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  1. All i said earlier was She is sixteen, and a worldhopper. (Or should i say, bookhopper). But she doesn't know what she can do, until some other people find her. And she really likes books. And swords. And is really good at using both as weapons.
  2. Wait... I'm confused. I said nothing...
  3. Then I'm an oddity. Both are great. But I'd choose the rain over either of those.
  4. Oathbringer. No explanation necessary.
  5. I think being a Windrunner would be one of the coolest things ever. But being a Feruchemist would be super handy, especially in school.
  6. If you wanted to reread the Cosmere, I would suggest rereading it in the order you first read it in. Or just reread your favorite ones over and over. (I'm I my seventh round of tWoK, I've gotten through WoR six, and OB three. I'm always listening to one of them on Audible, and pick up something new every time). I also have to mention tWoT. That is sure to keep someone busy for a while. And they are really good, if you have the patience to read them. And Sanderson's non-Cosmere stuff, though not as complex, are still amazing. But stuff besides Sanderson and Jordan is hard. I'm most experienced in the realm of YA and children's. I finished reading Fahrenheit 451, and it was one of the best books I have ever read. It's dystopian, and was written in the early 1950s, but was mind blowing. And I've heard the Rira Chronicles by Michael J. Sullivan are amazing. Oh, and there's this guy called Brandon Sanderson, and if you haven't read his books, go read them, because they are absolutely amazing.
  7. TWoT: Last night I had a dream where I was on a movie set, where they were filming the new Frozen movie. Then the person singing let it go, started changing the lyrics to have to do with tWoT. It was really funny. Then my alarm woke me up. With The Alethi Codes of War. I love that song.
  8. This post was a mistake. Sorry. But here's something anyways. When you call the little pieces of cotton cottonspren. Then wonder how you can be allergic to human thought.
  9. When you started reading your younger sister the first Alcatraz book. She's thoroughly enjoying it. And I only went through chapter two.
  10. I got a Bridge Four one, and am going to get another one. Maybe the one with the Cosmere symbol. I don't know.
  11. I had the same experience, except it was positively radiant. When in someone's yearbook, you write something like, Hello, my name is [real name]. I come from the planet of Roshar, from a galaxy called the Cosmere. I am a Windrunner and a Worldhopper. I have come to bring the oaths to you.I [Real name] (Aka Tesh) That friends had no idea what in the Almighty's tenth name was going on.
  12. I saw that in the Tor newsletter, and instantly started reading it. I'm at the part about Dalinar. And I loved the part about Lift. I can relate. Very much so.
  13. That's one of the reasons I turned off notifications for that conversation.
  14. All three are really good. I actually just got a copy of Warbreaker yesterday. I've already read it, but I really liked it, and Need to reference it quite often. (Not for here, but for my peace of mind).