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  1. What doesn't add up to me is why would they choose to live in the cognitive realm? Unless they are all that remains of Sel.
  2. After my second reading of Secret History, I have to very different questions. 1. So we know Hoid travelled to the physical realm of Scadrial. What I don't know is how did he get off of the planet? From what I know, both shard pools weren't accessible after he travelled there. Does anyone know? 2. So Kelsier went to visit the people in the IRE in the cognitive realm. Everything described about these people makes it seem that they are from Elantris. The lights and even the descriptions of the people. (They even have light emitting from them). They made a reference to devotion who was on Sel before being splintered. Am I correct on this thought? We know some of them travelled to the cognitive realm via the shard pool, but we just don't know if they died or not when entering the pool. Since Devotion has been splintered, are they trying to get another shard to protect Elantris?
  3. While HOID is of natural birth, it doesn't mean that Adonalsium had no involvement and direction in this. While I am not a religious person, It could follow the precepts of Christianity to a certain degree. i.e. Jesus. (I am taking into account certain accounts from history with the bible and more specifically, the Jefferson Bible) Jesus did god's work and never claimed to be the son of God but was part of him all along type of thing. I don't think my theory is likely but there isn't anything that prohibits it with what we know now.
  4. Wouldn't it seem more probable that the creation of new shard plate would be from a person such as Kaladin taking the next oath which unlocks the ability with his bonded spren?
  5. I have finally read through the entirety of the COSMERE and like most other people, I am stuck on HOID. We know that Adonalsium was the original holder/vessel for the 16 shards. How the individuals splintered Adonalsium seems to be a huge mystery. Is it even possible that HOID was somehow created by Adonalsium or his vessel (which his memory is gone for some reason) in some form or fashion to look out for humanity and try to bring balance to the shards when the were taken up? The reason behind this thought is because HOID never wants to hurt anyone and he loves a great story and asks the deepest of questions. He his collecting investiture for what reason? Doing that just to take on Odium makes no sense. One would assume that the other shards could take him on as a team if need be but for one reason or another, the other shards don't or aren't inclined to. And what is the purpose of the world hoppers? They are tracking down information and HOID for some reason but that is all I know. We know HOID is important. So my guess to the reasoning is above. Please let me know what you think.