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  1. Umm... WHAT?! I have no idea what that was, but... That was Twi! EDIT: Oh, hey! Didn't realize you should have been referred to in the second person instead of third. So, hi, big fan!
  2. I honestly did the same thing with Arachnerd not knowing where to find coffee.
  3. Fair warning guys, I just figured out a way to make a second Bloodlight called Stalemate, who would actually fight Bloodlight, which will be awesome because they'll wreck so many things and still leave zero collateral damage. If you're wondering where Karabiner is, he's first going to obtain that Motivator, then try for Bloodlight's powers. I think it would be really cool if the attack actually came while he was springing that trap, such that the additional confusion of the Van Fam trying to kill him and take his Motivator will cause him to Link the wrong person to Bloodlight's power. Whatcha think?
  4. Great, yeah, shared would simplify things a hundred-fold. And yeah, I think viewpoint pictures would be good, but I call Funtimes. Just saying.
  5. Good question. Big bro hasn't told me yet, and I'm not sure he knows. Though, with his military background, it's not too far fetched to suppose he knew the location of some unused or experimental ones, somehow let it slip or was interrogated/had his mind read, then had to go and neutralize the explosion before his mistake spelled the end of... somewhere. That's my headcannon until I can get a straight answer. EDIT: @Kidpen I'll start editing in chunks from the bottom up, if you want some help. That will halve the workload, I'll have something to edit - one of my hobbies, though you wouldn't think so if you looked at my own works - and it will be done in an orderly fashion. Sound good to you?
  6. I just remembered some things about Voidwall and Mock/Mach that I neglected to mention. Voidwall will have used his pocket dimension to swallow a nuclear explosion, so his powers are not immediately clear in-thread. He'll appear to be a blasting Epic whenever he uses his powers, because he doesn't actually want to level any cities, so he'll only make little portal-shields in his hands to release the explosive energy into specific targets, so the only sign of greater powers will be the green light on his palm - which will only be visible from certain angles - and the blue ring around each blast, which few will notice anyway. Once he's finished using that force, he'll be able to use his powers to their full potential again, and it should be a big reveal. Mahk (Mock/Mach phonetically) has a mentality of "if you can't redeem them, kill them" with Epics, as opposed to being a total Epic hunter. He tries to make them the good that he can't be, and is therefore somewhat aware of the Redemption process.
  7. Barring that, we could collaborate, since it's a Google Doc. Not sure how that would work, but it might be faster, or at least less stressful for each person involved. EDIT: Here are some Epics I have been creating and considering for the Fence, including an updated Boomerang. Whatcha think?
  8. “I conserve. That’s simple enough. But…” Riley trailed off, then continued. “If you want specifics, you’ll need to tell me a bit about your powers, which I assume are spider related.” Arachnerd was too tired to chuckle. She probably should have expected exactly that response, but she could see nothing wrong with him understanding her powers, as long as he didn't know about... Calamity but those were painful memories. She cursed the irony that the part of her life she had tried so hard for so long to just forget had become a matter of life and death again when she got powers. Normally, her reply would have been full of sarcasm, but she simply said "yeah, spider powers." She probably owed him an explanation for having known about his powers beforehand, as he would know nothing of her Spyders. Come. "I can control them with mental orders, which they'll follow even out of range." Spiders crawled from the cracks in the buildings around them, answering her mental call. "I sustain them, too so they don't need to eat, or implode from heart attack - spiders get heart attacks when they move for too long, as they need to stop so their blood can come back to their abdomens - while under my orders." March about, she commanded, demonstrating their ability. "I can also see through some of their eyes, feel through their bodies, and hear through their leg-hairs." Her red spider-eye hologram appeared around her face, the main eyes filling her glasses once again. Arachnerd knew she was leaving some things out, but she wasn't sure she wanted to reveal the Creepflood, as it was probably her only chance if fighting broke out; Riley - who really needed a better name - could easily kill any of her Hoarde, so those were out. But, if she just turned the street beneath him into spiders, he would be somewhere he couldn't reach her, and surrounded by hostile spiders to boot. Arachnerd had barely stopped talking, and Riley looked bewildered at the specificity of her descriptions, but she just picked it back up where she had stopped. "Oh, and fibrous structures I'm touching turn black," she finished, spinning a black web between her index fingers. She gave Riley a glare that only the bespectacled can deliver, basically meaning you promised.
  9. Sounds good to me. He's actually been kind of bored in my head, just waiting for everybody to kill him, maybe hitting an Epic or two for new devices. He could totally get the Motivator on-screen if an Epic he targets has it.
  10. If you read her previous post, you'll see that she tagged a Spyder onto him after it saw his fight with the po-po, as well as one on Kokichi. She's getting a really weird feed from Kokichi, and hasn't been paying much attention to Riley, but then she saw herself and freaked out. She doesn't know how they work, though, as she made clear, just a vague note that they're thermal. The rest are watching boarders, except for the one at ERA that she's too tired to understand and the one she left at the Fence. Funny thing is, her boarder watch is mostly useless anyway, due to fast-zones.
  11. Really? Thanks! @Hemalurgic Headshot, just a quick note: Arachnerd's clothing is almost entirely black. The only white she wears is the rims of her glasses, the leather of her purse, and her shoes, since they don't actually touch her skin and are not entirely fibrous anyway. Just making sure we're on the same page.
  12. Arachnerd watched the other Epic's face break into a smile. Why? Oh, wait... I'm cute, aren't I? Forgot about that. She was far too tired to even think of using that to her advantage. She was also too tired to consider that the smile might have been a trick to throw her off guard, so it did. “Call me Riley, if you like. I’m here because I just walked a long sparking way and decided to take a rest. Why are you here? And don’t be rude, introduce yourself.” "Arachnerd. I'm... Just trying to find some coffee, honestly." She almost said it like "you know where a girl can find a Starbucks?" or something, But she still didn't feel comfortable with men her age. Older fellows like Karabiner were one thing, but she still felt for Nate's arm around her waist whenever she saw a nice face. She admitted, grudgingly, that Riley's did qualify. How do his powers work? No. How do they work? NO! Thermal Epics can't all be the same! Fine. "How, exactly, did you do that stuff to those police officers, Riley?" He looked taken aback. "I mean, do you conserve thermal radiation, or just shoot ice and fire from your hands? If you conserve, can you pull it from anything, or just living tissues? Does it go through you, or just move from target to target?"
  13. Nate lifted a water bottle from the plastic package in the back seat, twisted the lid off, and squeezed the water quickly into his mouth. “No need to waste time with normal chugging,” he reasoned, throwing the crunched bottle into the back seat. It felt a shame, but he could clean it out in Olympia Polaris, and he really had to get there quickly; Arachnerd’s Spyders could already have hitched a ride on his bumper, or otherwise caught up to him, and he couldn’t risk her learning specifics of his plan to bring Celia back for good. That, of course, was a major downside to processing things verbally like he did, as she could just overhear him thinking out loud as he always did. He pushed the plan far from his mind, pressing his jaw firmly shut just in case. The remainder of the trip passed in silence. It wasn’t a very long ride, at that point. He had made good time, all things considered, and reached Olympia Polaris in time to catch the sunset. Canadian sunsets could be quite pretty, he realized. His appreciation for the colors of the west horizon was dispelled when he reached to wrap his arm around Celia’s waist. She wasn't there. Nate started talking again as his car slowed to accommodate a mass of people walking in the road. “They certainly are moving, aren't they?” he asked himself. “Hmm…” he mused, noting their general dishevelment and ragged clothing. “I wonder what they’re running from.” Nate felt – or saw, rather – his vision tunnel, and the formerly blurry refugees slowed to a more natural pace. “A temporal Epic, eh?” he remarked, adding the stereotypical Canadian “eh” to the end of it to amuse himself. It worked, bringing a momentary smile to his lips. Then it disappeared he glanced at his dash, and the picture of Celia that was mounted there. “Lots of Enforcers, looks like,” he noticed. “This doesn't match the description I got. Someone must have broken through here very recently. I hope that’s all it is, anyway.” Nate nudged the Saab forward to stay in line with the other refugees, who didn’t seem to care that there was a nice looking car behind them. “That’s funny,” he noted. “Nice cars usually mean Epics. Must be hearty folks.” He waited in line for a bit, until he finally made it to what looked like a makeshift customs house in the road, where he was stopped by two men in uniform. He shut himself up, so as not to appear insane. Which, he thought, I just might be. Who knows? “We’re going to have to inspect your vehicle and person, sir,” said the first. “I suppose I knew this was coming,” Nate replied, opening the driver door and stepping out. They rummaged through his car, but didn't come up with anything they felt the need confiscate. The really wasn't anything in it that could cause problems but a box of .45 caliber bullets. The second officer held them up and gestured at Nate. “Do you have a weapon that fires those?” Officer One asked Nate, pointing over his shoulder at the ammo box. “Yes sir,” he replied, pulling his M1911 from his right holster, where it had been mostly hidden by his black leather jacket. Checking the safety, he flipped the handgun around and proffered the handle to the first officer. The second continued to work silently. “Iiiiiis that a problem, sir?” Nate asked warily. It would not do at all to be without his only non-Epic self defense. He didn’t want to make a scene here to keep it, but he certainly didn’t want to need it later either, and end up killing someone, then leave them as a witness of his atrocities. It would make Celia’s redemption impossible. “Not really, no,” replied Officer Two. “Great, ‘cause I'd kind of like that back.” Officer One handed the weapon back to Nate, who holstered it. “What’s that in your other hip?” asked Officer One, who could now see past Nate’s bomber jacket. “Spring airsoft replica of the other, sir,” he answered, pulling the full metal airsoft gun from his left hip and ejecting the magazine, which the officers could now see held 6mm white plastic BBs. They were .20 gram; anything lighter would simply spin off into the sky from the fire power of that particular model. “Airsoft? That’s not Epic tech, is it?” “No, sir, it’s a pre-Calamity combat toy, most it leaves is welts unless it hits your eye. It’s like paintball, but cleaner.” Nate punctuated the sentence by firing his chambered round at a nearby spider, leaving its splattered remains on the road beside them. A white dot could be seen to fly off of the body, and a plink could be heard across the street. “Harmless, I see,” said Officer One. "What’s your name?" “Snyder, sir. Nathaniel Snyder. “You know her?” he asked, pointing to Celia’s picture on the dash once his personal inspection was complete. Sparks! She beat me here! “Yeah,” he replied coolly. The façade was hard, but he thought he could manage it. “Why do you ask?” “’Cause that’s the Blackweb, sure as Calamity. She’s dangerous, but no-one really knows why she’s here. Was hoping you might have some info.” It was Officer Two who spoke this time. Who was really in charge here? No no no no no no NO! He tried not to panic. His response was a bit shaky, probably not very convincing, but it was better than his mind. “An Epic? Must be thinking of someone else, sir. That’s my late girlfriend.” Tears welled up in his eyes as he some of her. They were real, but they would probably help his lie be more believable anyway. Actually, their legitimacy was probably their biggest selling point. “Ah. I see. You're, uh, good to go, sir.” It was Officer Two again. Nate pulled his car forward through the now parting throng of people and was on his way. “That was close. I… should probably pull that picture down, if Arachnerd is really here.” It hurt him to do it, but Nate reached up and slid the picture out the to of the frame as he drove into the city. He’d take the frame down later, or alter it to hold his Mobile. He put the picture in the zippered pocket over his heart on the outside of his jacket. “I remember what you said, you know.” He said it aloud, but he knew Celia wouldn’t really hear him from there. Or maybe she would, if she was watching him with a Spyder. “I haven’t forgotten your promise, that we'll be together someday, without the pain, or the Evil. That day is coming, Celia.”
  14. I was just thinking of doing that the other day! I mean, I have no idea how, but it would be awesome. IDK what order though. EDIT: Thanks Drake Marshall. IDK why that didn't make sense before. EDIT: Would border patrol confiscate a handgun or just take note of it or what?
  15. Sort of. He says most places still use their pre-Calamity coinage, but coins have much higher values and bills are generally disregarded. I'm sure gold itself still works though. I mean, it's gold.