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  1. I need this in my life. THANK YOU for putting this together for the lazies like me who can't be bothered/don't even know where to begin. Hooray! --Sae Sae
  2. While I wouldn't mind writing a track about a guy suffering every day by getting his arms torn off....
  3. I'm thinking we need to give you some kind of bonus or something...!!
  4. Hey ccstat, Sorry, I didn't see this thread until today! We've definitely asked our illustrators/artists to go and tell everyone they know about the art book specifically! We did end up making a couple of art-heavy tiers, btw. We included a digital download of the album in the tiers, because the main focus of the campaign is the music. Though, if anyone does just want the art book, they could back at the $5 tier and add on anything they want. The art book will have a lot of what would end up in the Kickstarter edition CD (if that gets funded), but it will also have much more, including a number of new commissions. I'd personally love to have you in the Wandersail choir - that's one that I'm most looking forward to! Time commitment isn't huge. And the turnaround will be something like 3-4 weeks. I'm looking to give a few different options, depending on how big the choir is. The main one I'll be sending won't be terribly complex, but it'll be fun! All great questions - and don't hesitate to ask any more! Michael
  5. Hey Bean - awesome handle! Bean is one of my favorite characters in that series. And thanks! We can't wait either! Make sure to share with everyone you know and get the word out!! Cheers, Michael
  6. Hey Ammanas - anything you can do to help us get the word out would be awesome! Let's see if we can speed up the momentum... Message your friends, write to Kickstarter to let them know how awesome you think the project is! (They put projects on the "Projects we love" list even when they are later in the campaign.) Send the story to friends in the media - anything we can do get more eyes on the project! Thanks!
  7. @Mestiv - We're looking at a cheaper option for the digital download (unbundled) for those who can't afford the Kickstarter exclusive bundle.
  8. Also, many many many thanks to the team here at the 17th Shard for this AMAZING write-up!! You peeps rock!
  9. Ammanas - With Kickstarter, you become part of the community that makes the KALADIN album happen. So, while it may be more expensive than it ultimately sells for, without you, it won't happen at all. In the case of KALADIN, some of the songs are already recorded with the orchestra. But... they aren't finished being produced. Some of them still need soloists recorded. All of them still need to be mixed (which costs a fair amount of money). Now, with that in mind, there are also a lot of rewards and add-ons on the Kickstarter that won't be sold after the Kickstarter ends. For example any non-album related artwork products are 100% Kickstarter-exclusive. There are also some pretty sweet Kickstarter-only rewards coming up. Finally, we are going to put out an edition of the album on the Kickstarter that will also be Kickstarter only! The packaging will be like a hardcover book rather than a jewel case, and it will contain a LOT of artwork as well as some other interesting things. So hop on, and keep an eye out for the big things coming. And THANK YOU for your support!