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  1. Kelsier worldhopper

    WoB says that cognitive shadows have issues leaving their system. There's several WoB on the subject, but this is the one I had on hand. Secret History spoilers: A body apparently helps, but there's still issues involved. I think it's entirely possible for Kelsier to work this out though.
  2. This is unfortunately not the best place to discuss this, what with the need of spoiler tags, but I'll respond a bit here. As for being "too full," the full quote is actually more compelling: "Yes, in theory you could do that, but objects have a limit to how much investiture they can hold, and that it could be argued that things like Nightblood and Shardblades are already "full." Specifically, it gives wiggle room on what is actually "full" or not by saying that it can be argued. To go back to my air pressure metaphor, it could be that Hemalurgy doesn't generate enough force to stuff more air into the already filled container. This is why I'm seeking information on whether or not "full" is a looser term than we've come to believe, similar to how "you cannot push on metals inside someone's body" turned out to be only a partial answer for standard use cases
  3. Size limitations of metalminds

    @The One Who Connects is correct here, and you're mixing up two WoB, neither of which was related to metalmind size. I believe these are the ones you're referring to:
  4. Here's my attempt at spitballing some questions for Brandon, on account of the fact that I live in a place in Canada that is not Toronto, so I doubt I'll ever get a chance to attend an event. I've attempted to ask and phrase questions in such a way that they won't be automatically RAFO, but still potentially be useful for theorizing. I'll do a little write up for why I think it may be useful for each, so you have some context for why it would be interesting. Most of them are based on topics I've discussed before though, so they're a bit selfish in attempting to answer my own curiosities. 1) We've been told that metalminds have a point where they're "full," but could a strong Feruchemist fill a metalmind with more of an attribute than a weak Feruchemist? 2) Do Twinborn actually use the attribute stored in their metalminds when compounding, or is the Investiture from Preservation just imitating it and the power inside is lost? Follow up question if the attribute is in fact being lost: 2b) Does the amount of attribute stored inside affect how much attribute they get while burning? 3) Can Mistings burn unkeyed metalminds for Feruchemical powers? 4) Could Wax reforge one of his Ironminds into steel and then compound it for weight? 5) What would happen if you used Allomancy to burn a Hemalurgical spike while storing your Identity? That's the stuff I'm most curious about that isn't related to Harmonium, which I assume is just an instant RAFO until the Lost Metal comes out. I suspect everyone is burning to ask their own questions instead though, so let me know if you do decide to ask one of these so I can bug you for answers. Hope everyone has fun at the event. I'm only incredibly slightly jealous.
  5. This was already confirmed in BoM, wasn't it? Relevant passage:
  6. Compounding Reforged Metalminds

    How do you figure? In the WoB from the OP, it's confirmed that you can change a metalmind from one viable metal to another. This is completely baseless conjecture, but I like the idea that you could hack the system to combine attributes. Like, you store Weight and Speed in steel, burn it and it combines to become Momentum, which would increase/decrease your body's force in the direction you're currently moving. Probably not the case, but it's neat to think about.
  7. I am way too excited about having a fresh batch of WoB to pick through.
  8. Compounding Reforged Metalminds

    Oh man, I didn't even think about Wax. I really should have put more thought into this, because I was only thinking about it in terms of using it as a hack to have access to more powers at once via medallions. But yeah, this could theoretically allow him to compound his weight and build a huge reserve. He wouldn't be able to compound more on the fly like Miles could health, but it's still a huge benefit. As for why no one has thought of it, it's important to remember that we know way more about realmatics than most characters. Most people on Scadrial think that the power comes from metal itself, so of course this wouldn't work in their minds. Twinborn are also incredibly rare, despite how many we've seen in Era 2, and a Twinborn with abilities that share a base metal must be even rarer still, so it's not like just anybody can try it.
  9. Compounding Reforged Metalminds

    I have definitely read the same WoB, and for some reason I can't find it either. I found one with a similar explanation though: edit: Oh, I see you found it. Thanks again for that. I swear I read it on the database though. Wonder why I can't find it... edit2: Ah, I see now. It's in the database, but it's only tagged with mistborn, so you won't find it if you search the compounding, allomancy or feruchemy tags. I have no idea how to add such things. Bolded the most relevant portions. I considered this an idle thought when I posted the thread, so I didn't really bother to drag up any WoB when posting despite knowing of these two. You make a good point that they support the idea pretty well though, so big thanks for that. With these WoB, I honestly think it's pretty likely that this would work. When you get down to the mechanics of it, this isn't really that crazy of an idea.
  10. Vasher questions

    The Way of Kings takes place after Warbreaker. I don't think we've been given any info on the plot of Nightblood.
  11. Sure, it could turn out that this is true, but I don't think it's reasonable to ignore the fact that everything the Lord Ruler "created" was modified from an existing life. Theorizing the limits of Godhood is always going to be an unsure task, but this is actually one of the few limits we have any real indication of. It's said that they couldn't create life alone, and we've yet to see anyone disprove that or give indication it might not be true.
  12. Where/what is WoB?

    Learning about this is easily the best part of my day. No more manually searching his posts for me.
  13. @Calderis is picking up what I'm putting down here and basically said everything I would have, but I have one more thing to add: it's confirmed that both Preservation and Ruin cannot create life by themselves. It's entirely plausible that the power of the Well cannot simply create more Soul because of this limitation. Similarly, by itself, Hemalurgy can only destroy and move around portions of Souls, and it's possible that only through combining the powers that they're able to create more Soul than they started with. Again, not saying this confirms it, but the power of Preservation does have limitations, even if we don't really understand them. I have ... issues, with a lot said here. Is this a theory, or a WoB? Yep, that one is in the OP. When writing the theory, I had collected all of the evidence and read them together repeatedly. Because of this, it made perfect sense to me that they were all connected, but others have pointed out your very valid interpretation. Personally, I feel Brandon is intentionally being slippery here, as he is known to be at times. Note that, despite being asked about using the Bead and the Well directly, he only confirms that the Bead wasn't used, not that the Well made him so powerful. It's hard to say what he meant for sure, but from context, "In all of this" could still be referring to post Ascension shenanigans. Consuming a Bead likely would have been done after he was finished with the Well (had more pressing things to do at that time than eat some metal, which he could do later) yet he still mentions it "in all of this." There's also that slippery factor cropping up here again, because he doesn't just say "with his time in the Well," or any such variation to make it clear that it was done at that time.
  14. Compounding Reforged Metalminds

    Ah gotcha, turns out I still didn't fully understand. Perspective is a pain sometimes. You've convinced me that this is a reasonable interpretation, but I feel that when he says this line: he's more referring to the process of filling it and how some of the metal should still be able to be filled with a new attribute. I've bolded the sections that make me feel he's referring to filling specifically, but it's still possible that he was also saying that you can use some of the Investiture still. That feels wrong to me, but I can't say it is for sure.