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  1. There is no way you'll catch me admitting that I thought something along the same lines, ha ha...
  2. Probably either Edgedancer or Skybreaker. (Assuming that the Skybreakers were originally Lawful Good and not Lawful Stupid like they are now).
  3. There's a brand new fic recs page on TV Tropes for Stormlight Archive. Right now it has only three stories, and they're all recc'd by the same person (cough). Personally I think that a rec page on such a widely-read website should reflect the tastes and perspectives of multiple people. Plus, I don't do shipping, so there's a popular genre I can't say squat on. So, um, if anyone has a TV Tropes account and wants to contribute, there it is.
  4. I want her to be at least trying to defect, because to me that makes a more interesting story. (I also believe that's what's happening, but the OP already linked to my thread on why).
  5. I'm sending my copy of Oathbringer to my brother, who's in Israel for the year. Nobody ever say that I don't make noble sacrifices.
  6. You buy a fancy shirt with over-long, bell-like sleeves, and as you look at your half-covered hand, you suddenly feel... Alethi.
  7. From the Marx Brothers version of Edgedancer, Water-Chicken Soup:
  8. Kaza's interlude had the Amian say something about secrets taken from dying people that could endanger the world. I think that's evidence in the direction of the theory that the Death Rattles are a side-effect of Moelach gathering information for Odium.
  9. Until Dalinar's talk with the Stormfather, no one (outside of Mraize) seems to think Tezim is anything other than an ordinary human who just happens to be ten shades of bonkers. Which implies that Tezim's rule hasn't been longer than a normal human lifetime. So what has Ishar been up to in the past few generations, before he took over Tukar? Or do you think everyone just assumed "Tezim" was a Dread Pirate Roberts situation?
  10. I think in Arcanum Unbound it says that "cognitive shadow" is an in-universe term. It could be that cognitive shadows on Threnody are an entirely different animal than, say, what we see in Roshar, which may not be exactly the same as on Nalthis or Scadrial.
  11. Well, on Scadrial you can theoretically Snap from extreme joy. Perhaps there's something similar with Nahal bonds.
  12. This is the best explanation I've seen.
  13. Quite aside from the question of whether Dalinar's Radiants accepted Szeth too easily, I'm pretty sure the other heads of state wouldn't. These are the people who nearly backed out of the coalition because they found out that Dalinar had a conversation with Odium. So now Szeth is sworn to Dalinar, and is following him around like a lost puppy. He might not be wearing white anymore, but he's a weird Shin guy with a freaky sword who can walk on walls. People are going to be suspicious. And with Dalinar's new total honesty policy, he's going to have to tell them, "Yeah, he's the Assassin-In-White. But he pinky-swore not to kill people anymore, so it's all right now."
  14. *can't keep herself from yelling out "ME TOO!"*