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  1. Platinum misting- called 'Charmer' presence dulls will to fight and creates adoration for the person burning the metal. Burns very slowly as it is very hard to obtain. A platinum ferring is called a Ravisher. This stores attractiveness. A person compounding this metal essentially becomes completely irresistible to anyone.
  2. We know that when Kaladin uses Syl, she can appear as a sword, shield or spear. It is also because of their bond that Kaladin is a Windrunner. Would it be possible to bond with more than one spren or more than one type as doing this would grant extra abilities. Or is it possible to have two of the same type of spren to augment your already existing powers. Because if you could, then you could have one as a shield and the other as a sword. I'm only asking this because people without a bond can dual wield shardblades.
  3. But isn't Ruin technically already the shard of destruction?
  4. I really have to agree with that. Although there are other orders with soulcasting, you could just teleport behind the Skybreaker in question and end him with your Shardblade, our soulcast them into something else.
  5. If Odium ever arrives on Scadrial and inevitably comes into conflict with Harmony, presumably Odium would attempt to splinter Harmony, meaning that Harmony would then split back into Ruin and Preservation. If Odium then saw the opportunity presented to him and took up Ruin as well, what would the result be... pure power with a will to kill everything? Ideas and names for this Fusion of shards would be appreciated!
  6. Does anyone know/have a theory as to when Harmonium was first on Scadrial? Would it have been only after Sazed took up Ruin and Preservation or some stage before that?
  7. Figberts atium can be used feruchemically that is how the Lord Ruler stayed ageless.
  8. Does anyone think it is possible to have a lerasium ferring? Also what would their ability be?