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  1. My suspicion is that they can hold Voidlight indefinitely, but they can't hold much of it. Compared to a Human who can hold a lot more but runs out.
  2. Unless there is a realmatically sound reason for it being otherwise, you can typically assume that stuff in the Cosmere works in the same way that stuff here works. Pretty much every "weird" thing in the Cosmere is something that is technically possible (like Cremling), or it's tied to Investiture, the Cognitive Realm or the Spiritual Realm. So, unless somehow the existence of the other Realms interferes, then we can assume that yes, most Cosmere planets will have metal cores. Of course, there might be IRL planets that don't, so keep that in mind.
  3. Oathbringer Spoilers:
  4. theory

    OK, so a recent WoB actually throws in some interesting possibilities: So, I guess what this could mean is that originally the whole mechanics of the Parshendi and Spren was of Adonalsium, then was turned over to Honor, Cultivation, or both, when Adonalsium was Shattered. As such, Odium doing stuff to the Parshendi would be a situation where a shard is twisting or corrupting another shard's investiture.
  5. In that case, you shouldn't need spoiler tags at all on this specific board. The Cosmere Theories board can have all cosmere spoilers, except for books that have been around for less than 9 months, like Oathbringer at this time.
  6. For the spoilers: Oathbringer Spoiler Policy Specifically:
  7. From what I understand, the figure with 9 Shadows is Odium's Champion. The 9 Unmade are there to work with him and help him win. Odium originally has planned on having Dalinar fill that spot, but Dalinar turned him away. I now suspect we might see Moash take that spot. Regardless, the figure with nine shadows is Odium's Champion, not Dalinar (unless Dalinar becomes Odium's Champion after all). Or at least, that's how I read that prophetic vision.
  8. I'm not so much worried about the speed of light, as much as the capacity of the computer to read the data. What happens when you are getting data sent to you 10 times as fast as normal? Can the sensors/readers grasp all of it? I'm not familiar with how the technology works, so forgive me if this wouldn't be a problem after all.
  9. From what I could tell, it almost seems like you would need to be from Mai Pon or a nearby location to use it in the first place.
  10. Well, this is the answer that I think Brandon would give, based on similar questions: [Notice that this is not an actual WoB. Its a guess at what a WoB would be] Just going off of how Bondsmith don't have complete and utter Connection manipulation, but they do manipulate Connection, which means that there are probably ways to hack their connection based abilities to work for other things. You could theoretically use that to subjugate the Parshmen using the concept of intent, which the same concept used in Nalthan Commands, but I suspect that there are easier ways to deal with the Parshmen.
  11. Great! Do we know how much of who they are has been changed?
  12. Curious. Are the Sho Del currently cannon? I mean, they come from an unpublished work that has already had some pieces cannibalized. So, unless they've been canonized via WoB (as in, someone asked Brandon a question about them and he was willing to give a solid answer) I'm not sure we can even assume that they are still a part of the Cosmere.
  13. The book "Nightblood" has been in the State of the Sanderson for quite a while now. Edit: Sorry for the double post. I had this thread open in two different tabs, one with more recent posts and one without, and hadn't realized they were the same thread.
  14. The way I understand the whole power and freedom thing it isn't so much magical as human. Having power, in general, is typically tied to having responsibilities, which restrict freedom. Power also attracts attention, which can also restrict freedom. There are other things, but the general idea is that the vagabond has more freedom than the king. Of course, this would depend on your definition of freedom, and whether you are talking about positive freedom or negative freedom. Let me see if I can explain it this way: Positive freedom is the physical ability to do something. If I own a Ferrari, then I have the positive freedom to drive it around. If I don't own the Ferrari, then I don't have that positive freedom. Negative freedom has to do with being allowed to do something. I have the negative freedom to drive a Ferrari, even if I don't have it. However, if someone were to make a law saying that driving a Ferrari is illegal, then I wouldn't have that negative freedom anymore. So with the whole power and freedom, an increase in power would mean an increase in positive freedom, but a decrease of negative freedom. You might have more Ferrari, but you also have less time to drive them around and stuff. And so when you think about it that way, you can see how Hoid is trying to gain magical abilities (Increase of Positive freedom), while also avoiding responsibilities (which would restrict Negative freedom). Meanwhile, the more power he gets, the more things he changes, etc. the harder it gets for him to avoid attention, which means that he has less Negative Freedom.
  15. The problem wouldn't be with the time difference so much as with the edge of the bubble. Objects going through the edge of the bubble get thrown a little off course, and as far as I can tell there is a visual distortion at the edge as well. If either of these would mean that not all of the flashes would get through, then yea, you would either have data corruption or even a complete loss of connection. If that is the case, then you might need to have aluminum lined cables and machines As for the problem you mention specifically, I can think of a simple solution: A second cable that flashes on and off regularly. At that point, the time difference isn't a problem. Let me see if I can demonstrate. (This is probably over-simplified, but you should get the general idea) (Empty space = 0, and | = 1) Under our current system: || | ||| | || | | | || | | || becomes 110100001110100110010010100011000101011 Now, let's have the same sequence, but a time bubble gets in the way and slows the signal down: || | ||| | || | | | |||||||| |||| |||| |||||||| The computer now reads it as 110100001110100110010010100011111111000000000000111100001111000011111111, which is definitely wrong. Now, let's do it with my system: (Each line is one cable) | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | || | ||| | || | | | || | | || The computer reads the data as 110100001110100110010010100011000101011 Throw in the time bubble: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| || | ||| | || | | | |||||||| |||| |||| |||||||| As you can see, the first cable gets slowed down at the same time, so you can get the exact same reading of 110100001110100110010010100011000101011 by comparing the two cables instead of basing the reading on time intervals. Now, you might get problems in situations where the connection is sped up if the sensors can't read the flashes when they are coming in 10 times as fast. But you'd also be able to find solutions.