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  1. Finished Firefight today. It was a little slow and dull in the beginning but got better towards the end. My thoughts will be put in a spoiler tag just in case: Next up back to Scadrial with Shadows of Self
  2. Went on a bit of a shopping spree yesterday. I had some coupons that were going to expire today at B&N. One was for the collectible edition books they have and they happened to be doing a buy one get one 50% off so I grabbed The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe and William Shakespeare. I then had three 20% off coupons and used them to get more MST3K. Was going for just 3 but ended up with 4 because there was a cheap one available. The ones I got were Volume 25 (containing the episodes Robot Holocaust, Operation Kid Brother (actual title is Double 007), Kitten with a Whip and Revenge of the Creature) Volume 31 Turkey Day Collection Tin (containing Jungle Goddess, The Painted Hills (riffing poor Lassie!), The Screaming Skull and Squirm) Volume 35 (containing Teenage Cave Man, Being From Another Planet, 12 to the Moon and Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell) and Volume 39 (containing Girls Town, The Amazing Transparent Man, Diabolik and Satellite Dishes which is the host segments of the 11 episodes they can't get permission to release) Also stopped by the Lego store and got four Architecture sets and got the free storybook set
  3. It might be better to think The Girlie Show than Vogue, but if you go beyond her stuff it's a soft core version of 50 Shades but without the abusive relationship and actual acting.
  4. I don't think she gets buck naked in Vogue as far as I recall.
  5. Just watched Body of Evidence. Interesting movie and can now say I've seen everything there is on Madonna, and I don't mean her music or acting.
  6. @TheOrlionThatComesBefore I have to agree on Firefight so far. About halfway and it's just average. I probably wouldn't have read this right after WOR but I've already committed to reading Sanderson's books in published order (barring the Cosmere short stories which I'm reading in the collection but will read those by published order and not the order inside) and I'm almost to the end of that (W&W2 and 3, Elantris 2.0, Dark Talent, Calamity, AU and Oathbringer) so I might as well drudge through this one. Also experienced a bad one with the Eragon series. I had liked the first two well enough but something about the third book really wasn't gelling with me, and I was about halfway through it by that point, and put it down for a good year before being able to finish. I think what helped there was that I had finished reading a King novel I didn't really like and needed something 'fun'. Luckily I didn't experience burnout during the last book but Eragon was really trying my patience by that point that I wanted to read more about the other characters than the bloody hero of the story (I didn't even feel that way about Rand so that's saying something) @mattig89ch I know how hard that must be, especially when it's a long series that's still going.
  7. So has anyone here ever gotten reader burnout? I've gotten it a few times before but just recently had one for a couple weeks that I'm getting over after finishing reading WOR and had a little trouble getting into Firefight. I tend to get bad burnout if I read stuff from the same author in a row without a break and I haven't taken any real breaks from Sanderson since I started his stuff. I did manage not to do that with WOT by taking breaks at different intervals by reading a different book. I had hoped with Brandon switching genres so much it would the same but it definitely didn't. With me being so close to finally catching up I'm not sure if I should take a break or not. What do you do if you hit the burnout? What I usually do when I get into this spot is do something else like play a game, watch some unwatched videos and even watch some YouTube.
  8. It had been bumped to non-Cosmere on the last SOTS I believe
  9. Out of all the different systems I've read I'd probably go for Awakening. I think seeing the world as a more colorful place would be lovely to see. If I had to include ones I haven't read up yet then I'd probably choose Forgery. Re-writing the history of something sounds very interesting to me.
  10. I just finished beating Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII and boy was it good. It was such a sad game but filled with lots of hope for everyone you save. Since it was a grand finale I would've liked if some of the other minor characters showed up in new roles like all the main characters, and Chocolina of all people, did during the game. I also liked the fight against Bhunivelze, the antagonist and god of the FFXIII world. He fits with my ideas of deities in that if they are jerks or This post has been reported for attempting to skirt the rulesholes then they don't deserve to rule over mankind and should be put down, but his motivation and attitude was changed when done for the western audience since in Japanese he only fights Lightning because he develops a complex of 'you will be destroyed for defying me but I don't want to kill you because I love you' while in English he was changed into a western depiction of a god being 'righteous' and 'knowing what's best' for us. Pretty much his evil plan was to save those still living, give a permanent death to the souls of those who are dead and bring the living to a new world. What makes that evil is that killing souls makes it so the person never existed and the living forget they ever existed. Could you imagine never remembering those you love that have passed on? And this is a world where souls get reborn all the time so it's the entire history of those souls being destroyed as a result.
  11. I finally got my passport!!!
  12. Haven't read either KKC books but those involved don't really make me interested. Personally if I had to choose a Cosmere story for a film I'd choose either The Final Empire or Warbreaker. Both of these could be considered cheap options because, outside of fights, Mistborn doesn't require anything involving computers and Warbreaker would only need computers for any non-practical usages of breath, to enhance the colors around Susebron, any shots depicting the city that can't be done on set and the smoke effects of Nightblood at the end. But my preferred adaptation would be doing it as a tv show where each season is on a different planet like this: Season 1- The Final Empire Season 2- Well of Ascension Season 3- Hero of Ages Season 4- Elantris Season 5- Short Stories Season 6- The Way of Kings (if structured like GOT then I'd have episode 1 depict Kaladin's journey to the Plains, Episode 2 introduce Shallan, etc along with an episode adapting the Interludes) I could see the opening showing the star map of the Cosmere from AU and zooming towards the planet for that episode while a voice explains some stuff without giving away the stories shown.
  13. That's great that your wife's not seriously sick. Finally got an update one my passport and it's finally done processing. I sent the application in beck over spring break in March and then had to get a 'real' birth certificate because the one I sent apparently wasn't good enough. Should be getting it next week. Also ordered some stuff off of Amazon and got all that yesterday. The first is a passport wallet/book so that it's easy to keep stuff together when on vacation internationally. The second was Power Rangers Samurai, meaning I finally have the entire show to binge watch (until Ninja Steel gets released). The Final was MST3K Vol 17 containing the episodes The Crawling Eye, The Beatniks, The Final Sacrifice and The Blood Waters of Dr. Z. This cost a little more than usual since it was out of print but hats worth it (just have to get the other two that are out of print)
  14. Having to experience one while working: People helping me on something that doesn't need two or more people to do. Seriously, it doesn't need to have two people to return a bunch of novels, one calling out and one inputting the title. I also do it faster by myself but my mom somehow thinks it goes faster the other way. I've gotten tired of telling her I don't need help for the millionth time.
  15. It's interesting figuring out which films we like versus ones we do like but are more meh on. I wasn't surprised by my results since I loved Inside Out (though when it was first announced I was skeptical since it sounded more like a concept for a short film and not a full length one) but then I wasn't all that wowed by MU or Cars. Haven't seen Coco and don't plan to since I haven't been impressed with Pixar's Mexican related shorts, and to be honest Mexican culture doesn't interest me that much (not in a bigotry way, just in the same way someone doesn't like sports or bagpipes) and while I like skeletons (looking at you Jack Skellington) the look of them in this film turns me off.