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  1. I'm totally down. Mine is DragonKingCole
  2. Honor is a name, don't see why that would irk you
  3. The Orange one is gained through reputation, the arrows at the ends of posts. The Grey one is made by you, although not gonna lie I don't remember where to change it
  4. Mistborn book 1 all the way
  5. Exactly, I think this has been brought up before but I can't remember the context of it
  6. Glad to have you on the shard! What's your favorite book?
  7. Yes. Pretty sure this would work
  8. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's soul crushing. About halfway through the book I wasn't even fully reading anymore. I started getting happy when characters died because I didn't have to remember them
  9. Reading the Silmarillion isn't worth the pain.
  10. Might tie in with how it's related to Urithiru. I really like this idea
  11. How'd you become so into Lord of the Rings?
  12. Interesting, tell me more
  13. I think it's possible, but I always just assumed he never lost that childhood innocence.
  14. Easily the best quote of the RP