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  1. theory

    I was thinking about that. I came to this thought seperately and found this thread looking for Wobs about him. This may be what makes it do the daily routine, Its mind being broken from a bond, or possibly dreaming or asleep like Syl was.
  2. "So what do we do next. The bloodmaker is gone, so we need a new way to get the power and information." ~Rend
  3. Welcome to the Shard. This is a heck of a first or second post. have a cookie from the DA(see below). For initiation could you say "My life to yours, my Breath become yours." Too my knowledge we only have had confirmation of Roshar and Nalthis.
  4. have you read Warbreaker?
  5. Welcome to the Shard @Saint Boot. Have a cookie courtesy of the DA(see below). For initiation could you say "My life to yours, my Breath become yours." Who is your favorite Cosmere character.
  6. Shallans oaths. I found the WoB, discussiony thing but didn't have time to link it. EDIT: Storms I can't find it again.
  7. Probably... ;)
  8. Everything. That sums it up. Shards like Ruin and Preservation made a planet.
  9. @Herman_Bolivia Welcome to the shard. Have a cookie. Could you say "My life to yours, my breath become yours." for initiation. How did you like Oathbringer? (no spoilers please)
  10. Welcome to the Shard. Have a cookie and an upvote. Could you please say "My life to yours, my Breath become yours." Have you read any other cosmere books?
  11. Yeah, he is not a main stormlight Character.
  12. That is Correct.
  13. Welcome to the Shard. Have an upvote and a cookie. For initiation could you repeat the phrase, "My life to yours, my Breath become yours." What is your favorite book of Brandersons?
  14. Welcome to the Shard. Have a cookie and an upvote. For initiation could you say "My lift to yours, my Breath become yours." Who is your favorite cosmere character?