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  1. Sanderson Memes

  2. Sanderson Memes

    Sadeas when Dalinar returns from the Tower
  3. Sanderson "Would you Rather"

    Probably angry Dalinar, though that is a tough contest. Would you rather be an aluminum misting or a risthmatist with no chalk? (I am aware that The Rithmatist isn't cosmere.)
  4. Cosmere Woodburning

    By the way, the maximum size my piece can be is 12" by 24". If I try to do a large and complex picture, such as the image below, I may not have the space to really make fine details. I'm not seeing an hourglass particularly, plus this is the chart of the orders of the Knights Radiant and their associated Surges.
  5. Cosmere Woodburning

    Well, if I was going to do the allomancy table, I wouldn't have any of the text or explanation of the symbols on it. By the way, I'd also rather stay away from shading.
  6. March Madness

    I'll do the right side. Dalinar Kholin -Against both Plate and Blade, a Thug has no chance. Wayne - I dislike this category, but Wayne is at least funny, and Jak is kind of dumb. I also think that Wayne could actually show some devotion, but Jak is into himself too much. Bleeder - She is using a spike made from a metal from a different Shard. She's not going to just run across that randomly. Nazh - Well, he's a worldhopper. Lift steals pancakes. Kelsier - I don't know much about Denth and whether he learned about other planets, but Elend - Elend works on writing good speeches and Khriss has Nazh draw everything for her. Spook - MeLaan . . . Spook . . . Vasher - He is a worldhopper. I also read a WoB somewhere that Vasher saw shardblades and tried to create one with his knowledge of investiture and Nightblood was the result. Taravangian - Marsh doesn't strike me as one who would do art. It seems a little more likely that Taravangian would have some artistic experience. Marasi - Eshonai is a terrible artist. Nobody can even tell what her paintings are supposed to be. Sarene and Eshonai should have been matched up for artistry. Much harder to decide. Kenton - Free vote. I like Kenton's style and dislike losers like Kabsal. Besides, sand mastery is way cool and Kabsal has no powers to compare. Steris - Steris won't murder you. Sazed - Hmmmm. A Shard or some Forger? Vin - Once you get past her wall of mistrust, she is clearly a good friend. Silence - notably enough - doesn't really have any friends. Edwarn Ladrian - He would be horrible as well, but he's not a sociopath like Tonk Fah. The Lord Ruler - During his life span of a thousand years, he had some time to try everything and develop some skills.
  7. Cosmere Woodburning

    Keep in mind that this is intended for people who probably don't read Sanderson books. I'm not planning to do pendants for this, though Allomantic symbol pendants is a great idea.
  8. Sanderson "Would you Rather"

    Dirt, because I at least know what it is. Would you rather be a Lurcher or a Skimmer?
  9. Cosmere Woodburning

    I'm planning on making a large woodburned piece to sell at a fundraising auction, and I want to do some cosmere art. The problem is, there is so much cool stuff to choose from! Some stuff that I have already done for a few small projects are my Aon Pendants and Knights Radiant Pendants. I would love any suggestions that you guys have.
  10. Hurt and Heal - Cosmere Stories

    Heal The Way of Kings; Hurt Warbreaker 6. The Hero of Ages--17 13. The Way of Kings--18 15. Edgedancer--22 16. Warbreaker--13
  11. New Rithmatist info from Boskone (Feb 2017)

    This was from the first question. So, Argent, we probably will see that in the cosmere. Eventually.
  12. Aon Rao Pendant

    From the album Aon Pendants

    Aon Dao necklace. I made this for my younger brother as a Christmas gift two years ago. I woodburned the design. I chose this aon because the letters are his initials.
  13. Aon Omi Pendant

    From the album Aon Pendants

    Aon Dao necklace. I made this for my youngest brother as a Christmas gift two years ago. I woodburned the design.
  14. Aon Ashe pendant 2

    From the album Aon Pendants

  15. Aon Ashe pendant

    From the album Aon Pendants

    I made this necklace for a friend for his birthday. I chose this Aon because his middle name is also Ashe.