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  1. Q1) When you burn a Lerasium + Metal Alloy it creates a misting. Why not just purify the bead to pure Lerasium and make a full Mistborn? Q2) Does the size of the Lerasium bead denote how strong they will be e.g. 5g Bead creates a Mistborn and 10g Bead creates a Mistborn twice as powerful? Q3) If you are a misting and burn a Lerasium + Metal Alloy do you gain a second power or can you not burn the metal? If anyone has any answers or theories or even just wild speculation it would be much appreciated, this has been bugging me for a while.
  2. Allomancy is of Preservation Hermalugy is of Ruin And Feruchemy is a mix created from the 2 shards interacting, not just Ruin
  3. So I know this topic isn't Brandon or Cosmere related in the slightest, but I thought this is probably the best place to ask considering the type of community this is. What magic systems or individual powers have you had that you think would be fun to explore or just cool to see? I ask this here because I'm kinda bored of the same powers like shooting giant fireballs, flight, etc and I would like to know if there are any unique magic powers, like the ones Brandon creates, that any of you have thought of. Thanks for any input, Merrickz
  4. I'd be more inclined to make a dishonoured style Mistborn game. Where the emphasis is on stealth but you can go in guns blazing if you want. I also thought it'd be cool if you were a Misting or Ferring or Twinborn which you could choose. This would change the way you play so it could be dialogue based if you were a Soother or Rioter or you could be a Crusher like wax or even go power-free to see if it's possible. It's a very unlikely concept but it would be very cool.
  5. Hi, Obviously I'm Depressed
  6. Horses Only Itch Dragons?
  7. the whole acronym thing is a bit tenuous e.g HOID - Help Olives, I'm Drowning HOID - House Owners in Denmark HOID - Harsh Owls Iron Demons
  8. Hey again, So I've been wondering about the whole special importance of 16 in the Cosmere and its relevance but after thinking about it for a while I realised I could only come up with 2 places where 16 is important (Shards of Adonasium and Investiture on Scadrial). Not only that but the number 10 has as many if not more places of importance (10 surges, 10 essences, 10 heralds, 10 fools, 10 biochromatic heightenings) granted lots of these are on Roshar and could have the same root cause but the 10 Heightenings make me suspicious. Then there's AonDor which oddly has 62 Aons and no real reason why. So I suppose I have 2 questions, 1) Why is there a deviation from the importance of 16? 2) Are then any examples of the importance of 16 that I missed? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. Welcome fellow UK Sanderfan, Have a Cookie, They're delicious. Ignore any weird voices telling you to kill after eating one. P.S. Have an upvote.
  10. If you could find any links to the WoBs that'd be really great.
  11. Hey, So I have no idea if this has been talked about before or if the idea is new, but I recently started thinking about investiture and the way it works. So I was wondering if all power in the Cosmere comes from one main source "investiture" and each magic system is basically a "lens" which you use to channel investiture into different forms e.g. different metals cause different powers in Mistborn and the Aons and their modifiers change the way AonDor acts. Therefore is it possible to combine multiple "lens"/Magic Systems to create new powers not necessarily connected to the original system where combinations of magic systems create new different magic systems. Anyway, it was just a thought and I think it would be an interesting thing to see especially with Hoid collecting different types of investitures, he could have weird unexplainable powers caused by mixing investitures.
  12. Atium is stated as a God Metal, Part of Ruin like Lerasium. It is said to alloy with all 16 base metals hence Malatium. Not to mention chemically Electrum is an alloy of Gold and Bendalloy is an alloy of Cadmium. I admit the effects are different but they are both related to time (temporal). It's an interesting idea but it doesn't quite fit with the way Brandon has set up the magic system so far.
  13. Can I be Lin Beifong?
  14. Hey there, So, apart from the Rithmatist (which I am reading at the moment), I have read all of Brandon's books and I'm looking for suggestions for series that are similar (in terms of diverse magic systems, good mystery, etc.) It be great if people could suggest any good reads Thanks very much
  15. you forgot Liespren/Cryptics(Pattern) Inkspren(Ivory) Cultivation spren(Wyndle) Whatever kind of spren Glys and Ym's spren are. HighSpren(Skybreaker spren) and then a few like luckspren and stormspren