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  1. Exactly this. Which is also why I'm so against the Maya revival plot as it stands right now. Right now it looks like this: Adolin, of course, already owns the right dead blade for his personality and, big surprise, he's already doing exactly what he needs to do to revive Maya. I hope, that there will be a few more trials for him in this plot, but seeing our current mileage, I'm not holding my breath. If he just revives Maya by being how he always is? I'd be willing to finally fully say, that Adolin is a Mary Sue. Because it would also magically fix is supposed inferiority complex. It's sad really, because Adolin - as a character - had so much potential when I first started reading him.
  2. His biggest character flaw is his hate for lighteyes, which he is overcoming, but which had real consequences for him in WoR. Syl died. He literally lost all of his powers for the last part of WoR. He redeemed himself and regained Syl, but that is not the same as consequences just not being there, like how it is for Adolin. The power-up in WoK was not because of a character flaw, but rather because he spoke the Second Ideal and he made the choice to rescue Dalinar. He could have just turned around and left him to die. That is not what I'm criticizing. I'm criticizing, that Adolin is constantly in over his head and always just... survives. That's it. That is a big difference.
  3. Care to elaborate?
  4. The point is not that Adolin is perfect, but rather, that the fact, that he comes out of every of these situations unscathed makes his flaws pointless. You never have to fear for Adolin, because whatever happens someone is going to be there to rescue him. His impulsiveness brings him in a bad situation again? Well, either he gets saved or no one cares (like him killing Sadeas). It makes him dangerously Mary Sue like, because it never gives the reader the feeling to have to worry about Adolin. A flaw is only a flaw, if it bears consequences. But that is only how I see it.
  5. Yes, that is exactly the chemistry I'm always talking about. Its funny really how Kaladin, a character, that is always, on the surface, depicted as brooding and reserved, can radiate this much hope and understanding and have this effect on Shallan. And, once again, she is one of the few people, who he actually smiles at.
  6. IIRC Shallan chose the look of Veil, not Veil herself. Back then she was just a disguise and not a fractured part of her personality. So the look actually comes from Shallan. But there might have been some Veil influence in Shallan's choice, I'll admit, we just don't know it. Regarding Adolin finding everything about Shallan great: First of all, we don't know what he was thinking in the scene with Veil's clothes. Secondly, what else would he have said after searching for her and being worried? That her outfit sucks and that he'd rather have her don a havah again? He's just as insecure about messing this up, so he plays it safe. He might have thought something different. And these are all actually pretty harmless revelations, I don't know if he is going to very much like the fact, that Shallan is a thief and the murderer of both her parents. He might not care about it or he might. I wouldn't dare to make a prediction yet and I don't see the clothes thing as an indicator for anything to be honest.
  7. Not wanting to discount your opinion on that, but may I ask: On what grounds do you think that? The fact, that Adolin already is just accepting everything? (no snark intended) Veil is extremely different from personaShallan. Almost the polar opposite. Especially regarding flaring passion and vivaciousness. We have a WoK annotation, that Sanderson think this is far more "herself." https://brandonsanderson.com/annotation-the-way-of-kings-chapter-8 From this I can only assume(!), that should reintegration occur, that Veil will be a much, much more character-defining part of realShallan. personaShallan won't be gone, but just not as character-defining as she is now. There is a reason many relationships don't end well, when one partner changes so much, that the love just fizzles out. I'm not saying, that it is impossible, but even if Adolin still loves realShallan... How does realShallan think about it? Veil doesn't like Adolin as a romantic partner. There are always two sides to it. I think, that a romantic relationship (with either Adolin or Kaladin, doesn't matter) atm, will make matters harder for her. Especially for the fact, that Veil doesn't accept Adolin as romantic partner. personaShallan likes to play things safe and... well the status quo is pretty safe. No, if something will prompt her to maybe do something against it, it will be a frayed bond with Pattern (of which we've already seen signs). That is what I think about it.
  8. Oh, definitely. That is also why I think, that Wit would tell her, that "she made a step forward, but still has ways to go." https://wob.coppermind.net/events/256-oathbringer-london-signing/#e8699 Good post. Yes, I'd say so too. Shallan creates Veil as a persona in WoR and tells Pattern, that she added a part of herself to it. I think, that is what has been buried after her mother's death But what I would add to that is, that Veil is also a lot more... vivacious than personaShallan. Exactly this. Now what is interesting is, that we have a WoK annotation, that says, that Brandon considers the... passionate part of Shallan, that has been buried as more "her." https://brandonsanderson.com/annotation-the-way-of-kings-chapter-8/ All in all, I think, that realShallan will be a combination of all of her current personalities, but... she's repressing Veil at the moment and I think(!) in the endgame Veil will be a lot more character-defining, like we've already had glimpsed of that during WoR. She just regressed again.
  9. He... does? He literally goes berserk, when she is locked up by the other honorspren. Not because, he needs her, but because "Being imprisoned is terrible for me, it must be even worse for her." If this is not caring, then I don't know what is.
  10. Right. That makes actually more sense.
  11. I don't think so actually... She starts getting interested in natural history, her calling, by acting on Helaran's advice, when she was just drawing corpses after her mother's death. That was also where she started to build personaShallan and bury realShallan. But, to be fair, I believe, that personaShallan is part of realShallan... Veil is just what is closest to what was buried right now. It really is complicated. EDIT: In hindsight, what Phin said below makes more sense.
  12. 1. & 2. Because Syl really wants to get Kaladin a girlfriend. That is also why she alludes to the once planned marriage between them. To the bolded section: ... I didn't say that only that he probably wouldn't lose much sleep over it if he wasn't there to protect her. He certainly would protect her if he was there. To the spoiler: Yes! And that is also why I made my case for that a few posts back
  13. That is what they are for. Yes, I also find it extremely appalling, that Laral seemingly sees this as a good excuse to destroy a family.
  14. I disagree. I think, this is the best description of realShallan, we've got so far. This isn't personaShallan. personaShallan is the "prim, excitable girl who had been trained by cautious Vorin society." And personaShallan is what Adolin has been seeing primarily. And what he fell in love with. If this is realShallan, then I would place her closer to Veil... And we both know who Veil prefers.