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  1. Thanks for the advice. I will definitely look into some of those books. I just also wanted to add that my character while he has lost his sense of morality is trying his best to be a good person. It's just that he doesn't have anything that tells him that his actions are not alright. He has to discover this in other ways, much to his dismay. He ends up relying on his memory, and the reactions of those around him. Much of his story arc is about him regaining his lost morality.
  2. So I have a character that I'm trying to write. His name is Damian, he is a immortal king, and he has the slight problem of having lost his sense of right and wrong. He lost it by experimenting with magic. I'm finding his character a bit hard to write, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice for writing a character that doesn't have a moral guidepost.
  3. I thought that might be badly worded. I'll use an example to explain it. So say that you got a paper cut five minutes ago. If you were to use this magic system to reverse time back to before those five minutes your body would go back to that state before then, but those five minutes would be subtracted from the end of your life. With speeding up time then the body would become older by five minutes, but you would gain five minutes on to your life. I hope that this makes a bit more sense.
  4. I'm currently working on a story where certain characters have the ability to control time. They can reverse, freeze, or speed up time. On non living objects they can move the object through time, but on living objects the soul interferes so they can only effect the age of the object. There is a cost of using this power. If they reverse time on an object then that object will become younger, but will lose the time that was reversed from its life. If time if sped up then the opposite happens. They become older, but gain time onto their life. Freezing doesn't have an effect like that, but is fun when applied to humans, and animals. Since this effects how they age, during the period that they are frozen they would be immortal. Of course using this magic takes concentration, and the most powerful can only effect time about six hours in either direction. But I wonder what would happen if someone found a way to make the time freezing permanent...
  5. Granted. Your bane is that you pull the main antagonist out as well. I wish that I could come up with a wish.
  6. Sadly this book comes out right in the middle of midterms. Plus there is the added bonus of November 14th being my sister's birthday. Either way I'm not getting a hold of this book until late December.
  7. I got Windrunner, and my sister got Dustbringer. I think those suits us pretty well.
  8. I am sorry. I didn't know there were dragons on the Shard. As for the cookie, I'll just go feed that to the nearest goldfish just to be safe.
  9. You make it very tempting, but I'm still going to have to say no to the cookies.
  10. Thank you for the response. I feel very happy now.
  11. Hello fellow humans I have been observing you for a while, and finally decided to join. I am an avid reader, and love anything fantasy. I have read almost everything cosmere. My favorite series at the moment is currently Stormlight, and I am really looking forward to discussing the books with all of you. Beware I like cookies, but I will not be accepting your type of cookies.