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  1. But how would they know which infant has what power? They wouldn't have a chance to use it
  2. I like it. There’s one that I think is called “take the slave out of you” floating around somewhere
  3. Still everyone
  4. When you can draw the Bridge 4 glyph from memory
  5. Don’t ask about the curse though ....
  6. Definitely not AOE. It wouldn’t have much of an effect on nicrosil and Chromium
  7. Good, if that actually worked then I would be disappointed that I made my pickup lines so good
  8. Its pretty good I had tons of fun with DragonLance books, but stick to those by Margerat Weis and Tracy Hickman
  9. PowderMage trilogy
  10. A bow string wouldn't work, mostly because it wouldn't flex enough
  11. It's ok, everyone make that mistake. Hopefully you didn't end up somewhere weird like Braize
  12. 10/10 great shirt I only wish it came with a warning for the hours of your life lost from asking
  13. Mat would win, 100%
  14. The latest Alcatraz book has footnotes
  15. Well I feel obliged to share my talent in this area with the world