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  1. 5. Avoid Wandering bards or tinkerers, all they bring are deadly quests
  2. Yes Nicrosil conpounding could be used to make a Fullborn as strong as the Lord Ruler, but TLR had no need to. He was the strongest possible Mistborn without it. He didn’t use any of the Lerasium beads, he made himself an allomancer when he held the Well of Ascension
  3. I’ve kinda assumed thats what he did. Especially since he still has the scars. Exactly like how Kaladin views the slave brand as part of him, Kelsier probably views the scars as a big part of him
  4. Or, when he inhabited his new Fullborn body he tapped Gold. Because he still viewed himself as, well himself, he healed to look like that
  5. Im the guy that alm the female friends im interested in call me their “gay best friend who isn’t gay” Im like 70% sure thats not good for me
  6. Not the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Just to life
  7. What is the meaning of life? (besides games)
  8. You can't store breath in a Nicrosilmind. Nicrosil stores the ability to use investiture. You don't see anyone storing metal storages in their Nicrosil Mind
  9. While I think it would be cool, I seriously doubt it
  10. All the characters are either in Scadrial or Roshar
  11. Well, there is Dragonsteel, but there is only one copy of that
  12. Time is past WoR, but we haven't really strayed into the events in Oathbringer. Mostly the planets involved have been Roshar and Scadrial, but all are open. And yes, Hemalurgically spiked characters are allowed, we have many of them
  13. It reminds me of Twisted Fate from League of Legends
  14. Two people had already commented, and I was so confused when i saw the notification