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  1. I feel like this is another one of those things you have to grow up with. I started them when I was 10 or 11, and kept reading because I'm emotionally invested in the characters. I can't get into any of his new stuff though - I think I'm too old for it now.
  2. So I jumped through a lot of hoops to get special permission to take my university's second and third year physical chemistry papers together. I was just told today that the second year paper clashes with another of my core papers. So I have to rethink my entire course for next year to make sure I have enough papers for my major. There's a few people wanting to take those two papers together, and we can't. It's so dumb. Just after I found out about that, the pants I wanted to wear today ripped in an unfortunate place.
  3. That's so cool omg
  4. That also means he's been in 4x more breakups than you...
  5. They both sound bad. That said, death by starvation takes like a month because your body burns through all your fat stores and stuff. Depending on what you eat, overeating would be a lot faster, so I'd go with that. Would you rather go for a week without food, or without sleep?
  6. Die as a martyr. If I'm to go, it may as well be fighting for a pseudo-religious conspiracy noble cause. Would you rather have the ending of every book you read spoiled before you can finish, or never get to finish the books and be left wondering what happens?
  7. The salt would hurt, sure, but it would have less lasting effects. Would you rather know the date or the cause of your death?
  8. @Pestis the Spider that's cool! What are you doing your dissertation on? I realise it's not all as extreme as the examples I'm thinking of, but I figured it was easier to just pursue a different path. Plus, I get to set a lot more stuff on fire in chemistry...
  9. @Pestis the Spider I find genetics and all that really interesting, but the ethics side of a lot of the genetic engineering stuff we discussed doesn't sit right with me. I understand genetically modifying animal models with conditions for drug testing and so on, but I don't like the thought of deliberately bringing an animal into an existence of suffering. It's very useful as a research tool, but I don't want a part in it. I enjoy chemistry more regardless, but it means I can just play with chemicals and not deal with these sorts of issues.
  10. Ahh, see, I'm majoring in chemistry. The biology one is hilarious, but it gives me uncomfortable flashbacks to learning about genetic engineering and eugenics last year
  11. I'm still pretty fond of his chemistry one, although I'm a bit biased. Also I got both Arcanum Unbounded and The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss for my birthday today, just in time for my holidays, so I'm pretty stoked
  12. @Claincy that really sucks. I may not be saying anything even remotely helpful here, but have you looked into fibromyalgia? My mother was in a similar situation a few years back, and went through heaps of testing. The doctors were all "Well, we can't find anything wrong, so clearly it's all in your head!". She managed to get some decent treatment/medications after the eventual diagnosis. Hugs and general moral support for everyone else, too!
  13. I couldn't get rid of this mental picture reading the Kaladin scene. It made it slightly less awesome, but a lot more entertaining.
  14. What those chapters lacked in length, they certainly made up for in awesomeness!! I'm going to miss reading through all the speculation every week, but it means I'll actually get things done on Wednesday mornings. Really not sure how I'm going to make it through the next week (or however long the copy I bought takes to arrive) though.
  15. @Draginon that sucks All the best for getting through it.