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  1. Danke.
  2. Pretty self explanatory. I saw that other users have a name history, but Ican't figure out how to change my name.Not that I'm likely to do so anytime soon, but I would like to know in case I ever want to for some reason. How does it work?
  3. Hate to double-post, but I don't know if y'all would see this if it was just an edit, so my apologies. ArmyOfHelium has created a Discord server for this, and we need to know your discord tags so we can invite you. Alternatively, you can send me a friend request and I can invite from there. Or whatever works, I'm kind of new to Discord, so if you have another way feel free to tell me.
  4. Except that Koloss can't use Allomancy. And they didn't even burn spikes, just got four.
  5. Dice Roll this is a test of a dice roller. Edit: test failed.
  6. Sounds good, but if I use it there will still be cultures that call them by the other names, especially as they also represent those principles.
  7. I don't know aboout the rest of us, but I'm already working on a character sheet. Also, who likes the idea of the name "Invested" for the RPG?
  8. I can't connect my Discord to 17th Shard for some reason, so if you do make a Discord server, please add Sazedezas#3257. EDIT: NVM, I fixed it.
  9. Right. I remember that now. But we have seen another Cryptic when Hoid found that one in Kholinar.
  10. Thanks guys, would have asked this in Cosmere Q&A but I wasn't sure if OB spoilers are allowed there.
  11. Wait. Did I miss something? I don't remember Venli ever describing what Timbre looked like. ???
  12. Good point. But still, Timbre hummed to the Rhythms, which seems very Cryptic-esque to me.
  13. Timbre hums the Rhythms, which definitely makes me think he's a Cryptic. Aside from that, Venli doesn't seem like the explorer type.
  14. So far in the Stormlight Archive, we've seen members of nine orders of Knight Radiant. We've seen a Stoneward in one of Dalinar's visions, and there have been important characters in ask of the other orders. Except for Willshapers. I mean, there was that one guy NOT. Nothing we've seen yet even suggests a Willshaper. The other spren never mention the Willsgapers' spren even in passing. What is going on with this?
  15. Retook it a few times and got 83% Willshaper. See you in Shadesmar.