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  1. Thanks! Here it goes then:
  2. I already got my books signed, took a picture with Brandon and asked him a question, which reminds me should I post What I asked him and his answer here?
  3. Well I'm on my way to Forbbiden Plaent. I'll be there in like half an hour to 40 minutes. I think. I wanted to be there a lot earlier but I overslept. Storms! I hope the queue isn't too crazy. I'll see you all - those who are coming at least - there. ETA: @readergirl7, I got an email newsletter from Brandon last night, sent to those in/nearby the London area, and in it he said there's gonna be a reading and a Q&A as well in the London event. Update: Ok I asked the staff at Forbbiden Planet and they say it's only gonna be a signing, so I'm not sure anymore. Also there's no queue as of yet.
  4. Personally I'm gonna be there at least 4 hours early, maybe more. I don't know when the queue is officially starting but I'm not taking any risks.
  5. Awesome! I'll be sure to look out for you. Nobody among my family or friends are Brandon fans so it'll be nice to meet fellow fans in person finally Oh and I'll be the short guy, dark hair, clean-shaven, with a black backpack and...I have no idea what I'll be wearing so i'm gonna keep you in suspense over that one
  6. Thanks @Mistbornwithakitty, that's good to know . I'm super excited
  7. Ok so I've been checking the forbbiden planet website for more details on the signing and it doesn't seem like there are tickets or anything. So do we just show up a few hours before and stand in a queue?
  8. Thanks this is actually really helpful. I don't reckon we'd have time for more than one question to ask him.
  9. This'll be my first time going to a signing. I'm so excited! Any pointers on what I should do and how to prepare? cause I have zero experience with this and have no clue what to do.
  10. Hi guys! Do we have any more information about Brandon coming to England as part of the Oathbringer tour? I've been checking his website and there's nothing there about that.
  11. Hi

    Awesome! Warbreaker is an amazing book imo, you'll love it. Also make sure to read Arcanum Unbounded after finishing with the novels, it's full of great short stories and novellas from across the Cosmere.
  12. Hi

    Hi there @Caitlin , welcome to the 17th Shard I've yet to read any of Brandon's non-Cosmere works either, this is something that I'm planning to rectify soon. Shadows of Self is a really really good book, glad you're loving it, and Bands of Mourning is even better imo. I'm counting the days till Oathbringer's release. So so excited. Have you read Elantris and Warbreaker, as well? As for the cookies, it's just an in-joke here at the 17th shard, which I think originated in the role-playing section here. Whenever some new comes along to the forum some members offer them cookies while others try to warn them against it ('cause they have Hemalurgic spikes in them). Personally I think the spikes are good for your health but some others may disagree .
  13. Hi there Weyah and welcome to our little crazy fun house! I know several people have already answered your question but here's my two cents as well, just 'cause I can't resist answering . I'd read WoK first, I mean Warbreaker is amazing as well but Way of Kings, and the Stormlight Archive series as a whole, is just on another level, in terms of storytelling, plot intricacies and just the sheer scope it. after you finished Wok, you ould either jump straight to Words of Radience (that's what I did, I just had to know what happened next) or you could read Warbreaker in between the two, it doesn't really matter. There's a minor connection to Warbreaker in Words of Radiance which you would appreciate more if you've already read Warbreaker but besides that, reading Words of Radiance first won't effect your experience at all. I personally read Warbreaker after reading the first two Stormlight Archive books and I don't regret it at all. Ultimately though, that's all up to you. Oh by the way, Oathbringer, the third Stormlight Archive novel comes out in November in case you didn't know, so you wanna be caught on the series by then if possible. Moving on, then you have Elantris, which is the very first Cosmere book Brandon published, that's a really good book too. There's also White Sand. and Arcanum Unbounded which is a collection of Cosmere short stories and novellas and it is absolutely amazing. But wait till you've read, WoR, WoK, Warbreaker, Elantris and Mistborn Era 2 (if you haven't read it already) before reading Arcanum Unbounded otherwise you'd be spoiled big time. As someone else in this thread mentioned, Brandon has written each series and standalone Cosmere book, so that they can be read and fully enjoyed independent from other Cosmere books and series (with the exception of Arcanum Unbounded) so don't really worry yourself about the order of it, just make sure you read it all. Have fun!
  14. They're so cute! My heart's melting. I don't have a cat at the moment, and I really want to, I miss having cats around, but can't afford to take care of a pet at the moment.
  15. Hi there @Runeweaver and welcome to 17th shard. The way you define these different aspects of yourself is really cool and makes for a great and insightful read. I mean I think of there being different aspects to my personality too but I've never went as far as defining them as clearly as you have and giving them names. I think it's only fair that I share a little bit more about myself, considering how much you shared. Let's see...I'm 25, have a Master's degree in Games Programming, love everything fantasy. I'm a generally shy person. Not great with socializing. Aside from obviously being a big Sanderfan, I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan, as well as Lord of the Rings and ASOIAF/Game of Thrones. Vampires are my favorite fantasy beings. Oh and I'm a writer as well, been working on a dark fantasy novel for a few years now. I'm agnostic. Huge cat person, big animal lover in general but cats, they have special place in my heart. And well that's it for now. Feel free to ask if you want to know more. Oh and once again welcome