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  1. Oh, ok. So I'm not crazy. The black smoke like Nightblood and Ash's sensation, could certainly mean a permanent death, but since we had just seen an unmade trapped in a gem, that was my first impression.
  2. Why do you assume Jezrien is dead? I thought it was possible his soul was just trapped in the sapphire gem. If you then do that to every herald, it would break the oathpact. Of course, permanently killing them would do that also. I was just surprised there was no debate about Jezrien's fate. Is there a WOB or something?
  3. That brings up another point, if you "kill" one aspect of Autonomy, does that kill all of the Avatars? Or do they act like horcruxes?
  4. 6th of the dusk is really really late in the Cosmere timeline, correct? Maybe by that point, Autonomy has been killed by Harmony, Odium, or another shard. That shattered the Patji avatar, leaving the investiture behind to form a shardpool. Just spitballing.
  5. I was expecting Vivenna to be in the book, so I was actually wondering if it was Evi for awhile (some of her idioms don't translate properly to Dalinar), but her character didn't seem right (too meek, maybe a little dull). But the second Azure showed up with an odd sword, I was pretty sure, and then Brandon kind of beats this one into you so there is no doubt.
  6. As someone raised on Agatha Christie and who loved Inception, I spotted the first twist of it being a snapshot of a snapshot fairly easily, but I had the crime wrong. I assumed the "domestic disturbance" they were responding to had something to do with him killing his ex-wife. Good story and I could definitely envision this being turned into a good movie.