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  1. No it shouldn't I have no idea why it doesn't work for you. Did you try unsub then resub? That's the last thing I can think of to do. I'm really sorry it's not working.
  2. I made when map on huge size to get detail try that.
  3. On the mid page I wrote out what I think is the problem. does it crash the game when you start a save or load a new game. If ta when you start a new game then I have a good idea what the problem is and will fix it soon. If it is affecting other game saves I don't know it shouldn't affect that.
  4. here is my second fandom map. Try it out is like to see how it goes.
  5. First, I've put this theory on some of the videos for so if you want go comb through the comments and you'll eventually find mine. I just wanted this theory to be noticed and dissected by other people so I can feel like I did something. of note and not waist a weekend researching then go unnoticed by how the youtube comments system works. Second, I'm not sure if this is the right area but anyway I'll put it here for now. So if you don't know who the fat rat is He is a musician that I really like. Recency he released Mayday on youtube. There is a general theory that another song The calling is linked to Mayday and possibly Monody. But then they stop. no one thinks about all the rest of his music and the other channel Ardadium where he and other people release music. So I am proposing that every single song that is on the Arcadium and the fat rat's channel is connected except for the cover songs and 3 others.(I'll talk about those later). Also there are themes of a story that I added sort of to make the song that didn't have words in them make sence. the complete time line of thefatrat and Arcadium.(Updated) Prelude VIP (3) Epic (2) Arcadium So good Telescope Time laps Unity (harmony) Jackpot (1) Arcadium Beacon The calling [Time line splits into two perspectives] Laura Friend/Relation/feonce’? Exogenesis Arcadium alright Fly away No, no, no {denial stage 1} Unity (Strong/mastered) {Anger Stage 2} Arcadium Atlas Elegy (4) {Bargaining Stage 3} Arcaduim Go 4 it Oblivion {depression Stage 4} Arcaduim Leaders Never be alone {acceptance Stage 5} Arcaduim keygen Arcadium Laser beam Monody Arcadium vestige Arcadium Sugar high Mayday Windfall Arcadium Her Requiem End of Laura's time line [Outliers] Infinite power Dancing naked Do de do de do Here is the timeline for all of the songs I could find excluding the covers, remixes,, infinite power, Dancing naked, and do de do de do. mainly those don't have a picture that I could connect to the time line or words that I could use for it. I was able to use the arcadium songs because mayday and prelude is on the arcadium channel as well. Prelude: come first because of the definition of the word. Epic: a person is traveling to a "party". So good: on the arcadium the picture is over looking a bond fire, stars and planets. where a "party" is Telescope: comes next because of the bond fire over looking stars. there are no planets but it was pretty close. and telescope is looking out into space. Time laps: a gap in time then. Unity (harmony): this is the original version of unity. this is where one of the people proposes or something like that. and has a city background similar to epic and colors of prelude. Jackpot: you've got something, on the telescope. Beacon: something has been picked up and a beacon has been transmitted. The calling: Aliens arrive and offer one of you a chance to travel the stars. you can tell from the lyrics and picture thats what it looks like. this is where the time line splits the "Laura" time line and the other one. (not sure what to call it yet) (Laura) Exogenesis: she is intrigued about learning of the alien culture. (The other) Alright: in the song you can tell that the man is trying to fell fine but can tell something is wrong with his friend. (Laura) Fly Away: she leaves Arcadium (the solar system. yeah thats right) and travels the stars. also the lyrics tell you thats what happens. and the architecture is the same as no no no. the dragons are the aliens(possibly) there are multiple planets and a sci-fi space ship. (the other) No no no: the first stage of grief. he knows that she is gone and is in denial. (the other) Unity (strong) the new mastered version. it has the most aggressive lyrics of any other song here and is the second stage of grief anger. (the other) Elegy: Stage third stage of grief bargaining. the lyrics the few and hard to discern are "Never going to give you up. never going to let you go, never going to say good bye ..." also the definition is a poem of reflection or of death. (so maybe the definition makes it seem different but the lyrics make it sound like he's/she's bargaining at least to me) (the other) Oblivion: stage four of grief depression. "A place that no one's ever been Take me to Oblivion Oh, look, I wanna fill the dark with you, look A place that no one's ever been Take me to Oblivion..." right here if you think of it as Laura's absence has taken you to a place no one's ever been oblivion or Depression. (the other) Never be Alone: the fifth and final stage of grief Acceptance. you're accepting that you're broken but you will be waiting. You, you gonna break my heart You gonna tear it apart No matter what you do I still be there for you (the other) Sugar high: the picture is of a missile firing at a planet with another one being blown up. just like you see in mayday. (the other) Windfall: The fall of the solar system and end of the people. (Laura) Atlas: there is a person on the mountain. the one definitions of an atlas is a map so Laura could be mapping that world or something like that. (Laura) Go 4 it: the picture is the most important part. it has a person in a space suit, a mountain, from atlas or monody (it could be the same one), and a city presumably probably not the same one that has the unity or jackpot city since your in a space suit but there is something there. (Laura) Leaders: Same as go 4 it the song I couldn't find anything though and it had a male singer so maybe its the aliens talking? (Laura) Keygen: the title of the song is the species of the aliens. the album is also called closure so its right before the end. (Laura) Laser Beam: its a different planet now this one looks more like the monody mountain so It could be that. and that the title is sort of a sci-fi feel. (Laura) Monody: the definition is a poem that foreshadows death. the lyrics give a feeling of remembrance of home and of some one else special. also there are right under thefatrat logo glowing eyes looking at you. more evidence of aliens. (Laura) Vestige: Definition is disappearing no longer existing. in the picture you can see a path of lights with a person following them. there is a moon/planet thing with some kind of emblem on it similar to the one on the calling and mayday. (Laura) Mayday: this is where Laura dies. we see it in the lyrics "I'm running out of air.." as it fade out, along with the foreshadowing of the last two songs we can only assume that she has died. only after finding out that her home was destroyed. thats why she was sending the transitions seeing if anyone was still alive. (Laura) Her Requiem: (I'm really exited that this was added it almost proves my theory) so the definition of Requiem is a song or hymn morning the dead. so clearly this comes after mayday or windfall. the give away is the dragon in the background. As explained earlier the dragons are one of the aliens that brought Laura with them adventuring into space. in mayday she dies so I assume that this is a song that the aliens are singing or some how people made it off world and recovered her dead and had a fair well ceremony. since there on a planet with houses and a dragon they are the only survivors of Arcadium. And if that didn't sell it for you that Laura is dead it has Her Requiem as the title meaning that there was a girl who is being mourned. That is the comment now I going into more detail I guess on some parts. Aliens, they exist in this universe and take the part of dragons, mountain creatures with glowing eyes, and big deathstars. I do not think that there is only one alien species here al least two in the perspective of being from Arcadium. I fell like the dragons are the ones who came and brought Laura off world. I do not think they killed her. Maybe they destroyed the planet and kept her as a pet or something. most likely is that the same beginning to superman. planets is going critical escaped in a rocket ship your alive but the last remaining person. Laura, so I use her as one of the perspective time lines. It is referencing the singer Laura Brehm. Since it is the only one with her song there I named accordingly. The five stages of grief, this one has been sort of weird. The idea works if you interpret everything one very specific way but i think it's fine for now.
  6. From the album Logos

    The first try at the smite logo. this one is the arcanium/17th shard theme.
  7. What Super Hero would you like to see as a Radiant. Once I'm done with Spider-Man I'll go with what ever is requested most.
  8. From the album Comic Book Adapted Knights Radiant

    Stage one of turning Spider-Man into a radiant. It is a stylized Alethi Glyph pair of "S" Inner and "M" outer. The spider in the middle might not be traditionally what you'd see in a glyph but it make it Spider-Man. I can't decide what order Spider-Man should be in I'm thinking windrunner or bondsmith or a pick and chose of adhesion and abrasion.
  9. I have some Ideas for high storms and for the Alethi if/when I start modding I'll need some characters models for the civs. If anyone has some it will speed up the process. Since I'm not that good at 3d modeling.
  10. Hey so as the title says I made a Roshar for civ 6. It's done I just need some feedback on it so I can make it better. I am also planning on doing a mod for the other civs but that will be later and try to do Highstorms some how. that should bring you to the page. I made the map on huge so it looks the best at that size. As far as I know 12 city states works just fine you could probably get a few more but 12 is good for the map.
  11. All we do at home is legos and books. This would work very well for my legos to aspire to be.
  12. So in the era 1 books it talks about ferochemists and how they were rare.cbut then in era 2 they disappear. I know that there have had to be more than three ferochemists at a time in era one what happone to them? And also were their fairings in era 1 or just full I don't remember if it was mentioned.
  13. What if nightblood some how got a boon. I doubt that it could happen seeing as how it is an entity with sapience (probably the wrong word). if it did happen then assuming the old magic is mostly cultivation then it might get the boon and destroy the side effects. If it even works like that. but Lift is partly in the cognitive realm as part of her thing so it's possible. all you would have to do is give nightblood a mouth or someone else say what nightblood is thinking.
  14. that would be the same for me I've had upwards of 200+ mods on a local server that I hosted but that's easy. All help is welcome any more chat on this can be found here on my discord server
  15. I've looked at the mod before I'd like to use it but I'm not sure I will think on it( it will probably be used unless crashing happens I'd rather have aesthetics then allomacy at the moment.). if mods where to be use d I'd say. Chisel and bits apple, milk, tea Custom NPCs Bibliocraft Balkons weapons For vanilla I like the potion effects I hadn't even thought of that. thanks Why_Do_You_Do_This_To_Me. We still need a server provider though. And probably a discord page or something so we can talk about the details so we don't spam the form threads with this post.