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  1. @Steeldancer is spec doc just to watch? 2 weeks out from exams so I can't promise much activity if I do sign up.
  2. Mmm yes. How many points do you get for being the first post on the first page?
  3. I'm terrible at picking favourites, especially when it comes to music. But I'll go with Curl Up and Die by Relient K. Alternatively, that choice can change if you want something more upbeat, or something not by Relient K, seeing as @Zath seems to have that covered. Sticking with that theme though, check out their songs Crayons Can Melt on Us for All I Care and Silly Shoes. Not necessarily for the playlist, they're just good for a laugh.
  4. @Archer @Stormblessed Dolphin hello yes I would like to join please. I swear to never reveal information about our organization which is deemed secret. I swear to never spike any baked item with any substance that should not be there. I swear allegiance to this Guild, and give all due loyalty to its goals and precepts.
  5. If you're not a part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate. How do you tell the difference between a chemist and a plumber? Ask them to pronounce "unionized".
  6. This is a great idea! Here's a few: - The album Forget and Not Slow Down by Relient K. Ideally listened to in order, the songs transition into each other really nicely - The album Torches by Foster the People - Curl Up and Die by Relient K (nowhere near as depressing as the name makes it sound) - Map of the Problematique and Sunburn by Muse, among others. Most of their stuff is pretty good
  7. Suuuper late to the thread here. Cause I'm rarely online, and never post. Which means basically no-one will see that I've made my picture green, but never mind. This is important enough to get active for. Apologies if this post is rambly or isn't wholly coherent, it's been a long day. I was depressed for a lot of high school, although I didn't want to admit it at the time. It was largely situational, although even 3-4 years later I'm not sure if I've completely bounced back from that. There's this little voice in the back of my head that likes to tell me all my problems are invalid and I'm just making stuff up or exaggerating and I should just get over myself, and at this stage I'm genuinely not sure if it's right or not. I've been dealing with mild social anxiety basically as long as I can remember though. Regardless of where I'm at personally, I'm very much for better mental health awareness, because I see so many people around me suffering. Someone I went to school with committed suicide a couple weeks back, but the local council wants to reduce funding to its mental health services!! @Tesh sending vague positive vibes in your general direction because I don't know how else to express that sentiment to a stranger over the internet If you can manage to talk to someone about stuff, particularly a professional, there'll be ways they can help; maybe try writing it down and showing it to them? Just my 2 cents, anyway.
  8. I just did some weird combination of a laugh and a cringe. A photon checks into a hotel and is asked if he needs any help with his luggage. He says, "No, I'm travelling light." I'd make a chemistry pun, but it'd be easily miscible...
  9. Stumbled onto this yesterday.
  10. I'm still adjusting to driving in the city where I'm living for university (I'm from quite a small town so multiple lanes of traffic is a bit stressful). Drivers here are so rude!! You indicate to change lanes and they speed up to cut you off!! Some guy just turned in front of me at traffic lights (I was on a green). I watched the This post has been reported for attempting to skirt the ruleshole smirk at me as I slammed on the brakes in the middle of the intersection. I'm still shaking. Edit: also congrats @Steeldancer, I'm glad your parents listened to reason
  11. @BrightnessRadiant for sure. I didn't realise how much time I'd end up sinking into this, or how much of my supposed "time off" I'd end up being flat out with rl stuff. Otherwise I would have read into this a bit more - I started making some notes a couple times throughout the game, but never ended up finishing them. Edit: looks like there's not much I can say that'll convince you at this point. You have analysis and conjecture to implicate me and to assume Jon and Eternum are village. I don't really think that constitutes "solid" evidence, but I guess that's the way you gotta play this game.
  12. I feel a bit like I'm being thrown under the bus here for being new and making a couple mistakes. Do any of you have anything solid against me? Regarding my D2 action: I didn't claim I was going to use my crab and then not do it; Len suggested I should scan someone and I agreed it was a good idea. If you read back, I put in a vote quite early D2 because I knew I probably wouldn't be on for rollover. I rushed a post before I went to bed because I had an early start at work. I can't keep up with stuff while I'm at work because I'm generally up to my elbows in dishwater So, yeah, I forgot to scan someone D2. It was an honest mistake.
  13. Monster and Elenion, you're both right about the name Monster's right that I'm very new to this as well. That's all the defense I can really give at this point - I'm just winging this, eh