use it. So not really putting an active effort into avoiding his powers, just kind of stuck not using them for long lengths of time by coincidence.
  12. Congratulations FB! I'll have to go and source another set of conjoined spikes.
  13. And another character idea. Meta Epic so probably not likely to work in RP but just had the thought and my character creation compulsion is slowly taking hold of me again.
  14. PIs and teleportation I agree with (Specifically I'd say no teleportation that can be instantly and endlessly used, either limit number of uses, or limit time to activate), but instakill abilities I'm in favor of. I mean plenty of abilities are essentially instakill anyway, at least with one that's literally just 'things die' you could put a limit that Epics are immune to it, or take longer to affect.
  15. Yes I can see you've met the requirements and fulfilled them.