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  1. Timeline fun? (kidding) where in the world did i read they were contained to their planet then..oh well. Any threads/theories guessing on who it could be?
  2. Any theories bouncing around im not seeing about this? Either Odium is being tricky (red and can move planets) or there is another shard that can leave its world?
  3. Ok so i missed that. Then yes, i go with Harmony holding "Trell" back enough that they dont yet have a perpendicularity. at least not on that side of the world.
  4. Does "trell" even hold a shard? i was under the impression that in order to have a perpendicularity you needed mass ammounts of investiture, aka, shardholder.
  5. i feel like thats gonna be reversed maybe? Trell, if he has one, would be southern to me. i feel like snowy mountains would be harmony (Cause of Ancient Terris dealing with mountains and such) Does trell have the ability to hold a perpendicularity?
  6. Which you are probably right. im mostly just theorizing
  7. When reading about investiture, everything has some level of investiture. I feel like this could play a key part too, in accessing it. if you could access it, it would open up everything. example: Now yes Lesarium is god metal, but Elend still knew how to use metal at all. he instinctively knew how to burn it.
  8. see i feel like if you are given the ability to have access to investiture, it should work for you. Investiture is a detailed and complicated subject though. there is also the Excisor which isnt explained much i dont think, least there isnt much on it on coppermind
  9. Saying if you cant use allomancy, then you cant use nicrocil at all? theres also the Ettmetal and such, but you do bring up a point.
  10. i think if its unidentified, then it grants investiture, you have unidentified investiture which i think would calculate into, you now have the ability, for as much as stored, to use that investiture, which is magic ability. Its how Marasi, who only can use Pulse, manages to use steel alloymancy. unidentified investiture (magical ability granting)
  11. Think it has to do with "Identity" as well..i think if you store identity the same time you store investiture, the investiture isnt linked to a person (how if you store something like weight, it then only allows you to access it, whereas you store unidentified weight, someone else can use it) Least thats my theory
  12. i might be wrong here, im sorry. i think this is your answer
  13. Cause of Nicrosil storing investiture.
  14. hey cool, thanks!
  15. i didnt expect era 3 for a while. but im dying for lost metal cause i want to know if its harmium or atium returning (i have a theory on this)