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  1. Okay. I you might think I'm biased (Hence the name), but I'm actually not (I think), Dalinar in my favourite character from The Stormlight Archive. Anyways, It's pretty tough. Here's a brief comparison. Dalinar: •Has Shardplate •Has Shardblade •High endurance and stamina (what's up with all the points starting in 'H' anyway?) •High strength •He is the BLACKTHORN people, I mean he United Alekthar with SHEER BRUTE FORCE. Kelsier: •Crazy good with Iron and Steel •Okay with Brass and Zinc •High speed and agility •Proficient at Pewter dragging and daggers •Pretty smart(That rebellion plot was AMAZING!) •Killed an Inquisitor the 'hard way' on an open field (or city square, same thing) where he's at a disadvantage •He can sort of fly (ish) Analysis: Dalinar wins in close combat, as Shardblade is OHKO In the Shattered Plains, Kell has the advantage because of the terrain Duralumin + Pewter/Zinc/Brass = OP Dalinar has superb endurance Coins shot repeatedly will break the shardplate Broken shardplate is BAD as it weighs you down (like at the tower) Shardblade is flippingWEIGHTLESS and SIX FEET LONG I mean come on. Really? Op much? Conclusion: On the Shattered plains, I think Kelsier would win because he can easily use the chasms to his advantage and pepper Dalinar with coins (or his plate). And duralumin… Also, if Kell can control a Chasmfiend to attack Dalinar, GG. But this is just my opinion. Contradictions welcome! Plus Dalinar would definitely win if they fought in the City Square.
  2. Just popping in to ask how everything is going.

  3. Yup.
  4. Alendi bakes Aluminum cookies too. Might not wanna burn those cookies!
  5. Your rank is AMAZING!!! I want it! Scadrian Waffle cook… who comes up with those?!?:lol:

  6. Oh no.
  7. Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He's alright now.
  8. Hi! Kell here. I'm obviously running out of ideas… Finally reading the Alloy of Law again will definitely help. I'd normally do some weird Feruchemic theory right now but I don't feel like it. Maybe in five minutes. Anyways, forgive my ignorance but when Adonalsium reigned supreme, were there any other gods? Take Trell for example. Did he exist, or were there others? Did Raidri-- oh nevermind. Ausar and his bro Galath probably did tho Ising the I of being STORMING CURIOUS! Seeya!!
  9. THE RANK IS ACCURATE!!!!! YAAAAAAAYYYY!!! Kell da Crew Leader

    1. Alendi


      Kelsier, you're a noble now. LMAO:lol:B)

  10. Yup. I haven't the slightest either!
  11. 'Sup? Kell here. Be sure to check out the 18th shard before it explodes! I just have a few weird what 'ifs' for y'all. -Spook was a Lurcher? How would he be involved in the Skaa rebellion? -Different shards were on Scadrial instead of Ruin/Prez? -Mare survived instead of Kelsier(me)? -Vin didn't get the H-Spike? -Sazes wasn't the -Wax killed Wayne? -Steris was/is secretly a MISTBORN AND FULL FERUCHEMIST?!?! Okay, that was ridiculous. Wasing the want of cookies ising I! bye, -Me
  12. To clarify, I meant that if someone stored obscene amounts of identity, then you took their Feruchemy via Hemalurgy, you'd be able to access their Metalmind. Since they were a Trueself Ferring, you'd tap THEIR identity and not yours. So, while tapping the metal mind would you 'be' them?
  13. Schedule: (noun) A fictional thing of myth and legend. It does, not, did not, and never will exist.
  14. For full instructions on how to perfectly impersonate me (This is for you TenSoon!) see my profile!