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  1. so are you saying Szeth is acting as Ham now with Nightblood. All philosophical.
  2. thanks yeah I couldn't remember how spell Adonalisium I also was rushing that one I had a doctors appointment a few minutes before I wrote that so that's another reason. here's the posts I was looking for anyway thanks for any feed back.
  3. Other things to reform it would probably have to happen first like extreme amounts of investiture and probably one none shattered shard to have a vessel.
  4. Some wheeler I remember seeing a ppst that said devotion and domination though where shattered could have merged together the make a double class shard. Then I read another post that maybe Andolisem let himself be shattered. Then I thought of the lord ruler he didn't care if some one tryed to kill him or revolt he could kill everykne. Using those ideas together the shattered sheds are merging together to form Andolisem again. he/it might have been able to see into the futcure and not care if he was going to shatter he would just form back together latter. And with hoid trying to get different magic systems he might want to become the next Andolisem or stops g some one else from ascending. if someone could like the posts that I mentioned it would help I don't ermember what they where called.
  5. What would happen to a lifeless if it was attacked by a shade from Thredony? Since a lifeless is dead if the shades touched it would it burn/wither away. I had assumed that when a shade touched you your soul was being burned or something like that. though i don't think its like a shard blade where it severs the soul and it becomes limp (though also grey). since a lifeless is dead and is animated by breath would the shade still wither it. and if you told the lifeless to kill some one or anger them would hey even target lifeless or the person giving the orders?
  6. I don't think urituru moves or if it does it's every few years not constantly. Because if the city could move maybe it could be controlled and moved to some where the raideints want to go. And I think to explain better there would be oath bringer spoilers. But if the city could be moved it probably would take quite a bit of stormlight or shard powers maybe?
  7. Well I sort of did that the physical shards interacted with the world. The spiritual shards interacted more with the spirit realm. the cognitive shards are a way of thinking and the emotional shards interact with emotions. I hadn't actually meant an equivalent of the allumancy chart it was more to get the Idea i was trying to convey. If it was I'd say physical would be pushing, cognitive would be pulling, emotional would be internal, and spiritual would be external. If you have any more questions about how strange the system is or if you have better shard ideas that fit the theme then tell me. I also know that rider of the storms made a similar post but on a divine attributes of god instead of a cosmere invested approach.
  8. theory

    I like a lot of the ideas that you had similar to mine if you look at my post from a day or two ago breaking up the shards into four different groups. Though yours focuses on divine attributes of god and mine was more cosmere linked physical, spiritual, cognitive, emotional. And infact a few of your groupings at pretty close to mine. some of the best shards intent I thought was Null: neutral, uncaring, emotionless Barren: halt growth, decay of living things Anguish: pain, suffering, torment Some of the shards I didn't understand well was enigma (as funny as that sounds) if its the shard of mystery and paradox then is it unknown to everyone even the shards or would it trap people in paradoxes like if odium went after it would it trap trap him in a paradox like what happened to ruin ( I know it wasn't a paradox but a prison). chaos was the other one is it like luck only better sounding or like harmony where he (I think) like change but want balance. Chaos just doesn't care. On a sillier note if there is a chaos shard and some one was able to describe I want him to look like this.
  9. Thanks I figured it was closer to the thunderclast then what the void bringer looked like. From reading OB chapters I some how thought they looked like the Dokhor monestary things. I kind of wanted an image of a void bringer if possible but it's fine I'll look for one later. Thanks for the clarification
  10. The Noah movie was really weird I just used the rock giant as a template for my imagination. I was asking if that's what the general consences was they looked like that or like the Dokhor monsters.
  11. Hey toaster, I have some more ideas for shards I don't know how they would work with the list I have already. deseption perfection restoration greed or intitelment enthusiasm complication simplify theyre not a great list but it's something else anf how's primal instead of instinct
  12. I was wondering if there is a good picture of a void bringer. The picture below is what I thought they looked like since I started the siries but on reading the oath bringer chapters I don't think it is now it looks more like a thunder clast or something like that. Are the void bringer more human or rock giant looking?It's from the Noah movie if you where wondering.
  13. That's what I ment barren not baron it was 2 in the morning and that was the only way I could think to spell it.
  14. I put ambition in twice because from a cognitive stand point an ambition is a way of thinking but from whats happening on thedrony it looks like a more spiritual shard
  15. I had one of the best dreams ever I'm my life. or at least the most cosmere answering dream. basically it was about the intent of all the shards now first think of the shards like the allumantic metals its a little different there's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. with that now in mind organize the shards in those groups this is sort of what it looks like. Physical: ruin, preservation, cultivation, Baron Emotional: odium, joy, anguish, null Cognitive: ambition, Instinct, honor, autonomy Spiritual: devotion, dominion, endowment, ambition So to explain my madness this is how It works the physical shards interact with the world as there intent ruin wants to destroy the world preservation wants no change. cultivation most likely wants things to grow baron (one of the ones I saw in my dream) wants nothing to grow not destroy like ruin but make it dead like if there is a tree ant it is growing baron first stops it from growing then it will start to die. the emotional shards intent is more based on an emotion odium being hate he kills shards joy, his opposite, does other things I don't remember that part of the dream and that's its intent not the name. anguish is pain and suffering. Null is blank feeling nothing or felling powerless. The cognitive shards are more of a way of thinking. Instinct is the one who wants to hide/survive the coward basically and opposite to honor who would do anything as long as it was following the oaths. the spiritual shards are more of mess with most likely endowment the only one that is not shattered I say most likely because I don't remember whether or not ambition went in this group or not if you go by ambition being its intent then I'd say yes and since what happened on its planet It probably goes in here. The system I have here is some what complicated if you imagine the allumantic metals chart and lets say we're in the physical section ruin and preservation are opposites so they go next to each other and on the top row cultivation and baron are also opposites they go below with baron diagonal to ruin and cultivation diagonal to preservation. the reason for that is the shards above or below are slight or half way opposites and the diagonal by either intent or the nature of the shards like cultivation and preservation both are good at seeing into the future. if you where wondering why Joy is odium's opposite and not love that's because you can love someone you hate but you can't fell joy for them. one of the shards are missing I don't remember everything If I do I'll post it here and if you like this way of organizing the shards then see if you can improve it or something. I also don't have really any WoB to support any of the new shards sorry about that