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  1. I apologize as I know this is slightly unrelated but do you happen to have a link to this WoB. Would be interested in reading it if you can find it.
  2. I read a WoB about how Vasher can stay alive much more easily on Roshar, presumably because he uses stormlight as a substitute for Breath, and I started wondering if Breath is something that only people on Nalthis are born. That seems to make sense considering that there aren't awakeners all over the different shardworlds; however, aside from the AonDor the forms of investiture we've seen aren't location dependent. Does this mean that awakening is location dependent in that you can only, for the most part, acquire Breath from people who are natives of Nalthis?
  3. I don't necessarily agree that Szeth is the most honorable. I think that is commendable, after a fashion, that he has chosen to follow rules and laws placed upon him by others, but I don't think that makes him honorable. He followed those codes despite the fact that they were dishonorable; so Szeth appreciates justice above all else. However, I think that is distinct from honor. Syl says to Kaladin in WoR that what matters to someone that is honorable is doing whats right.
  4. duel

    Oh yeah we totally can! You can separate isotopes what I meant is that there isn't an isotope that is considered more "pure" than another.
  5. duel

    Yeah that makes sense. Doesn't it kind of just become a matter of who cuts off the other persons head first then?
  6. duel

    So I agree that they wouldn't be different; however, there's no such thing as a pure isotope. So i just think that any isotope would behave the same.
  7. duel

    Although I feel like a Herald would also just be constantly healing any wounds with stormlight so part of the question is whether a fullborn can heal from an honorblade wound. If they can i think thats a serious advantage for the Herald.
  8. Would you possibly be able to link the exact WoB where he's asked about this. I'm having trouble finding it again
  9. Odium is actually seeking out and killing shards but not taking up any of their power. Doesn't seem very reactive to me as there are no bonds happening
  10. Well so a wound from a shardblade, say in the shoulder like what happened to Szeth, still severs the soul of the wounded flesh even if it doesn't go through the arm and render the entire thing useless. So my theory is that if a shardblade was used to slice through a kandra's arm, the flesh would die and turn grey but the bone itself would actually be sliced since its not really living. Then however if the dead flesh was sliced away the kandra could just eat more to create more muscle.
  11. Completely agree, it was more so a point as to how the entire thing would actually play out when/if the murder comes out and Adolin is discovered. It could be that the Radiants rule the city; though unlikely, this kinda makes sense to me because they are the only way into and out of Urithiru. In a sense, the city belongs to them since they control access to it. They could feasibly argue their right to rule, and people wouldn't be able to deny it to them. Again I do think that this would be unlikely as it might dredge up memories of the Lost Radiants and their corruption, but I do think it would change the consequences that Adolin would face.
  12. "Ten people, with Shardblades alight, standing before a wall of black and white and red." -TWOK ch9 epigraph This is my personal take on the hidden last scene of SA
  13. Since a lot of this has spiraled into topics concerning the consequences of his actions, I would like to bring up the fact that since Urithiru isn't in Alethkar it could be agrued that the highprinces have no right to judge or rule there.
  14. In WoR epilogue, Hoid mentions to Jasnah that Tanavast had bought him drinks before. The letter also talks about the vessels with what seems to be personal familiarity so this makes sense and kinda confirms that Hoid personally new most if not all of the shatterers.