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  1. Thank you They don't let their kittens go until they're sixteen weeks at least. I'm perfectly fine with that since it will let her settle into my home more easily.
  2. So...I'm going to adopt this kitten when she's old enough for a new home. She has the bluest eyes and was so interested in staring at my face! Her name is Sunny
  3. The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy
  4. @Zellyia @Sunbird @SilverTiger Thanks everyone for your comments. It's very lonely today without him around, I keep half-expecting to see him saunter into the room and do that cat slow-blink at me.
  5. @Zellyia Thanks. We had to put him down this morning because he got worse overnight. It was an enlarged heart that was causing his partial paralysis. He was only two years old.
  6. Woke up this morning and found my cat in the basement, huddled under a chair, unable to walk with his two front paws bent inwards. He couldn't straighten them, just inch-worm himself forward using his back legs. There were puffs of cat hair all over the floor, and the litter box was messed up, as if he'd had a major shock. He was also breathing heavily, even while lying down. We took him to the vet and they did x-rays. An area of concern was two vertebra in his upper back and something about his lungs. They're going to refer the x-rays to a radiologist and keep him at the vet in the meantime. I'm extremely worried for him. He's my buddy, and I have no idea what's happened to him. Last night he was fine, this morning he isn't. I really hope whatever it is will be treatable.
  7. Yeah, I didn't even notice how inconsistently I had written his character here. I'll pin him down better, and change some of his reactions to be less "toady." I did some thinking, and it feels like it should be an "a" before the word if the "u" is pronounced as "you," so "a" here would be correct instead. Thanks for pointing that out, and for your other comments on the grammar as well! I'll be changing this. I'm playing around with the idea of there being far fewer time-travelers than there are in this version, and them being hired by people instead. I'll see how it works... Thanks for reading!
  8. Avengers: Infinity War
  9. Same for me too! Cool! Wow, I see Kelsier's name as royal blue as well! For some reason, a character with a dark blue name = dark hair color for me. I don't know why haha.
  10. I have synesthesia as well, grapheme-color, and this always happens to me. Also, the color a character's name is influences what I think their hair color should be. Because of this, I doubt I'll ever be able to reconcile myself to a blond Kelsier. Based on his name, his hair should be dark black!
  11. While reading WoK, I thought Sylphrena was Dalinar's wife reincarnated as a spren...
  12. Thanks, I plan to! I have a better grasp on the world building now--next step is the new plot. I hope to have something solid planned in about two weeks. Noted, I'll keep that in mind! Yeah, I'll work on the consequences here and amp up the tension. I realize the threat (or lack of one) is very vague. I'll expound on the dangers and world building more in the first chapter. Thanks for your comments, @kais!
  13. Mostly to pay their time-travelers. I'm leaning towards having the Agency charge a tax or have a mandatory tribute for its time-travel services. Still working out the kinks here... Right. Right now I think the Agency has too much power, and I'm going to limit how they time-travel quite a bit so they can't just reverse time whenever they feel like it. It'll be more structured and less of a free-for-all, hopefully. Oops, I didn't even notice that. Will fix. Yeah, I see what you mean. I have a new system that I think will solve this, and keep time-travel from being so chaotic.
  14. A pretty short one this week--just a single scene from chapter two, which is also the last thing I've written in the original story. The time-travel mechanics and plot are undergoing some changes, but this scene will likely appear again in the next version, so any feedback on it is much appreciated! Thanks!
  15. @Robinski Thanks for your comments--I'll definitely take A's character into consideration. I hadn't meant her to come across as unlikable, just bored, annoyed, and restless. I'll make some tweaks to her character. The time-travel magic system and plot are getting major overhauls as well (if I can force myself to actually develop a logical plot idea, lol) so the opening here will probably change drastically.