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  1. @Inklingspren My problem is this person is one of those who refuses to meet in person for anything so everything has to be over phone or email.
  2. @Inklingspren you could always be a spren named Ink living in Silverlight
  3. If it's in the Stormlight story he plans on writing it would be 100% canon. Heck it doesn't have to be a scene unto itself, just Khriss mentioning the crackpot professors or passing through the university and hearing a conversation from the weirdo professors talking about the worlds that she knows is false.
  4. Just finished Edgedancer. Roshar Report With the outer 10 planets named after the Heralds I wonder if they're placement in relation to Roshar shows where on the planet they pop up? Edgedancer Now I can finally get to Oathbringer! Finally after a year I can read this!
  5. But if it's Silverlight wouldn't that automatically make it Cosmere? And it would be even sillier if some threw out the historical documents thinking they're fake and thought the false documents (fanfics) were the real ones. Heck the 17th Sharders representing us could just be a bunch of crackpots according to the rest of the 17th Shard members.
  6. One of the mean, I'm using that lightly instead of the actual term, people at work decided to attack me and my mom through email. It was about these literacy carts we had to do over the summer, this person was in charge of the project and me and my mom had to get them inventoried, and this person is now claiming that one campus should have more carts than were assigned and is blaming us for having these carts at a different campus. Here's what's wrong with her argument: 1. There were post it notes taped to the carts on where they were going, what subject and what grade they were for. She's trying to claim the notes fell off. No, we had to really go at them just to remove them so they would look nice for the campuses. 2. She claimed in the email that she assigned 6 carts total for the one campus, which matches our count, and yet is trying to claim that K-2 should have 6. So is she trying to say there should be 6 or 10 carts total? 3. Some books on a middle school cart she's claiming should be on the K-2 carts. Problem here is one of the titles was originally supposed to be required reading for 6th and those were put on the carts after the campus with 6 were delivered so I know she's full of hooey here. 4. My mom had the principal there when calling this person and she was talking so horrible the principal had a look of 'What kind of crap is this lady spewing at us?' and the person was aware the principal was listening. Every time my mom did the explaining and it kept going back on the person's lap the person kept getting nastier. This is just one person always attacking us for no reason.
  7. It'd be funny if Brandon did Cosmere versions of our names for the in-universe group when they do show up. It'd be funnier if they were all about bickering over the smallest detail going on in the worlds
  8. I could see a Odium/Cultivation being like Poison Ivy in concept
  9. I'm going two ways on the antagonist part of Stormlight: 1. Odium is somehow imprisioned at some point in book 5 and book 6 shows him getting released to continue his havoc 2. Odium is Splintered at the end of book 5, there's relative peace and then a new baddie shows up (book 6 could be a prologue hinting at the new villain) but the people of Roshar have been keeping up on the offensive in case another threat shows up I think these because Odium is already an active threat so why would he leave Roshar alone for a decade or two when he's so intent on razing everything?
  10. @Fanghur Rahl For all we know each Intent is actually multiple parts of Adonalsium's personality/mind/whatever, they just picked one for the name. Using Ruin for example I could definitely see it being a combination of Eventuality, Destruction, Inevitably, Endings, etc... but together they all become know simply as Ruin because that's the first thing that comes to mind with them together, but then there are others like Honor that could just be one or two parts of Adonalsium instead of a stew of pieces.
  11. @Fanghur Rahl The way to explain Ati away would be he was the last one to get his Shard and Ruin was all that was left and he probably hoped he could overcome it. Or he wasn't ruinous in the way Ruin was but instead was accepting of things having an end more than the others did. Heck maybe his job or hobby involves having to destroy something to learn about it, like Leras could've been an archeologist or a museum curator since both professions are about preserving stuff and Edgli could've been a charity worker... It'd be rather funny if Yolen was modern day influenced instead of fantasy influenced and all the Vessels had everyday jobs like trashman, doctor and police.
  12. Yeah, so many would be unhappy on Era 1 Scadrial but I was thinking more on "who would be worse off than the native characters" where that was concerned. Silence for instance would probably do well since she's all about surviving against hardships (really when you think about it she'd be better off on Era 1 Scadrial since there's no threat of Shades there)
  13. Are there any characters you think wouldn't cope or do well if they were on any of the other worlds? Siri I doubt would be happy if she lived on Era 1 Scadrial with the lack of color Lift would probably starve if she got stuck in Elantris during the Reod Some of the more scholarly guys like Elend and Raoden would be ostracized on Roshar for daring to be feminine
  14. If the events are one and the same I could see it as the Vessels killing him but then realizing that it's impossible to destroy him. If it's two separate events then it could go that someone, the original Hoid maybe?, tried to destroy Adonalsium, kind of a preshattering, and in doing so killed him but the pieces came back together over time, maybe with his mind gone the powers became unstable and dangerous, which led to the events of the Shattering and thus fully killing Adonalsium by keeping the pieces away. Either way we'll have to wait for Dragonsteel for the full answer
  15. I'm American as well but if I wrote a story set in England or a fantasy world that's British in language I'd use the British spelling all the way.