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  1. @Pagerunner It might be more than 6 since he wants to include the east coast since he didn't for Oathbringer so it might go up to 9 depending on the other locations in the works but I doubt it'll go over that unless he includes an international leg, which I doubt he will since it's not Cosmere and thus considered minor. Luckily I'm on thanksgiving break that week so I'll be able to go for my second Sandersign. Are non-Cosmere signings usually less crowded or just as crowded? It's also fun since it's the day before my birthday so it's almost a birthday book for me.
  2. Random House has posted some dates for the Skyward Book Tour. The dates and stops included were: Orem, UT Barnes & Noble Nov. 6 @7:00PM San Diego, CA Mysterious Galaxy Nov. 7 @7:00PM Seattle, WA University Bookstore Nov. 10 @2:00PM Naperville, IL Anderson's Bookshop Nov. 16 Houston, TX Murder By the Book Nov. 19 @6:30PM On the Reddit Anchorage was mentioned as well but Brandon said the details were still being worked on
  3. @Sorana It helps a lot since before I encountered her online I didn't have anyone to really talk to about this stuff. Well it's more him who discussed that, she doesn't even suspect he feels that way. We both personally feel she would never agree to one because she needs his paycheck too much (he's a trucker so most of that goes towards his gas) But I do agree, it's his problem and he should resolve it his way. It won't really be resolved until I'm away from her permanently since one of the ways toxic parents keep control is to make it pretty hard for their adult children to leave at all. In other news I've been working on dates for my sabbatical and need a second opinion to make sure I've got the date right on one. Pretty much I want to arrive in California on 9/30 and departing from Tokyo. Would the departure date be 9/30? I just want to make sure because of the whole international date line confusion.
  4. @Sorana I have but the one time (it involved having full control of my bank account which I got back in high school and she had to be on it because I was a minor) I did try with a semi-neutral party she turned it against me. Her attitude is what's making me want to do a sabbatical so I can get away from her on my own terms (you have no idea how many times I've tried to do something on my own while she was doing her own thing and she tagged along anyway because she doesn't trust me to be on my own at all. Heck the first time I went to a fan convention, it was for Doctor Who, and I stayed a little late at the video room and she was rushing trying to find me because I 'might've been kidnapped' instead of, you know, having a little fun with other fans over a video?) My dad's even talked with me of him possibly divorcing her because of her attitude and wanted me to mention it but I wasn't going to be in the middle of that since that's his business with her. He's always telling me to get through it and things will get better but I'm just at the end of my rope. Heck for Christmas vacation I was looking at doing this one shore excursion for myself while she goes to this one place she wants to go and she's thinking of joining me for it. It's like she doesn't get the hint that I wanted to do it for me (hint as in "I was thinking of this for myself"), not all of us. I pretty much do my venting to my girlfriend, and sometimes to my sister via text, since she's understanding and makes me feel better.
  5. @Sorana Well it's not just me who has a difficult relationship with her, my sister, and at times my dad, have trouble with her. When my sister was young it was typical 'that woman's driving me crazy' but as she got older she started noticing it was more than that. When both my grandparents died she just got worse to the point that she's pretty much an obvious toxic parent at this point. I had looked up toxic parenting recently on YouTube and it just clicked with her behavior but to check I shared it with my sister and she agreed with me. There's stuff now that I recognize in the toxic parenting I remember her doing to me. 1. She's always doing stuff to make me feel like I'm an idiot, she finds fault in everything I do (like last night I brought our leftovers in but then she had me get her purse from the car and then I go change into my pjs. She's on the phone paying bills by this point so I'm thinking she put the food away but apparently she thought I'd be able to put it away while I was running to the garage and changing out of my work clothes but it apparently wasn't important enough to put away before doing bills. It would've been different if I set the food in the kitchen then went off to do my own thing but she sent me to get something for her so you'd think she'd be doing the courtesy of putting the food away) 2. When in public she treats me like I'm retarded, forgive me for the term since I know many find it offensive but it's the most appropriate, but in private she doesn't (she'll do it with me in earshot of her!) edit: Forgot to mention this: She didn't start doing this until it became 'trendy' to be a parent of a disabled person, before that it was just lying about my age so she could get tickets and stuff cheaper so that grew to me hating people thinking I'm younger than I am, even as a compliment. I know that's petty of me but when someone continuously lies about their child's age just to save a couple bucks that's just wrong to me. 3. Her reactions to everything has made me too afraid to talk to her about anything that isn't frivolous 4. She's always going on about how I don't assign myself stuff at work but when I do she finds what she's doing is more important (the other day I was trying to get an inventory count update going but she took me away from that to help her grab a few books off the shelf that were well within her limits to do alone and over a year ago I was putting some shelves together and I needed an extra hand to keep things balanced so it didn't fall apart and when I asked her for help she refused to even listen to me and tried to control the entire process even though I only needed her to hold two pieces together while I hammered a third into place so I just up and left to get some stuff done in the inventory system) 5. She never listens to me when I tell her I don't need help with something and ignores me to help me when I don't need or want it (to put in context it'd be like ignoring a handicap person after they've said they don't need help grabbing something off the shelf at the store and proceeding to help anyway) 6. I always have to accommodate her but she doesn't give me the same courtesy, pretty much it means if she wants something I have to go to her but if I want something I have to go to her even if I'm in a position where I can't go to her right then 7. If I want to try something new she somehow thinks it's a conspiracy against her and tries to talk me out of it or she thinks this one thing I'm not interested in interests me (I like history but not war stories so whenever a WWII film comes out she thinks I'd rather see that than the new Disney movie despite me telling her multiple times I hate those type of movies unless there's an interesting angle like Wonder Woman in WW1 or Captain America/Indiana Jones in WWII) 8. Playing the victim card is another thing she does. Like I'll be doing something like opening a box and she'll just reach in 'to help' and get a cut just to make me the bad guy. Heck the other day I was opening one of her boxes of Atkins shakes for her and just as I was getting the one flap up she just reaches in and cuts herself on purpose on the cardboard and then expects an apology for it. She does this so many times I refuse to give her the satisfaction unlike it really is my fault. She even does this to my sister, like a few years ago for Christmas my mom was apparently trying to make the holiday miserable since she refused to stay at my sister's house and thus wasted money on a hotel that was pretty far from her house. Then she invited us over to meet her boyfriends family for Christmas Eve and my mom refused because 'she'd been sick the whole trip' which I know wasn't true because I'd been with her the whole trip, including a visit to Disneyland, and she didn't show any signs of being sick at all, so I went to be polite while my mom stayed at the hotel by herself. Then on Christmas Day itself she really showed she'd rather not be around at my sister's place to meet her boyfriends family because we arrived in the morning and the only person there from his family was his mom, she's a lovely woman, and she barely stayed an hour before announcing she wanted to go to grandpas grave. I had already gone the day we arrived so I didn't want to go and my sister offered to go just to make sure she didn't spend the entire day there and be back for dinner and presents. My mom refused because my sister's offer was 'rude and insensitive' so she drove off. Didn't see her again until after we all had eaten dinner and only came by to say she was heading back to the hotel. I stayed for a few more hours and my sister drove me back to the hotel and she wanted to spend some time with mom even if it was to open one present. Oh no, she was so cranky and took the whole thing as 'she cares so little she only wants to spend one minute with her poor sick mother'. Oh and because she spent the whole day at the grave she really did get sick. She told her side of the events to my dad later on and when he and I were alone I told him what really happened and she didn't tell him the whole story and told the grave part like that was the first chance we had to go there, which opened his eyes on the situation. Oh and one of the presents my sister got for her? She exchanged it for the exact same item as soon as we got back! Now that's rude! Because of her whole attitude my sister doesn't talk to her much anymore and I try to keep in contact because she'd not know our plans when we come home for Christmas so that she can figure out when to see us based off her schedule since she has her own life and makes plans to meet friends for Christmas stuff and my mom sees it as my sister not caring enough because she doesn't cancel everything to spend every minute with us. 9. This is minor compared to the others but it's being deprived of food sometimes. It's one thing to skip lunch of your own accord because you're busy but it's another when someone else makes that choice for you. I've also had a few weekends where she wants to go out and do stuff and I don't get to eat anything until dinner, anywhere between 5pm-8pm, so you can imagine how hungry and cranky I'd be getting by then and yet she acts like I'm being cranky for no reason. And those are just the points I remember that indicated a toxic parent and the video had about 12 indicators. Heck the way she's treated me has put me into suicidal moments and a mild case of depression since I wasn't in the position to have any other people to support me but I've since found a great girl, it's long distance at this point since we're on different continents, and I know if I get together I'm severing ties with my mother since there are some relationships that can't be fixed. If someone tries to say 'blood is thicker than water' then they should know the full quote is 'blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb' meaning the people you choose to be with who make you happy are better for you than your family who makes you miserable.
  6. Whenever my mom gets an email from Disney Cruise giving an update on the reservation status she automatically assumes it's telling her it's time to start booking excursions and stuff even though it's not available until October! And when I tell her she refuses to believe me until she logs in and sees it's not available yet. Why would I even lie about something like that???
  7. I'm thinking that as well but it'd be fun if he mixed it up for the back half. If I did have to go the alternate way and starting with Lift maybe it'd go Renarin, Jasnah, Taln, Ash since it would make more sense for the Heralds to be Last in this version, though it breaks the theme I had of having the final book be the beginning and the end timeline wise since I'm sure Taln will be the focus of the pre-Prelude era and Ash will focus on the moment she was picked and how she came to be by the time of WOK.
  8. @goody153 It'd be almost poetic if Taln was the focus in the final book, meaning getting the beginning at the end of the story since I think Ash would be showing a little of her pre-Prelude life but mostly on how she came to be destroying her own image. Also it almost seems obvious that his stuff will be on how he became a Herald and everything before the Prelude with a final flashback on Braize but I'm almost wondering if there's more here than we're seeing, especially on the Braize side. When the back half comes here the order that I think would be interesting: Ash, Renarin, Lift, Jasnah, Taln. This is my pick because it would be go Herald, Kholin, random, Kholin, Herald as a pattern and the information would be spaced good since we can see what the post-Prelude world was like with Ash, what was going on during the gap period and more on the KR with Renarin and Lift, learn about some unknown stuff through Jasnah that would then be confirmed through Taln. I mean what other reason could there be to pick these 5 specifically for the end?
  9. I kind of figure the gap period will be covered but then it's figuring out if Lift, Renarin and Jasnah will be covering just the gap years or if it'll cover stuff from 1-5 or earlier as well.
  10. Not exactly the best day for me: A pallet of stuff came in for work and it was so dirty I needed to wash my hands twice while unloading, the boxes were pretty smashed and 4 had to thrown away because they were too damaged or had gotten wet recently. Needed to get the pallet behind the building where we keep pallets and I couldn't get back there because the maintenance man had his truck parked in the way. I went to ask him if he could please move the white truck so that I could get the pallet back there, I don't have permission to drive company vehicles, and he was so belligerent about it like I had asked in the rudest way possible. One of the campuses called and they decided to rearrange the prek rooms... and I'd already done the inventory work for those rooms so I had to redo them so they had the right stuff assigned to them. These people don't seem to realize that this is how mistakes in the count happen since it's trying to figure out what goes where now. Oh and they do this every year, I do the tickets and they change the rooms. Then me and my mom went to Panera Bread for lunch before going to the campus and she was rude to the manager taking our order. She was trying to take my mom's order but she wouldn't listen to the girl at all. The girl kept asking her for the base of the sandwich so that she'd know which sandwich to click on but my mom kept going 'no, you listen to me!' and the girl would reply 'ma'am I need to know what your base is first before I can do the toppings' I mean how hard is it to say 'turkey w/ (insert toppings)' instead of saying bread, sauce, cheese, veggie, meat, especially since the meat is how the employees know what sandwich you want. So because she refused to listen to the girl my mom chose to punish herself by not ordering anything, wait for me to finish eating and then she picked something up from McDonald's. Then she started telling everyone that it was the girl who was rude! She does this all the time and yet she wonders why her food is messed up 90% of the time.
  11. Which flashbacks are you most looking forward to versus ones you don't care about? You can list your reasons if you want: 1. Ash and Taln, because of seeing what the ancient Roshar was like 3. Jasnah, she's one of my favorites so I want to know more about her life before the books 4. Szeth, just seeing what he was like before being made Truthless and what brought him to being used by the listeners to kill the king 5. Renarin/Adolin, I'm very curious on what could possibly be told from them 6. Eshonai, I'm not against learning more about her, I'm interested in fact and like learning about listener society in WOR, but I'm more interested in what the others bring to the table 7. Lift, would honestly pick anyone before her. You just know her flashbacks are going to feature her before she met Wyndle and stealing lots of food since she's a glutton, and not a lovable glutton like Jughead and Shaggy.
  12. @HeyLookItz I hate that man as well. That man was just hateful and full of spite. Even when he had no proof of Lirin's crime he still acted like he was in the right. That man deserves a good death involving a whitespine.
  13. XO Mixed Joel and David from Reckoners up!
  14. Hello Lift
  15. My answer might change after I finish reading everything but I'm going to break this into my favorite Cosmere book and my favorite non-Cosmere since they are in two different categories and it's not fair to put the YA stuff up against the epics. My favorite Cosmere, so far since this may change, is Words of Radiance. I loved reading Shallan's flashbacks, the interludes are great to get a break from the Shattered Plains, the bigger story with Odium starting to surface, that epic battle and sequence at the end. My only complaints would be not enough Jasnah (definitely one of my favorite characters), a little too much Lift (I know I'm going to regret reading Edgedancer when I get there because her good side is way overshadowed by her being annoying and always going on about food) and Kaladin's lighteyes bigotry/hate (though it was satisfying when that got 'resolved' at the end with Dalinar proving he was a trustworthy man) As for non-Cosmere it is easily Rithmatist because thinking about the story not told by the story is fun, like why the United Isles are so dangerous in the first place, the battle against the chalklings in Nebraska, what the world outside the Isles is like, why David doesn't become a Rithmatist during the ceremony.