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  1. Welcome!! Mistborn era 1 is amazing, in my opinion, one of these days you should give it another shot I think at the moment, my favorite happens to be warbreaker. dunno why, just loved it. Lifts also my favorite character as well
  2. @Sami im a quicker reader, and I may kinda sorta binge read if I get hooked...so 5 books shouldn't be too terrible. I've seen the series just never really looked into it too much, but I will check it out. @StrikerEZ I tried starting Steelheart and had a hard time getting into it. might have just been a "at the time" thing, so ill give it a shot again. @Calderis I didn't know it started as Cosmere
  3. @TeleWorms I have not read the prose of the white sand, didn't know it existed, so that will need to be read. My favorite Cosmere books are a tie between WoR and Warbreaker! @StrikerEZ Thanks for the weird looking cookie, i'll totally eat this As for Non-cosmere, I cannot say I have. I have a list of books I want to read so once I started mistborn, I had to finish all the cosmere cause I was hooked. after that I jumped into some other series I've had on my read list. Do you have a suggestion for a good Non-Cosmere book to start on?
  4. Hi! New to 17th shard, it being my first fan forum, but i have been reading around, between here and various sites with Q&A. I have read all the cosmere books to date, waiting on Oathvember, Till then im buying my time with the lightbringer series. I am extremely into the cosmere lore, and learning the little easter eggs, by far one of my favorite things. Either way, Hello!