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  1. So I don't know how many of these have already been done (I haven't read through all of the thread) but "This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a goat." "Life is what happens when you're busy making other goats." "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss goats." "A goat by any other name would smell as sweet." "Here's lookin' at you, kid."
  2. Simmon is likely too. More likely than Ambrose, although I like the theory. I agree that Newarre is probably in Vintas; the Stormwal mountains are probably the mountains Kote mentions the scrael coming over. I'm not sure how he'll open the Four-Plate Door. It has some parallels with the Lockless box, and the thrice-locked chest from the frame story. Any ideas? I think the princess is Auri, there's a lot of hints and subtext that she is the missing Princess Ariel. Who is the barrow king? I've heard it suggested that he's behind the Four-Plate Door.
  3. I really liked the imagery of Shallan's illusions and the story, so I tried to capture it. Room for improvement, for sure, but I'm still learning, so I'm quite proud of it :)
  4. Eight spades. Yes. See, you could argue that either way. Black is the absence of colours, while white is a mix of all colours. But that's because white reflects all visible wavelengths, while black absorbs them, so arguably black is the most colour-full. Draw a picture? Adem hand gestures? Well, I don't know about Adolin, but it makes me a bit mad. That's bad maths, and fifty four isn't a very nice number. No animal is the worst animal, I like them all.
  5. Caesura was already taken as a username, unfortunately, so I'm Caesura97... very original. @MetaTerminal/everyone else, good job on the wiki so far, it's quite impressive.
  6. I do wonder if it's Ambrose... There's mention a couple times of him being in line for the throne of Vintas, and also of other people who are in line for the throne getting killed off. He might end up being the king that Kvothe kills. I haven't had much time to read recently, too busy with uni. I'm halfway through BoM though.
  7. That is what I'm named after, yes. Who do you think the poet is that Kvothe killed to get that name?
  8. We have a drink in New Zealand called L&P (lemon and paeroa). It's a bit like Sprite, but... more lemony? Blue. Duck sizes horses. Am not keen to get bitten by a giant duck. An end to poverty and world hunger - equal distribution of the world's resources. I wanna say something cool like a dragon or a griffon or something. I'm probably more of a nymph sort - a dryad or something.
  9. Sadeas. Because musical instruments are expensive. Hazel, I believe. I'd rather Forgery than Bloodsealing. There is no cake. It's a lie. About 700 pounds a day. Apparently scientists have actually calculated that, which seems like a poor use of time and funding.
  10. I am Arthur, King of the Britons I seek the Holy Grail An African swallow, or a European swallow?
  11. That sounds amazing!
  12. Hmmm... Do you have a song in your head right now? If so, what is it? Who's your favourite RWBY character other than Oscar? Who's your least favourite RWBY character? What's your favourite sounding word? What's the weirdest fact you know?
  13. Finger-sized legs. Life in a wheelchair with functional hands is much more appealing. 50 years into the future. 50 years into the past is 1968, which really doesn't sound that interesting. Further back and I might be tempted. I'm terrible at favourites so I honestly have no idea. $10,000 up front I think. I'd stick it in savings and get interest on it. I don't understand stocks but that sounds a lot more useful. A rock. More interesting, less breakable. I'm procrastinating prep for a presentation and research for an essay, because I'm tired and unmotivated. If I remember right, between 10-10.30pm last night I was making PowerPoint slides for my presentation. So probably formatting pictures for that. Probably. I'm too cheap to sew from patterns though so I make my own from newspaper. Many. Because some rich dude got assassinated and people got angry, so everyone picked sides and tried to kill each other. On the coast of western Africa, between Togo and Nigeria. They claimed independence from the UK in 1976, is that what you mean? Their flag looks like this 42. I don't really have an opinion on Christopher Columbus. Not necessarily. 1 Because of Einstein's theory of relativity. I do chemistry, not physics. Uruguay. Chocolate covered, obviously. For a laugh. At least partially. Red, because Aimians don't wear hats. Roshar really appeals to me, but I can't guarantee I wouldn't die. Not this kid! Hoid. Also Hoid. It'd be fun. Autonomy. (Shard squared... shard with multiple personalities.........) Gandalf. Percy Jackson. I loved the books as a kid. Nah probably not.
  14. This looks like fun, and I'm procrastinating. Anyone want to ask me pointless questions?