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  1. "You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor.. take her away!" --The Lord Ruler
  2. but if they fail, it gives arc 2 a purpose
  3. So, we have Dalinar. Leaves 1 open, and 1 in need of the Sibling. I would like to see Navani bond the Nightwatcher, and become a BondSmith. At this point though, i dont know who i would see as the 3rd. Another theory i have is that Taravangian will manage to find and bond one of the remaining Spren, but for the wrong reasons. Try to pull apart the current Knight Radiants, or sabotage what he can since he will be working alongside Odium. Anyone have thoughts? Discuss!
  4. I actually enjoyed Chase The Dark by Annette Marie. Stone and Steel series, 5 books. Its urban but no guns and stuff. Female PoV, paranormal/romance/fantasy book. Actually one of my favorite series. The Old Kingdom series (Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen, Clariel, Goldenhand) is also one of my top 5 favorite series, I HIGHLY recommend them. I would read them in a slightly different order tho, i would read 1, 4, 2, 3, 5. (Clariel is 600 years before Sabriel and has some neat stuff dealing with Lirael) Air Awakens is also a choice, its on my to-read list. Red Sister is also on my to-read list, i believe its Female PoV
  5. it..might..? but i mostly think its another shard maybe. Trell is coming up hard, and i wonder if Autonomy isnt part of that (trell people have made quotes that i think would link Autonomy) I was curious myself if it wasnt Odium as well. Might be? SA 5-6 is suppose to be a time skip. Maybe Odium got free and fled to take care of Harmony since he fears it, and Harmony is rather new. Least its my theory
  6. I think so. It would be neat to see them shuffled into the rest of the army and maybe turn around, but at this point all of Sadeas men seem bad. As well as when the army turned at the Battle of Thaylen, some of the humans actually jumped onto the Parshman boats and left. Dalinar makes a comment about this, about wondering if the last Knight Radiants were fighting humans that went to the enemy as well.
  7. Do we have anything on the symbol and how its drawn? im not sure if its at the points in the shape of a triangle (like the Mitsubishi symbol) or 3 diamonds overlapping side by side. I always viewed it as side by side, 3 triangles in a row.
  8. That isnt fun.. sometimes then you need to sit back and think about yourself too. I know it sounds a bit selfish, but your well being is most important. Its hard to ask yourself, but ask "is it worth it? Is this something i want to invest in?" It is not easy, at all, especially if you have more in depth feelings towards the person. You sometimes gotta focus on you.
  9. why, i would never! Think my favorite atm is Lift. I really enjoy Lift/Szeth interactions, they crack me up.
  10. Found this amazing cover. ive been attempting to break the replay button on this song.
  11. skipped both my proms. My band i was in in highschool played the during the first one, second one we all just goofed off instead. SSOOOO dont feel bad, theyre overrated i think, with a good group of friends, you can still have fun! That sucks. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. Sometimes life is about compromises though. If you like her, and you overall think shes worth it, why not maybe try to catch some odd side jobs for a little extra money? Its a possible option, seeing as you need to save if anything, sit down and talk with her? explain your feelings and thoughts on the subject. Ask hers as well, that is extreeemmelllyy important. communication is key. Just know sometimes meeting an agreement is harder than it might seem. They wont all work out, some might be easy to reach, others you might need to really work for. Its all about how much you BOTH want to put in and work together.
  12. Welcome and have an upvote! We usually greet each other by saying "my life to yours, my breath become yours" you should try!! You go first! Also, got a favorite character?
  13. also a good one!