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  1. When he said in his postscript that we were unlikely to see anything else on FotS, it broke my heart, so if he's suddenly decided to go back on that I would be the happiest reader on the planet (probably on any planet, inside or outside of the cosmere).
  2. Being a Full Feruchemist would be pretty cool. Moderate temperatures all year, the ability to eat may too much of my favorite foods, then not need to eat when I'm in a hurry, and cadmium for playing difficult pieces on the harmonica. Aside from those, tin can be filled when listening to lame music, discordance, and background noises, and tapped when there's something you care to hear... But honestly I would walk around filling Hearingminds all day.
  3. Going to be weird here: Iron/Iron. See, we know that Ironsight (and Steelsight) is proportional to the Allomancer's weight, meaning that enough weight could allow for pulling normally invisible metal sources. Add to that the ability to have their own gravitational pull, and you can pull basically anything. Hard. Assuming I'm right, they could literally pull bricks into people, which normal Mistings can't move. If I'm wrong about that part, they can still pull something from the next town into your back, which will have too much momentum for even Wax to stop (especially if it weighs ten tons). True, they are somewhat lacking in defensive capabilities, but I think the died with which they can kill you makes up for that.
  4. Welcome, @CornyLies. Have a cookie and an upvote!
  5. When/how did that start? I don't recall being given a hemalurgic cookie when I joined.
  6. Welcome! I just gotta say, you went up quick, cause I was a spren for nearly a month. Have a cookie!
  7. Hey! I'm a silly bridge crew! JK, it's fine. Have a cookie!
  8. Welcome! *offers you a cookie*
  9. Seriously. I don't know if I'll be able to refrain.
  10. Okay, so we know there are four regular aethers, and two "god" aethers, but could there be others? I personally thought it would be pretty cool if there was another set that works by charging things with different energies: One thermal radiation (Incendous) and the other electricity (Galvane). What do you think? What would make cool aethers?
  11. in era 2 Wayne eats a roasted walnut wrapped in candied bacon. That sounds really good, is it a real thing?
  12. This reminds me of a conversation I had late at night on a drama trip about doing the same thing with a squirrel. The Lord Squirreller.
  13. You know how Shards' intents influence the personalities of their Vessels? Can large enough Splinters have a similar effect on their hosts?
  14. Demoux is a Seer and a Worldhopper. Does Atium somehow allow people into the Cognitive Realm?
  15. Just don't stop pushing, or you will be electrocuted.