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  1. So, we know there will be a big giant type of thing Jasnah has to fight. I think the red storm is going to awaken some of the fauna which hides from the storms. Most of the voidbringers where rock shape things, and I just found a death rattle which hints at this too. Will be interesting to see if I'm on the right track...
  2. Thanks winter, I shall attempt the colour change now Awesome!! Many thanks
  3. I will be voting for (Jondesu) Jondesu Had to put a picture as I can't seem to change the colour to red on my phone. My main reason for voting is because I think it was a bit mean to vote Elith. I hope to vote more tactically as the game progresses
  4. Annabelle stumbled out of her basement, into the glorious light. Hmmm, she hadn't washed all the blood off her hands. Ah well, that's what gloves were for. Now, off to the museum for some more research.
  5. Alrighty, thanks for the warning. I'll be off to do some tinkering in my basement now.
  6. I don't know much about Nighthound, but if his powers are shadow based then my Rainbow Laser Gun will be coming in pretty useful this round
  7. @Sami thanks for the invite, signed up and now off to check the rules...
  8. I would like to sign up Annabelle an "engineer" This is my first SE, so apologies in advance if anything goes wrong
  9. @Sami I would have to say I'm more the RP and general chatty person. I had one theory regarding swords during a re-read of WoK but I think that has been explained now. @lyht I'm afraid I can't have a fully balanced name due to being dark eyed
  10. I think it's easier to say what I've not read.. Alcatraz books I can't get in the UK, everything else has been gobbled up readily. Many moons ago, a friend was rather excited that his favourite series WoT was being finished by another author. I forgot about the conversation until about a year ago and decided to start the series. Once I was finished with it, I had such a vast emptiness I didn't think I could ever find another book to fill it. Then I began to use some logic and started on Sanderson. The rithmatist was the first book I read after WoT, then Stormlight books, then Reckoners, then Mistborn, then Elantris, then Warbreaker, then Arcanum, then White Sand (not fond of graphic novels so waited for a library copy for a month) then snapshot... Now doing them all again as audio books Yay Brandon!! I have to say Stormlight Archive is where my heart is right now but the end of Mistborn era 1 had me in tears, happy and sad, for a good few days! I would love to see another story with Sixth of the Dusk though...
  11. Hi all, So I've been lurking here for quite some time, slowly feeding my Sanderson addiction, and decided that talking to like minded people would be way more fun than watching from the shadows- I'm no Khriss...
  12. Please may I have a copy? I'm at the point of getting the audio versions of Brandon's books to trick myself that I'm reading something new... I would love to devour some words which are unread <3 My humble thanks to all who made this possible xx