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  1. @Rebecca Welcome! The role playing that we are currently doing is wrapping up, so we're starting to create a new one. Hopefully we can get you in soon!
  2. @Tesh It will probably turn out awful. I'm 95% sure that it will. The good thing is that the movies will come out and we'll all be able to say to our friends, "Read the books! Then moan with us how bad the movies are!" If things turn out bad there is nothing we can do to change it, so there's no use worrying over it. Just....breathe.
  3. Welcome @Shadowmancer. I hope that we may be of assistance to your peculiar form.
  4. Hello @Pammie! You don't have to worry about any rules I can think of, just be kind to others. An important thing to know is people will soon start replying, telling you to either eat cookies or not to eat cookies. It's a joke that the cookies are Ruin's cookies, because they are spiked. Don't worry if you're confused, you'll see it soon. Welcome and enjoy!
  5. Worldhopper Sighting:
  6. Yes, Brandon refers to a lot of things in Alcatraz. At the end of the first book it's definitely making fun of Harry Potter and in his "Ways Alcatraz Doesn't Want to Die" list it says "being sewed by J.K. Rowling". I wouldn't be the one to ask about Count of Monte Cristo though. Sorry.
  7. Hello! Favorite Cosmere book? Non-cosmere book? I just looked at your cards and may I just say, you are awesome! I have family into Magic, but I've never really wanted to play myself. Hope we can see more of you here!
  8. @Sami You're not necessarily rebellious, you just...have more interest in...non-feminine things and you hate wearing...your...safehand sleeve. *Blushes a little* You may call me Varaseel. Please take no offence, Brightness Varaseel Demek
  9. @CarolaDavar Hmmm...You do seem familiar. Yes! I do think I've seen you before! Only for a moment or two. Sebarial lent me to Navani when she was short. What a small world. Sincerely, Brightness Varaseel Demek
  10. Dear Surgefinders, My name is Brightness Varaseel Demek. I'm a minor lighteyes and have been watching the Surgefinders for a while now. Please forgive the length of this letter, I only wish to be accepted. I grew up as the 2nd oldest of four siblings to Dasha and Larakel Demek. I started my education very young and fell in love with learning. I was never very rebellious or a "tomboy" like many of the other people in this group. I learned how to be a "lady" and enjoyed it. One day, my oldest brother got ill. I wasn't allowed to see him, by order of my parents, until he became better. He didn't become better. He died soon and the sickness spread around. I suddenly realized how bad it was. It wasn't just a cold or fever turned bad. It was an outright plague. People called it the "Shivers" and it rapidly took my family and the people around us. Some people went insane, but those cases were rare.* I watched as my brothers, sister, and parents suffered through this, slowly tortured until their final breaths, where they whispered death rattles in tortured voices. I tried to help, but I had no idea what to do and I barely ever found anyone able or willing to help. I searched books and everywhere I could, but in the end I did nothing. Everyone around me died. I've seen only two survivors from the plague. I wasn't one of them. I never got sick. I blame myself for this still. Did I help spread it? Why did everyone else get sick? Why? Why? These have been burned into me.* A cryptic started following me and I bonded quickly. I named him Fluxation* (yes, not Fluctuation) and he helped me fix some of my life. I traveled to the Shattered Plains and have been living in Sebarial's warcamp, doing odd jobs. At one point I even ended up being a scribe for Navani. I know you are a very accepting group, but it felt wrong not to have to "apply" in some form or another. I am barely above mediocre in history, writing, and the other main subjects, but I'm deplorable at science. Mathematics has always been my strong point and I love it. My fine arts are average, my worst being painting, but I'm an amazing musician. I'm quite capable in harp and flute and dabble in oboe and clarinet (or Rosharan instruments like that). I don't want to be vain, but I've been praised greatly and there were many times people would come to hear me play from miles away. I use illusions like other Lightweavers, but unlike them I manipulate sound more (yes, everyone, I have researched it, lightweavers manipulate "waves" including sound waves). Because of my talent in music I lean towards it naturally. I wish to be a part of your group and would enjoy it immensely. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Brightness Varaseel Demek Things to know about my character: quiet, intelligent, perfectionist, HATES, ABSOLUTELY HATES making mistakes, feels guilty, doesn't like talking about her past, loves math and music A LOT, acts "properly", etc. The * means that there is stuff behind that, that once we become closer, she might reveal.
  11. Lately I've been bugging @Lightning about his favorite theories and questions to ask. I finally got something out of him. One of the best theories ever (all credit to Lightning): When Hoid and Nightblood meet they will merge into one, becoming... HOIDBLOOD! Hoidblood will ask eagerly "Would you like to destroy some sticks today?" What d'ya think?
  12. These last two pages are too amazing! I recently did a very nerdy thing with my friends and only one of them knows what the Cosmere is. The entire time we made the worst puns and once in a while he asked me questions I couldn't answer. We showed the rest of our friends 17th Shard and when my Brandon Sanderson memory failed and we were about to google something I thought "Coppermind Wiki!" and my friends pretty much slapped their faces. "There's a Coppermind Wiki thing too?" Then a family member joined in expressing his love of Mistborn to our friends and he said "Don't read it until you're sick of other books. All of the other ones are ruined because none of them are as good." (Ruined, I winked.) I have to join the circle and confess. "I have this problem. Someone says 'ruined' and I can't stop myself. I-I read and think Brandon. I go onto 17th Shard daily and stalk @Calderis. When Oathbringer comes out I-I plan to go to my first official release party with my very own mistcloak. I'll be unstoppable." *Starts sobbing* I can? I can. I can! Thanks guys. *Happily sobs along with @Roadwalker*
  13. You guys give such good responses!!!! I'm always so jealous of you. You know you're a sanderfan when you're obsessed with Pattern, so you're siblings can recognize him anywhere, even though they haven't read the books. "What're you doing? Oh, you're drawing Pattern." I have trained my silbings so well.
  14. When you say 'I will convert them to Brandon Sandersonism' on a regular basis.
  15. I like a lot of these theories and I've never thought about if you could make a shardplate as well as a shardblade *smacks face at my own non-theoryness*. I HATE the idea of Dalinar murdering Shshshsh! He may not have the best past, but...no. I also like the idea of Kaladin not being in the last fight or at least not as the main fighter of that battle. He gets too much screen time. Watch as Jasnah saves the city! I want to see so much more out of Renarin. We don't know enough about him. What was his childhood like? What part of things happening is his power and which is from something else interfering? I'm so bad at theorizing, but I always love your guys' stuff. Can't wait for Oathbringer! I've already told two people to come with me to the release party! November is SOOO close and SOOO far away. Errrrr!