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  1. when this makes your day at work.
  2. He didn't.
  3. Safe
  4. Oh hey, 888 posts. Anyways, you happen to have that picture of theĀ special cookie on hand? I need it for something.

  5. Make a weird Siamese twins thing with two livers, but Brandy did not like that idea.
  6. Then Brandy appeared using his artificial liver to do something relevant... that was supposed to go somewhere, and i lost it halfway through... have fun
  7. A man in a DA robe enters, carrying a clear glass bowl with red punch in it and sets it on a table near the back of the room. As he moves the bowl, there is a soft clinking sound from spikes in the punch* creating a haunting and almost melodious sound. *DA Disclaimer applies
  8. And all of the other walls.
  9. Granted, The nightwatcher absorbs your innate investiture, and you become the nightwatcher, but you have been absorbed not put in control. I wish to be a feruchemist.
  10. Hello, so long as you don't run off, last time a wild Mormon showed up, it took a week to find him and two more to clean up the mess we made getting to leave the storage room he holed up in.
  11. *applause* Welcome to the shard.
  12. End. HAHAHA(fades away as I run out of breath)*cough cough hack wheeze*
  13. I have actually dreamed about spiking people. You can't get more twisted than Some of us.
  14. Thank you I needed something new to listen to at work. I have been listening Jordancon wobs for the last few hours.
  15. Didn't Lift use it to climb the palace or did she use Wyndle?