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  1. Wait, what about Saphira???
  2. Why would you even think such a thing???
  3. Oh my gosh thank you so much
  4. Because I am a stalwart shipper of Syladin. Also, just no
  5. No
  6. Yes there is, they appear in the second era of Mistborn. They are called ferrings. At the moment, a misting can't have more than one power, unless they has them all.
  7. I haven't printed them yet, but I will upload the Bridge Four symbol later. You can look at the links there though. It will bring up a view of it
  8. I have now converted 5 people to Mistborn at my school
  9. Im now halfway done with the Allomantic Metals. Once they are all finished, I can make the dice.
  10. Glad to have you on the shard, whats your favorite cosmere book?
  12. Glad to have you on the Shard! Don't be trading away your breath that easily, im sure tons of people will give you spiked spiced cookies
  13. I...I can't help but feel amazement for that pun. Please, take my upvotes
  14. Glad to have you on the 17thshard. I love having fresh meat new members! Who is your favorite character?
  15. He could break the surges...