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  1. Would anyone like to dance? I would understand not in these stressful times.
  2. The misting said no, he was in the middle of breakfast.
  3. It was a long time. That is old news for them, I'm reasonably certain.
  4. I would. This seems really fun. I will be gone from the 6th through the 9th of June though. So, I may be able to do it morning 6th and night 9th, but I would miss two days in the middle. If that is good, I would join as Maw Wiage. I will bring the people together. (Got you @Kidpen)
  5. Solid logic. I'll hope on the chance of a dead Elarial. Mraize
  6. You, you, you squirrel.
  7. So if multiple houses have the least amount of players, would they both get an ability?
  8. I was watching a just dance game, the guys have a shadow following them. I thought it was his soul being broken.
  9. See, Niteshadow keeps stealing my stealing opportunities.
  10. I am. http://tolkiengateway.net/wiki/Oliphaunts No, we have eyes.
  11. But what if I am an Oliphaunt?
  12. I agree, my favorite mario game from is Super Mario World though (SNES). But this should probably move to the entertainment forum.
  13. But my trunk.
  14. So, How do we start this day. After last night, we have this. I wish we how many members each house had.
  15. *Sniff Sniff* But I have a mustache.