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  1. PK I'm voting for you because you voted for me. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. That's fair. And I think you mentioned it when you voted. It's just a bit strange that the Elims took him out next cycle... Straw
  3. Okay, I believe my assessment at the end of N2 is correct. I reckon we are now dealing with 3 elims and with 3 villagers down we have almost 14% chance of killing one in this lynch. I'm going to kickstart the debate with Straw because he voted for Steeldancer D2 then retracted his vote, yet Steeldancer still died at the end of N2. Seems a bit suspicious to me. @Straw do you have any ideas why steeldancer died?
  4. I'm finding it very hard to be suspicious of anyone in particular this early into the game. Let's see if Elims kill anyone tonight, that might give us a clue as to who they want in their team and who they want out of the game. As if I have it right, one person in the team can send in the kill which would leave the seer free to convert another person- assuming of course they converted someone N1.
  5. Ooh, this sounds fun! I'll sign up Ellenie. Very rare for a woman to join the bridge crews- almost unheard of. Ellenie is a former soldier who happened to take too much pleasure in the Thrill and started seeking it with her comrades instead of her foes. Her twisted happiness when battling led her commanding officer to demote her to the bridge crew as opposed to killing her outright. He'd be damned, but he wanted to see her suffer!
  6. Based on this, I think we have 2 elims now. I don't have any suspicions on anyone as of yet.
  7. I reckon the mug is half full of coins from a day of begging
  8. Pix was fuming after the announcement. A traitor in their midst!? She wished she wasn't so damned useless. It was her hotheadedness and drive that got her this sweet deal with the obligators, now someone was threatening to destroy what she worked so hard for. As much as she wanted to just start lynching every bloody one of them, she took a deep breath and resolved to wait until she could start killing mercilessly. no lynch
  9. @BrightnessRadiant I know, I apologise if you are village. Just thought it would be good to use the vote while no one could suspect me- oh the irony...
  10. Okay, so if I'm going to voted on today anyway I might as well claim. I'm village politician, voted for BR first cycle. I didn't have any suspicions of course as it was the first cycle and as I was making my way down the player list from the sign up page BR had a space before and after their name and I took it as a sign I should pick them. No idea how BR is aligned I was just hoping I didn't pick a village- which didn't make a difference anyway as RNG picked the other vote.
  11. @Orlok Tsubodai that's as clear as I can do for now. I'll be happy to explain in the dead doc If I'm lynched though, you will be getting rid of a Gondor player, just so you know...
  12. @randuir as there would be no one to actually suspect, it would be a random person who stood out- maybe by going through the first player list the first name that pops and doesn't look like a continuous paragraph of speech...? And they would cross their fingers they chose an elim!
  13. @randuir I didn't think an elim would out an ability if they had one so assumed you were village too. @Orlok Tsubodai I have no idea about a third faction- perhaps that's why there is some gibberish going on though? Also, the assumption with the numbers is even though there aren't too many roles, many of them are essentially doubled as there are village version and elim version. I'll go over the player list and roles available and post what I think the count would be if you like? This isn't anything I definitely know though, just my observations. Edit: Okay, looks like there would be a third faction otherwise what would be the point of the Elim Lieutenant finding out the alignment of a scan when the mordor team has a doc