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  1. Hey, going to be busy with Christmas so won’t sign up... Can I get the spec link though
  2. Okay, does anyone else find Manukos’ post a bit unnerving? I had a feeling there would be some hemalurgy in the game, perhaps Manukos is an obligator? I had a suspicion Doc was an inquisitor though. But now for some RP!! Selina paced. Back and forth, back and forth. She had finally been found out. There was no talking reason to the filthy, stuck up, good for nothing nobles! She took a deep breath, hands shaking as she opened the vial of poison. There was an obligator, she saw an obligator. The thought of confronting the obligator with only a vial of poison made her stomach cramp up. She was going to die. Like actually.. truly... going to die. There was no way out. Panic set in and she tore down the street, away from the screams of those filthy nobles. Towards the only place she felt safe. Her beautiful house. Her house! Rhiannon was with the crowd calling for her death, well, she could seek refuge elsewhere! ”Spec ops to me!!” Selina screamed as she ran. Her troops falling into step around her. “Let’s see if they can take me from a burning building! Soldiers, hold the perimeter while I barricade myself inside and set the place alight. Anyone who comes for me- show them death!” It was a fools gamble, but she would take anything she could get right now. Anyone who wanted to lynch her, would have to brave the Spec Ops and the fire. She might get a couple foolish enough to pursue her, well more fool them. She would rain burning debris down on them until the flames engulfed her. @Ookla of Five
  3. Okay people. You got me! I’m the last skaa. Now, you guys have to decide if lynching me is the correct course of action. @A Budgie @young bard looks like you guys would win if you voted to lynch me- @Doc12 has started the lynch though which would be enough to tip the scales for a house 1 win. @Ookla the Rae You have worked so hard to bring up the house 3 points. It would be a shame to lose to house 1 when you are now so close to victory. @livinglegend, @sami, @BR. You guys are pretty far behind, but if you all posted lots of RP and helped to get rid of house 1, then you guys could close the gap and win. So, please don’t kill me yet. Most of you will lose too...
  4. First off, Rae is correct. Day 3 first post is us finding out Arin killed Pratt and thus has a kill role. Secondly, before half our house was decimated, we had begun talking about a purge and any suspicions we have. My suspicions were on Road and Rebecca. Road has since been cleared obviously and now fall to Rebecca. However... The coin shot attacked 2 of our members the night after they just overtook us in the favour rankings. Knowing that our Skaa is likely Rebecca as the inactivity in doc and thread kind of align with inactive elims, I’ve asked for a mini ceasefire as all House 1 needs to do is kill off our skaa then kill theirs and they will win the game. So, my vote will be going to Arinian to get rid of their elim and all other houses should also be voting for him too because if Rebecca dies this lynch, house 1 will win during the night.
  5. It looks to be a quiet night tonight. Don’t have much concrete to put toward the conversation, just some gut reads which I spoke about last turn.
  6. Being somewhat suspicious of Road, I’m hesitant on the bandwagoning of Shqueeves . If this turns out to be a good vote then for me Road is cleared, if not then I think we should be turning our attention to Road.
  7. Okay, so based on the last round I was planning on following Darkness in his voting. That plan is a bit “meh” now...
  8. Okay. Back! I think Asterion does seem suspicious after Darkness broke the posts down, but that could just be moving the suspicions to someone else. I want to see how the day and night plays out before I put my lot in.
  9. Voting for Crimsn
  10. Stood at the top of her tower, Selina looked down upon the swirling mists. Skaa in their ranks. The thought was disgusting. A lesser form of life parading as the elites!? She took a deep breath and leapt. The mist swirled around her, dancing through her fingers and hair as the ground came up to meet her. A coin clinked to the ground, and Selina shot off into the air once more. In quick succession she threw down four more coins around the first creating a square around it. Selina found her balance. She hung suspended in the air a short way from her window. The mist rose up to meet her, to blanket and shelter her from the horrors she had just heard. As time passed, Selina found herself looking back towards her room and the warmth within. She pushed off from her suspension and flew to her balcony, Pulling her coins as she did so. They fell into the open pouch at her chest with a clink. She removed her mistcloak and sat down at her dresser. Methodically brushing out the tangles in her golden hair, which she then pinned to the side. She must be presentable when she descended to the dining hall. Stepping into the room, there was a severe lack of people. Great. Her sister had gone gallivanting off again. Would she ever learn? A servant brought her food, a beautiful medley of colours. He then began to fill her glass with wine. "No." She would need to keep a sound head tonight. She sat back, and smiled at her father.
  11. Just wanted to say thank you @Wyrmhero for the game and sorry I was inactive for a big chunk of it. RL has since calmed down and I look forward to playing with everyone again xxx
  12. Thank you all for an awesome game. It got so exciting when I died and discovered what was going on! Well done Drake for that crazy ending