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  1. The general gist of his Zeroth law is that magic should stay magical, so yes magic can be bounded by rules but it should still be Awesome e.g. steel-pushing around Elendel, even though the mechanics make sense it is still awesome.
  2. A coincidence with what?
  3. @Mraize thanks, really kind of you to do this. This is excellent proof that the Ghostbloods aren’t just power hungry evil doers, they’re kind members of society too
  4. It might be interesting to get a pitch for joining each faction but that's not particularly important
  5. The history, what each faction stands for, what you do as part of the alleyverse and any other relevant information
  6. So recently I've seen a lot of posts about the "Alleyverse" and from what I've seen it sounds really interesting. So I was wondering if there was a specific post explaining it fully and the factions and whatnot, and if there isn't could someone please explain it here Thanks
  7. Of course, your completely entitled to your opinion and you do make valid points however when you say the other systems are more 'mystical' and 'magical' I would disagree with that I think that the only reason that they are so mystical is that they aren't fully explained yet. I saw the early Mistborn as very mystical but as the 2nd era advanced technology and science the peoples understanding of Allomancy increased to the point where most Scadrian School children could name each metal, its grouping and its effects. Feruchemy, on the other hand, is far less explored by the general populous which means effects such as that of Aluminium and Nicrosil are still steeped in mysticism. Stormlight is a good example of the kind of Magic system that appears mystical at first but as we learn more of it will lose that as we better understand its workings. Surgebinding in Stormlight is (to the people at least) brand new, almost no one in living memory knows about the surges and what they can do but even in Oathbringer we have learned that all Surgebinders have 5 ideals, 1st Ideal: First Power, 2nd Ideal: Second Power, 3rd Ideal: Spren Blade, 4th Ideal: Shardplate, 5th Ideal: Currently Unknown. This shows that any kind of magic is mystical but when you study it and learn more they stop being a form of magic and start to become more like an area of Scholarship. Although I do agree that Era 2 has far more engaging worldbuilding!
  8. So I was wondering I were a Mistborn and there was a long iron girder in front of me when I burn steel would I see a single Allomantic line leading to this beam or would there be lines along its length. Would I be able to push the beam at a single end or would I only be able to push on its centre of mass? Random question but I just wondered
  9. What is the cause of his muteness if you don't mind me asking because if he doesn't have a tongue that may be a way to reveal that he can't speak, e.g. he appears different when eating or someone notices when his mouth opens. If his muteness is caused by something else (e.g. birth defect causing him not to have any vocal chords) then maybe you find out by him not making a noise when he should, e.g. he hurts himself and there's not even a grunt of pain (Admittedly I am not mute and don't know whether you can make a noise or not if you have no vocal chords)
  10. Vacuum or Void?
  11. So I've heard good things about the Magic in Aether of Night and would really like to know about it as it is apparently still canon but I was never able to find a copy of Aether of Night or any description of the magic online. Could someone please explain the magic to me? I would really appreciate it.
  12. I personally prefer Oathbringer, only because its longer and there is more to learn. However I love Bands of Mourning and can't wait for the lost metal
  13. So I love thinking about what I would do if I had the powers from the Cosmere and its all well and good imagining being a majestic Windrunner streaking through the skies saving lives but in normal life that's incredibly unlikely (yeah, I get the irony that having powers at all is unlikely but that's another issue). So my question is if you could have any Cosmere powers in everyday life what would you have and how would you use it? My personal choice is being a full Feruchemist and here are some of the ideas I came up with - Running for the bus, use some steel speed you stored while sitting at your desk all day - Pizzas getting cold, use some brass to warm up your hand and the pizza - Finding it difficult to fall asleep as neighbours are too loud, store some hearing in a tin mind and the neighbour's noise fades away as you go deaf - Someone farts on the train, tap some breath so you don't have to smell it - Need to pull an all-nighter, tap wakefulness that you stored on your last day off - That jar lid just too tight, use some strength stored while you were laying on the sofa watching tv - Want to binge some junk food store all the excess energy in a Bendalloy mind and eat to your heart's content. The options really are endless, I really wish I could be a Feruchemist but if I can't be one imagining my powers is the next best thing
  14. @Weltall Thanks so much for your explanation that really cleared up my understanding
  15. I've spent the last few days on a Brandon theory binge, digesting as many fan theories, plot analyses and wild speculations as possible. After reading up someone's question on Hemalugy (Is Hemalugy the only end-negative magic system or are there more?) I realised that there is another use of magic which needs you to give more than you get, the Honorblades! From what we've seen the Blades work exactly like a Sprenblade would bestowing Surgebinding powers with 2 notable exceptions one, no Spren (and by extension no Shardplate) and also that a lot more Stormlight is required to power the same effects. This certainly sounds end-negative to me but I may be misunderstanding the meaning. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks