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  1. I agree, but we seem to be in the minority with this assessment here.
  2. Doesn't matter. The situation at the end of Oathbringer is still cliche. Thanks.
  3. Seeing how he already reduced an actually powerful female character to a damsel in distress, that needed saving from herself ( ) through Adolin, I wouldn't be surprised. Shadolin is the epitome of cliche. Even more after Shallan being forcefully reduced into needing saving.
  4. Dunno. With Shallan's mental state and the whole "He knows me" stuff, "Without you I fade" might have some deeper implication. At any rate, they are trying hard to be romantic and it just ends in cringe.
  5. Oh man. I really hope so. I really, really hope, that Teshav's eye roll was a nod at how overly cheesy it is. I couldn't take more of that.
  6. Souls reside in the Spiritual Realm and it is there where the Nahel bond is formed. So, sorry, no, they are one soul.
  7. Important point here, back in WoR she used the same art analogy, but with Adolin. Didn't speak it out loud though. Here I would like to add the fact, that Shallan actually chose natural history as her Calling.
  8. I think, that it is quite a stretch, that the Polestone bond mechanically works like a traditional Nahel bond or Adhesion, not to mention the status of the dead spren, but that is just me... The ambiguity of how it was presented in the text: "A... name?" is enough for me to doubt it, but once again, that is just me.
  9. That is my point. His wish affecting his perception, putting the resignation into it. I might be wrong though. But on the point of "resigned agreement". Resigned agreement is something like, "Well, it's not like, that I have a choice, do I?" Unlike living bonded spren, Maya is forced to act on Adolin's whims. Without the safeguards of oaths. This brings me to another point, that I wanted to bring up. Mayalaran. Sure, it seems to be a name. For Adolin. But Maya, let's keep calling her that for simplicity's sake, comes from a time before the Recreance. And by Dalinar speaking Dawnchant during his visions, we know, that that was the primary language back then. Maybe she was trying to tell Adolin something, but spoke Dawnchant, because she doesn't know modern Rosharan languages?
  10. You're not completely wrong. Aside from what I've already said, that I don't think, he's particularly interesting, because of his flaws being inconsequential so far, the constant gushing praise doesn't help either.
  11. Ah, Adolin. The guy, that everyone wants as his best friend, but falls flat on the nose as an interesting literary character. When I was freshly out of Way of Kings, my verdict of him was kinda ... indifferent. I didn't care much about him, but acknowledged him as that guy, that always just was there. After Words of Radiance and he killed Sadeas, I was getting a bit more interested in him, maybe he has flaws. Maybe his actions finally have personal consequences for him, but no. After Oathbringer, I think, we can say, that apparently he can do what he wants without any repercussions. I really don't count the Sadeas soldiers at the end of OB, because I'm talking about personal repercussions and he doesn't even know it was his fault. In fact, even none of his peers do, so he might just never learn of it. And then I began to read what the fandom says about him... and was hit with adulation extraordinaire. Okay, I thought, maybe you are wrong. So I reread certain passages, that came up again and again, namely the prostitute scene and, that scene, where he plays with that child. Doing this made me realize three things, one, these scenes are shoved into your face, that it is almost disgusting. Two, him being a nice guy is the only thing he has going for him. And three, wasn't he a lighteyes, who in general are portrayed as being quite... not as nice , no one would care about his niceness. The thing is, niceness doesn't make him interesting. He's not flawless, but what use are these flaws, if he doesn't get any personal repercussions from them? The Maya arc, if it turns out to become one, might be interesting. I agree. But because of Maya and the implications of it. Not because of Adolin, who apparently initiated the arc now by being... yep, you guessed it. Nice. Aside from his niceness, he's a walking fantasy stereotype. Prince, attractive and good at fighting. Of course, his character could be fleshed out more, but this is true about every minor character. Adolin is there to act as an observer, to provide a different perspective. Sometimes as a tool. And that is fine, but don't shoe-horn him into elevated roles, because you wish him to be like that.
  12. You're the only one here talking about, how this single thing might doom the relationship.
  13. And actually listening to your partner and not cut her off, when she tries to tell you something.
  14. The text literally says vague. As in: Not sure. Not distinct. Besides, looking at him wishing objection, could certainly have affected his perception.
  15. He cut her off. He was tactless. No way around it. I do kinda agree with your second paragraph though. And yet, Kaladin constantly gets rust for not immediately realizing, what she meant with "fracturing"... Double standards... @BraidedRose last post has a pretty good paragraph about, why Kaladin didn't realize it, but for some reason, these posts always get ignored.