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  1. isn't shardblade regenerated using gemstones incased in the armor?
  2. When even on your dating profile you list the First Ideal to attract sanderfans (no success yet...)
  3. When you're worried about moving to a new student residence because you're afraid you won't be able to receive mail and oathvember is getting near every day
  4. Agree ; from Elend's pov, HoA could very well make up for how you felt about him in WoA.
  5. When you haven't prepared in time for a test and are left with only the night before it to study and desperately try to draw aon ene to memorize arguments more quickly and the mix of stress and fatigue makes you think you actually draw the aon and you can study better. In fact, you have fallen asleep and were dreaming for the entire time. True story.
  6. Just like the Parshendi(in alethi tongue) are actually called Listeners.
  7. Welcome to the 17th Shard, @ahill3780. May the survivor guide you in this maze of captivating theories, games etc. Looking forward to read your theories.
  8. Welcome @Marelle. As those above me have already said, don't worry about grammar mistakes. I'm French too, so english isn't my mother language either. As for the books not yet available in France, have you tried bookdepository? they have the whole Sanderson collection and offer free shipping throughout the world.
  9. Ok, it's been a while since my last read I forgot that. I should probably get back at it before Oathbringer comes out...
  10. Hero of Ages Bands of Mourning Words of Radiance Warbreaker Elantris
  11. When you are seriously considering naming your animals like some of the characters from Sanderson's books(Protection Dog: Kaladin, Cat: Jasnah etc etc) I can actually relate to that; my friends have actually banned cosmere-themed discussions(I still haven't given up on them reading the books someday)
  12. I think that they have some healing power, but they won't be able to bring back to life someone
  13. I'd love to see what Adolin thought when he discovered Shallan is a radiant (maybe in a more in-depth POV during the battle at the end of WoR)
  14. When whenever the mist comes out, you immediately go outside because you feel protected and sheltered by them