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  1. It won't be any more or less satisfying having waited. We're seeing the beginning here. The set up. You'd have similar thoughts as you read through the whole book anyway. And the truly epic stuff is rarely in the first quarter. Spending time here building expectations based on theories might mess things up, but that's a separate deal. Just... Don't expect us to be right. This forum is... A little on the wild side as far as predictions go.
  2. This week will probably be like 90% Kaladin. But his storyline will get good and then cliffhanger.
  3. You're missing the point. The more barriers placed in a story the more interesting it is. Like Laws. Or difficult challenges. Or societal ignorance. Or enemies bigger and stronger than you. The fact its against tradition is a reason it very well might happen.
  4. I seriously doubt Kaladin can get a shardblade. Dark Eyes never do. The odds are against them and the caste system's weapon rules make it even worse. -Which is to say probability has little to do with good storytelling.- Ialai taking over the princedom would make for an interesting story arc.
  5. Unless she's a longtime ghostblood herself. Maybe a founding member or the like. That raises their threat level significantly.
  6. Not to mention how interesting she would be as an antagonistic ally. Or a rival to Jasnah.
  7. This. This is the answer. The Everstorm has never been part of a desolation before so that's not it.
  8. I'd agree, except that the severing wasn't done to enslave the Listeners. It was done to end a war in which they were enslaved by voidspren, in such a way where genocide wasn't necessary. Which gets just all kinds of morally complicated. Real life slavery just isn't an analogue for the situation. The unreal aspects twist the morality in some real weird places. The closest thing I can come up with is, How do you feel about the end of Shaun of the Dead. Is putting Zombies to work ok in a post apocalyptic environment? Because that was the situation.
  9. Before this the Parshmen seemingly couldn't survive without care. Much like domesticated animals, but with a limited ability to communicate. As a society we still struggle with how to deal with similar populations in the real world. Most of the time it remains the parent's responsibility. But the parshmen don't have functioning parents. The question the parshman is asking isn't the right question. Now that the Parshmen can care for themselves they should not be used. But before that... There wasn't a good answer. The options were, let them all die, take care of an entire species because they're incapable, make parshmen into a resource so the species could continue, or make them pets. None of those options are good, but the slavery angle made sure the Parshmen had a large population and kept society from falling apart. It wasn't right, but it might have been best.
  10. Godwin's law came quick on this one. Yeah, Ialai was already more dangerous than Sadeas. Now she's likely to be worse. The fact they loved eachother was set up pretty well last book though.
  11. Expectations are never harmless in regards to how we perceive stories. Expectation is huge.
  12. Mostly that the theories are all overly dramatic to the point they'd actually make the story bad. And it's always Shallan destroying herself. Which is somewhat... It comes off badly motivated, whether the people theorizing know it or not.
  13. Guys. Alcoholism is not just an addiction to alcohol the substance, but to the effects of alcohol. The fact she's burning those away purposefully and using it as a tool to alter people's perceptions is a huge sign you're worrying about nothing. She's messing with people's expectations to get what she needs. It's clever. Not concerning. This forum clucks over Shallan like we're her mother. Not everything she does is going to doom her.
  14. The writing is Brandon's standard. He's always said he's not a great prosist. And this lives up to that. It's passable but the emphasis is on plot, worldbuilding, and character. And all of those are excellent. (Like... Phenomenal. The single lines that speak volumes about the world are everywhere.) Anachronisms are a non-issue given the writing philosophy Peter mentioned, that this is a localized translation. 100% valid and much easier/less annoying than the alternative. As for Cliffhangers. Man... That's writing. It's good. It keeps us interested. We're not even into the first interlude.
  15. I disagree. It started as naivety, which is 100% Shallan. Then once she realized how to exploit her stormlight in the situation she used it to play on expectations. I found the whole thing quite clever. Something Shallan has always been. If anything this arc is going to be her recognizing just how competent she is and that she doesn't need any mental tricks to be deviously effective as a spy.