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  1. First come first served I believe. and @Argent I can confirm that it was not on their page, but was on Brandon's.
  2. "I AM GROOT" Swinging a chunk of wall down at Night, drawing in stormlight and causing the piece to begin smouldering.
  3. Groot, comes back into the room, and seeing the monster, begins to pull pieces from the floorand throw them towards the beast. "I am GROOT!"
  4. Hoid Hoiderson. NONONONO Do never say that again. It hurts.
  5. Welsome to the shard @Ember Hawk. Have a cookie and an upvote. Will you say, "My life to yours, my Breath become yours," for initiation. What was your favorite book?
  6. Dang man. thats good. I have been trying and got 2 people on. 1 having not read any books, the other reading SA. and many many denials.
  7. Groot walks at the building and grows his vines into the structure, bits of the walls beginning to fall away. "I AM GROOT."
  8. Welcome to the shard, Have a cookie and an upvote. I would have to say that I couldn't choose. I will have to be fullborn. Edit: I also reported this, It should be in a different forum @Lightblood. So it will be moved.
  9. In the garden, Groot is looking at plants and saying "I am Groot," to anything that moves.
  10. I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot. (Please make acct)
  11. Vasher threw an awakened rope at De Blob.
  12. Handing the attendant a flower he plucked off his arm, Groot enters the ball. He begins making his way slowly across the ballroom, toward the garden.
  13. Sorry for the dump, but yes.There is some stuff to classic stuff and scriptures.
  14. I vote for Hrathen to break down the gate. (allowed?)