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  1. Savantism is when someone uses an investure ability to the point it changes their physiology. Savantism isnt based on skill, its over-use.
  2. So ive been playing Cod BO4, Diablo 3 on xbox, and forza horizons 4. All on xbox
  3. Brandon stated this is just kelsier being really good..
  4. Im on NA servers. Maybe we can get a NA version going?
  5. I work in a prison. I dont let anything influence my opinion on a person accept their actions
  6. This part interested me the most (probably cause im slightly off my rocker). hopefully you gain control over the issue tho! i wish you luck, and if you need help, ask! i like giving advice. As to your day: Holy wow, thats a lot. I can understand the after school dinner issue, maybe tell your parents you need to leave to do work after a little bit of their chit-chat? Otherwise, hold your head up!! You trip over things when you look at your feet and cant see whats ahead of you sometimes life throws curveballs and your day straight sucks. But you have tomorrow! Make it a better day. For today, focus on getting through it, and solving your issues when you get a chance. Tomorrow is always another day, new beginnings, dont let it trip you up! You got this.
  7. @Sorana xbox and pc. Xbox mostly.
  8. @Sorana can do!! what system do you play on?
  9. From Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind. Nathan is very old and extremely sarcastic. Nathan picked up his sword and, with a dramatic flourish, slid it back into its scabbard, "You want to be healed, now? Or would you prefer to bleed to death so I can try my hand at resurrection?"
  10. So BO4 releases tonight/tomorrow. I love Call of Duty series that are Boots on Ground (none of the jetpacks, boosted jumps ect) so im excited to start playing this one. My first objective, per usual, will to get my Submachine guns to Diamond camo or the equivalent. Does anyone else here plan on playing? If so, do you have goals?
  11. Welcome!! Have an upvote! Glad you finally dived into 17th with the rest of us nut cases. Basic question: Favorite Character? Mine of all time is Wayne. But i do love vasher as well.
  12. Not at all, hes busted. but he grew in power, which is my focus @Calderis. Is it natural or from being used.
  13. Yeah i saw this, its what made me ask. Is it naturally occuring or is it from the investure he has consumed
  14. Is nightblood getting stronger the more he gets used? Like, he didnt start out this strong. So are the breaths and other forms of Investure hes absorbing actually adding to his power? Sorry if this has been asked before.
  15. Welcome!! have an upvote!! We like to greet each other here by saying "My life to yours, my breath become yours" you should try it, you tell me first!! Also: you have a favorite character? My all time is wayne. He is my spirit animal.