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  1. When for getting one of your friends tFE, and another tWoK for Christmas.
  2. 124. When you know that off the top of your head. That's including the prologue and epilogue.
  3. When in math your teacher is talking about the plural for axis, (axes) and all you can think of is Axies the collector.
  4. When your dad asks you if you know what divinity is, (the candy stuff) and your first three thoughts are: Adonalsium A shard A returned The Heralds
  5. When you know that Hoid's favorite food is bacon.
  6. When you spend several hours discussing Cosmere stuff with @Vashakh Sadeas over Hangouts. He is the only person other than @LionTale_Writer who will do that with me! @Cel and I just make random references to books. And Hamilton. And Studio C. And I'll stop now. Who new theorizing could be so much fun? Especially with the duck references. Lightbulb! Invested unicorns.
  7. I love those movies... But I've only read the Hobbit and the Fellowship of the Ring so far, even though I own all four.
  8. I have wanted to be an author since third grade, when I discovered my love for reading. Sanderson has inspired me even more to pursue that goal, even though some other people I know think that it is pointless. Just by reading his books I have become a better writer, and his lectures on YouTube and Writing Excuses have helped a lot as well. He has made me look at life in a whole new way. When I read now, I think about how the author is putting the book together, and I can spot so many holes in them now. I used to daydream about being a Demigod, or a witch, or a caretaker of a magical reserve, but now, I seriously think, would I actually be able to handle it? But I'd never know until I actually experienced it. (Also, the Inkheart trilogy really nugged me in thinking that way as well. They are all really good books). I am way way way way obsessed with three things: The Cosmere The fantasy genre in general Writing Sanderson is solely responsible for the first, obviously. (But the one who introduced me to his books was @LionTale_Writer). And he is very largely responsible for three. My third grade teacher is responsible for two. I also have a lot more friends now! I am very socially awkward, and have trouble finding people who actually want to get to know me. But through this site, I have gained a lot more friends. The truth of it is, I have more friends on here than I do from school or stuff. Then there's fictional characters... You can never feel unloved or excluded or ignored in a book. You always have friends, and a place. Readers are never alone. And Sanderson's characters are just so complex, and real, with real feelings, and reactions, it's hard to feel alone. My Leadership teacher actually called the counselor the other day because I wasn't really taking much in class, or anything like that. I prefer places of fiction to the real world, and the Cosmere is always right there, waiting for me with open arms. I tend to daydream a lot... I'm also an insane Sanderfan now, and I have been since the day I finished tWoK. I still have the receipt from when I purchased my first copy from one of the three B&N in Salt Lake City. I started reading it about mid-April. And now, here I am.
  9. Do you mean that you don't like them as a person, or that they were just written poorly? 'Cause there is a difference...
  10. Write day and night like tomorrow won't... Sorry. Just needed to say two things: This is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Look at Lafayette in the background...
  11. When you cover your bookshelf in Christmas lights, and @Ookla the Rusty says it looks like it is "gleaming with Stormlight," so you call it an Invested bookshelf. And now my whole room is covered in lights, so I guess I have access to very large amounts of Investiture at the moment.
  12. Should I put the white Christmas lights around my bookshelf, or the multicolored ones?

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Rebecca


      Oooh. I just saw this, and it looks beautiful!:D

    3. LionTale_Writer


      Hahaha!  White.  It will help enhance the beautiful covers of your many, many Sanderson books (and other great series).  Is the boring book you're reading the same one you were reading last time I visited you?


    4. Tesh


      @LionTale_Writer Yes. It is. The author just did a really bad job showing that a character hadn't really died when everyone thought he had. It's really annoying, actually. But it's a fun story, so I put up with it.

  13. That, my friend, would be impossible for someone with no access to investiture. But I'm going to try to get as close as I can.
  14. When you write down all of Fleet's story. Just the parts that Hoid tells. I might audition to preform it in my school's talent show. I'll just have to wait and see.