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  1. Ah, darn! Hmm, I wonder if someone there will be recording it, or taking notes..
  2. Is anyone planning to go to this on Wednesday this week? I just got the email.
  3. Thanks, I appreciate that -- Plus, I feel like I want to say something meaningful and connect with him as a person, but it never quite works out. It might just be typical for the setting. Or maybe I'm just not as good at tapping duralumin & Connecting in those situations. But it was still really good to be able to see him
  4. I asked him if a feruchemist were to visit Earth and tap Duralumin, could they do something as involved as talk local sports with someone? He said No -- when you trick your spirit into thinking it's from where you're currently tapping, it's not a full transformation, like Sel-ish magic making a copy.. It doesn't just fill your head with things from the place you're visiting. (So I guess it's more subtle, or maybe just includes the most basic foundational stuff like language? I'm just guessing that part because I don't remember anything else being said.) I also asked if hemalurgy could be performed anywhere in the Cosmere. Pretty sure that's something we knew already, but I asked if anyone could do it if they knew what they were doing. He said Yes. So, I continued, hemalurgy is unique because not only can the power of Ruin be accessed anywhere (not just on Scadrial), but also by anyone (not just someone who's invested). He said it is weird that way. :-) It is interesting: I can't think of any other Shardic power that's so universally accessible. I might have asked him more, but I kind of felt like it would have been taking too much time, or pressing him too much... I dunno... Maybe I was just too nervous or star struck, and since there were only 2 other people behind me after such a long line already, I didn't want to keep him long.
  5. I didn't see many people asking Cosmere questions, so I felt a little sheepish, but he asked if I had any questions, so I asked a couple. :-) Is this where I'd report the answers?
  6. Wow -- they have illustrations of him, or he's just mentioned in various snippets of text? (I just got the audiobook)
  7. I've been wondering about Feruchemical zinc, storing and tapping mental speed... If a steelrunner can move insanely fast, wouldn't they need the mental speed to keep up with their bodies? In that case, wouldn't mental speed just be a subset of steel's "physical" speed? Otherwise, you couldn't run through buildings, up and down stairs, and navigate combat without tripping everywhere or running into things.
  8. Those are really good questions, hoidhunter.. I wonder if that involves perception somehow.. So if you can shift completely into the cognitive so your physical form isn't here physically, what does that look like to someone standing next to you in the physical realm? And then, can you do the same in reverse -- shift your cognitive aspect so your cognitive "you" is completely in the physical realm?
  9. Sorry, I know this is kind of an old thread, but I've been thinking about this recently. I like skaa's thoughts about always being in all realms, and simply perceiving one realm more than the others at a given time. I also like this: I'm still trying to visualize (if that's the right word) how physically traveling / moving your physical body would work, but it feels like these thoughts are going in the right direction. But now it's confusing to think about what Brandon posted on the recent AMA on Reddit: ________________ Q. is Hoid's home base a place that can only be accessed through Shadesmar? A. Hoid has a home base on Shadesmar, yes. ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ...So is Hoid "going" to the cognitive realm more than "shifting" to it? And if so, can someone's cognitive aspect visit the physical realm like their physical aspect can visit the cognitive realm?
  10. Does anyone live more northerly? Like, Davis County? just wondering. I only know one other person (in person) who talks about the mysteries of the Cosmere. ( Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this ! )
  11. I wondered about that too. A related question: Brandon has said somewhere that Sel's magic is location specific for reasons fandom hasn't teased out yet. (And I had in my notes that this is not because the shard's intent is Dominion.) I wonder if it has something to do with -- and I know this part may still be unsure -- the Dor's coming from both Devotion and Dominion, and the fact that Devotion is dead and Dominion is splintered. Then again, he also said at one point that Scadrial's magic would be easiest to use on other worlds (?) Is this just because metal is everywhere? If that's the case, then maybe Sel's magic's being location specific has more to do with the medium through which the magic is accessed rather than its source. P.S. - @ ParadoxSpren -- The mental images of people belly flopping into Shadesmar made me laugh
  12. I know this is kind of pulling this topic back several pages, but I was just re-reading the Purelake quote: "There were three of them. Two were dark-skinned Makabaki, though they were the strangest Makabaki he’d ever seen. One was thick limbed where most of his kind were small and fine-boned, and he had a completely bald head. The other was taller, with short dark hair, lean muscles, and broad shoulders. In his head, Ishikk called them Grump and Blunt, on account of their personalities. The third man had light tan skin, like an Alethi. He didn’t seem quite right either, though. The eyes were the wrong shape, and his accent was certainly not Alethi. He spoke the Selay language worse than the other two, and usually stayed quiet. He seemed thoughtful, though. Ishikk called him Thinker." And I was wondering -- if all worldhoppers are using a Babel fish type of magic like Hoid is, why would Demoux (the "Thinker") speak (Selay) worse than the other two? One idea I had.. When I listened to the audiobooks, Michael Kramer voices Demoux with a sort of French sounding accent. I wonder if this accent carries over when Demoux is speaking through the Babel fish magic. P.S. - Kind of cool how the Purelake guy notices when someone's eyes don't have the Epicanthic Fold like Rosharans have. But he only notices this with Demoux. Do Galladon and the other guy have epicanthic folds? hmm
  13. Ah you're right -- Electrum IS an alloy itself already, and is indeed a pushing metal. I really like the theories about Atium's temporal effects (Sevi's), and I think your interpretation (Serendipity's) makes the most sense as far as Atium + Electrum now. If the effects are, as Brandon said, simply in line with the normal effects the metals already have, then Atium's effect of seeing someone's immediate future + Electrum's effect of seeing "shadows of self" (like the title of the next Mistborn book) would make sense to me. Combining those effects would seem to be what you describe.
  14. Oh and if this helps, these were my thoughts on paper (in Courier font so as to be monospaced & easier to see) :-) Gold Self Past Pure (pulling) Gold + Atium Someone else Past Alloy (pushing) Electrum Self Future Pure (pulling) then would this complete the pattern?.. Electrum + Atium Someone else Future Alloy (pushing)