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  1. What Super Hero would you like to see as a Radiant. Once I'm done with Spider-Man I'll go with what ever is requested most.
  2. From the album Comic Book Adapted Knights Radiant

    Stage one of turning Spider-Man into a radiant. It is a stylized Alethi Glyph pair of "S" Inner and "M" outer. The spider in the middle might not be traditionally what you'd see in a glyph but it make it Spider-Man. I can't decide what order Spider-Man should be in I'm thinking windrunner or bondsmith or a pick and chose of adhesion and abrasion.
  3. I have some Ideas for high storms and for the Alethi if/when I start modding I'll need some characters models for the civs. If anyone has some it will speed up the process. Since I'm not that good at 3d modeling.
  4. Hey so as the title says I made a Roshar for civ 6. It's done I just need some feedback on it so I can make it better. I am also planning on doing a mod for the other civs but that will be later and try to do Highstorms some how. that should bring you to the page. I made the map on huge so it looks the best at that size. As far as I know 12 city states works just fine you could probably get a few more but 12 is good for the map.
  5. All we do at home is legos and books. This would work very well for my legos to aspire to be.
  6. So in the era 1 books it talks about ferochemists and how they were rare.cbut then in era 2 they disappear. I know that there have had to be more than three ferochemists at a time in era one what happone to them? And also were their fairings in era 1 or just full I don't remember if it was mentioned.
  7. What if nightblood some how got a boon. I doubt that it could happen seeing as how it is an entity with sapience (probably the wrong word). if it did happen then assuming the old magic is mostly cultivation then it might get the boon and destroy the side effects. If it even works like that. but Lift is partly in the cognitive realm as part of her thing so it's possible. all you would have to do is give nightblood a mouth or someone else say what nightblood is thinking.
  8. that would be the same for me I've had upwards of 200+ mods on a local server that I hosted but that's easy. All help is welcome any more chat on this can be found here on my discord server
  9. I've looked at the mod before I'd like to use it but I'm not sure I will think on it( it will probably be used unless crashing happens I'd rather have aesthetics then allomacy at the moment.). if mods where to be use d I'd say. Chisel and bits apple, milk, tea Custom NPCs Bibliocraft Balkons weapons For vanilla I like the potion effects I hadn't even thought of that. thanks Why_Do_You_Do_This_To_Me. We still need a server provider though. And probably a discord page or something so we can talk about the details so we don't spam the form threads with this post.
  10. thanks. sorry I haven't really worked on it much lately with life stuff most of the work has been on outlining the map to see how far apart everything it from each other. the other thing is the server its self I don't have the income to host a server for more than a month or two and I'm trying to save for NOAC so unless I can find some way to fun the server. It's going to be a while before it makes real headway. I'll try to finish the outline so every one can work on it and if some one else wants to host the server that would be most generous.
  11. theory

    What about shame or humility as a shard? maybe that could be the one traveling through space ashamed about something so he/she leaves everything alone.
  12. so are you saying Szeth is acting as Ham now with Nightblood. All philosophical.
  13. thanks yeah I couldn't remember how spell Adonalisium I also was rushing that one I had a doctors appointment a few minutes before I wrote that so that's another reason. here's the posts I was looking for anyway thanks for any feed back.
  14. Other things to reform it would probably have to happen first like extreme amounts of investiture and probably one none shattered shard to have a vessel.
  15. Some wheeler I remember seeing a ppst that said devotion and domination though where shattered could have merged together the make a double class shard. Then I read another post that maybe Andolisem let himself be shattered. Then I thought of the lord ruler he didn't care if some one tryed to kill him or revolt he could kill everykne. Using those ideas together the shattered sheds are merging together to form Andolisem again. he/it might have been able to see into the futcure and not care if he was going to shatter he would just form back together latter. And with hoid trying to get different magic systems he might want to become the next Andolisem or stops g some one else from ascending. if someone could like the posts that I mentioned it would help I don't ermember what they where called.