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  1. Yeah, my first year uni exams are coming up in May/June time and I just need 40% to pass and with all the new shows I have to devour I need to resign myself to the face that 40% will be lucky
  2. I still can't decide yet whether or not I should continue with Violet Evergarden. Yes, it is beautiful but the plot seems a little boring and there are other shows that are gorgeous and have a little bit more to them. Loved Clannad, scratched that romance itch quite nicely by have a romance pass the point of them realising their feelings. Unfortunately, now I'm just waiting for the spring season of sequels like My Hero Academia, Food Wars, Tokyo Ghoul :Re and then Attack on Titan in the Summer
  3. @Thanatos Are you referring to simply gold the colour or also the metal because that brings up some very interesting possibilities for Mistborn in future if Odium escapes Roshar at the end of the Stormlight Archives rather than being splintered or changing Vessels such as with Ruin and Preservation
  4. However the whole book is 55 hours so 6.5 is a surprisingly short amount honestly a very small amount only about 12%
  5. So I have 6h 49m left on the Audiobook for Oathbringer and if this is proven wrong in the next few hours feel free to call me a moron and send me on my way but I've noticed that throughout the whole book any Fused which uses a surge has only ever been shown to use one not have 2 like the Knights Radiant. All the flying Fused have only ever been shown to use Gravitation and not Division or Adhesion. And then the Fused thief trying to steal the King's drop from the Thaylen City vaults only use Illumination. So do you think that Voidbinding only allows for them to perform one surge? or that they haven't been using the other surge that they have been given.
  6. Hello, as a fellow UK reader, WELCOME Have a cookie, ignore the voices and Enjoy
  7. Ah, that makes sense. So I assume that, excluding AonDor which is stated to be area specific most investitures won’t be area specific
  8. So this isn't a super important question but I was curious so thought I'd ask. Why are some investitures only effective certain areas and some can work at vast distances. This especially relates to Scadrial where we've seen Allomancy and Feruchemy work off-world (by Hoid), however, I think we can assume that Hemalurgy cannot work off-world as I find it impossible to assume that no one in millennia of searching wouldn't have noticed that metals steal powers. Anyway, I was wondering if this has been brought up or if anyone has any theories as to why this occurs.
  9. Brandon has stated that there is a natural limit to Feruchemical tapping, e.g. you can't become black hole heavy for a fraction of a second. This would likely extend to Atium whereby you can't reduce your age to a point before you were born There would likely be something stopping you from popping back into a sperm and an egg. Definitely an interesting thought though.
  10. I don't know what he called it but post-Catecandre it was known as Silverism. https://coppermind.net/wiki/Sliverism
  11. Preface: This question is quite nerdy and I don’t expect anyone to think this is interesting but be. So I’ve been thinking about how the Mistborn Modern Era would work, so as the 2nd era has shown mistborn is on track to follow earth like technology (e.g. guns, cars, etc.) so it’s quite clear that computers are going to become a part of life on scadrial at some point. My question is how would a timebubble (of any sort) effect the action of a computer. Specially how would a timebubble effect a fibre optic connection, from my understanding fibre optics work by flashing a light on and off in different pulses which corespond to 1s and 0s in binary if you have a timebubble around that connection could you scramble that data by compressing the intervals with timebubbles. If anyone smarter than me can shed some light on this that’s be great. Thank you for reading my super nerdy question
  12. So I'm halfway through Oathbringer and I'm loving it. But one of my favourite parts of catching up the Cosmere novels is that with each new series there was a new magic system. So what I'm asking is has Brandon said anything about a new Cosmere book on a different shard world or have people noticed any patterns for when he brought out other new Cosmere books. Really I just need my fix of new magic systems.
  13. I'd do FMAB first because the story is far more logical and easy to follow, the original gets quite erratic and mad as it progresses and the ending is very hard to follow
  14. Physically speaking I'd have to go with the Surgebinder purely because: - Adhesion can reduce the Fullborn's mobility - Gravitation could keep you away from the Fullborn through flight or (if you can catch them) send them flying away, and all the iron pulling in the world won't stop a triple or quadruple lashing of gravity. - We don't yet know how division works but I would believe you could cause anything to fracture or break therefore just by touching a person you could rip off limbs or if it doesn't work on people at least destroy any weapons they have. - Any projectile (coin or bullet) would slide off you from you making yourself frictionless - Considerable healing through progression and Stormlight - Decoys and illusions through illumination - Any item you could possibly need through transformation - Not quite sure how useful transportation would be, maybe evasion by entering Shadesmar? - Cohesion and Tension can let you deform and change the Fullborn's clothes e.g. making their clothes stiff so that they can't move - Finally, you have the innate Surgebinder abilities of Spren (Any weapon, instantly) and increased physical abilities (Strength, speed, healing, etc) Unfortunately, the Fullborn would be completely outmatched, it may be a slightly fairer fight if it were a compounding Mistborn/Feruchemist who can compound luck and healing, but then again we don't know how the Surge interactions Brandon has hinted at would come into play. Therefore with what we currently know now, a Composite Surgebinder has far more versatility and power when it comes to battle that a Full Mistborn.
  15. The Lightbringer series sounds like the sort of thing you're looking for. It has good character driven story, a very intelligent magic system, interesting fantasy world and plenty of swearing (both real and in world based) There are 4 books out so far with a 5th on the way and I personally love the audiobooks they're very well read.