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  1. Wow, I admire you a lot. I don't think I'd have the grit to send my copy overseas (thinking of my sister who is overseas for a while and has read SA and loved it)
  2. When your sister (who you've finally hooked on SA) borrows your copy of Oathbringer, loses it for a moment when you're not home, finds it ten minutes later, and you send her graphic death threats (with emojis, of course) should that ever happen again.
  3. So sorry about the recent inactivity guys, I'm currently at a super full-on music camp and I haven't had much time to get on the Shard. I'll catch up soon, hopefully.
  4. If Loki dies I will sue Marvel. Or something like that
  5. Why did you change your name?

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      King Cole

      I have zero idea what that is

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      I was gonna change my pfp and and clear out my profile but  then I found out I couldn't because I was in the middle of a LG

    4. Sami
  6. @A Budgie lol it's actually Alizarin but yeah you got it mostly right oh snap, just remembered it's Ookla season. What's the SE policy for this? Are we allowed to change our names? --- Liz smiled a polite smile a little at Lady Noodlington. She wondered a little how she had recognised Liz, as Liz had tried to steer as clear from "noble" events as she could. She hastily retracted her hand, seeing Lady Noodlington visibly recoil from the dirt that had accumulated from climbing around. "Um," she said stepping back a little as wel. "Pleased to meet you as well." She wasn't exactly, but this lady was better to talk to than herself. "Uh, sorry I invaded your rooftop." She glanced again at the poofy dress and wondered how anyone could stand wearing such an uncomfortable and inconvenient looking thing. Then she glanced at the umbrella and then at her ash covered shoulders. "Er, yeah so...." Liz trailed off, obviously wondering if she was imposing on the lady's property. --- Also, I think a tie is a really bad idea (as do we all, I think) as we could easily end up killing innocent players, not to mention active ones . I'm also still casting my vote on phatt .
  7. Don't we all.
  8. Ok I dunno how active I'll be today but I thought I'd just toss this in phatt
  9. You can add my brain to the list Yeah, I have also been pretty inactive and I'm really sorry about that but I've been pretty busy irl. Hopefully I'll be able to step it up a bit more. @DroughtBringer would it be possible to add a timer for rollovers? Liz wandered the streets. She didn't want to think about the spy in the house, she just wanted to escape from the stuffy tense atmosphere in the house. Unfortunately, here it wasn't much bette. But at least out here, there was no need to pretend. She didn't have to be the noble daughter that everyone wanted her to be, and out here with just a simple shirt and trousers on and a cloak to cover her face, she could be whoever she wanted to be. That was assuming she didn't run into one of her father's guards, who seemed to be on constant alert for her from past experiences. Father had not been happy all the pranks she had done on them both at the house (or palace or whatever you called that elaborate excuse for a 'home') and out here whenever one of them was lucky enough to run into her. She grinned at the thought, turning into an alleyway. Tossing a coin to a poor-looking woman, she made her way down the different alleyways that would have hopelessly lost anyone unused to these parts. Climbing a secluded ladder, she scrambled onto the rooftop of one of the buildings and jumped from rooftop to rooftop until she reached the highest one. (yep, another roof) Settling down, she looked out over the crowds and sighed. Liz was lonely. Anyone want to talk to Liz? Cause she (and I) is open to suggestions. I have a bad feeling about phattemer. This is partly gut and partly for other reasons which I don't have time to elaborate because my mom's telling me to get off the laptop and go to bed. Also, I haven't finished rereading the last couple of cycles and so I don't really have anything solid to say right now. I was originally suspicious of Alv because of th whole vote-messing thing but now I'm getting a more villageish vibe. And now this is just me rambling and saying whatever pops into my head..
  10. A slight breeze carried the unmistakable sound of yelling - who was yelling or being yelled at Liz would probably never know. She shivered slightly and shifted a little from where she sat, legs dangling over the edge of the huge building she called home. Rooftop excursions were not uncommon occurrences for her, but tonight was... different. The usual relaxed sense of freedom she felt up here was rather smothered by the somewhat tense atmosphere she sensed. Liz had come up here to escape and relax from her stuffy rooms, but for some reason she couldn't. She briefly considered climbing back down and going into the street, but she decided that tonight wasn't the night. She saw a random guy going about his business in the street (in the middle of the night, for some reason) and narrowed her eyes down at him. With the recent wind of infiltrations in the houses, anyone could be a potential threat. Although she wasn't exactly sure why that particular guy was relevant. Hey Liz! How about we just glare suspiciously at every random person you see in the street and assume they're a threat? She exhaled a little through her nose and patted the dagger concealed on her thigh. Guess those trust issues weren't going away anytime soon. Note: Liz is open to talk to anyone who ever wishes to approach her anytime.
  11. I kinda agree with this, except for me the definition of OP is the point where it gets boring too fast It is fun having heaps of powers though, although a lot of the time for me it's even more fun figuring out what you can do with limited powers. Because when you rely to much on your OPness you don't get as much room to develop your character. ....that doesn't really stop me from giving my characters heaps of powers tho
  12. I'll sign up as Alizarin Kenandera I can't promise I'll be super super duper active but hopefully more active now that school's nearly finished
  13. @aonati Welcome! You should check out Sanderson Elimination as we can always use more players. Enjoy reading Mistborn