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  1. @BrightnessRadiant for sure. I didn't realise how much time I'd end up sinking into this, or how much of my supposed "time off" I'd end up being flat out with rl stuff. Otherwise I would have read into this a bit more - I started making some notes a couple times throughout the game, but never ended up finishing them. Edit: looks like there's not much I can say that'll convince you at this point. You have analysis and conjecture to implicate me and to assume Jon and Eternum are village. I don't really think that constitutes "solid" evidence, but I guess that's the way you gotta play this game.
  2. I feel a bit like I'm being thrown under the bus here for being new and making a couple mistakes. Do any of you have anything solid against me? Regarding my D2 action: I didn't claim I was going to use my crab and then not do it; Len suggested I should scan someone and I agreed it was a good idea. If you read back, I put in a vote quite early D2 because I knew I probably wouldn't be on for rollover. I rushed a post before I went to bed because I had an early start at work. I can't keep up with stuff while I'm at work because I'm generally up to my elbows in dishwater So, yeah, I forgot to scan someone D2. It was an honest mistake.
  3. Monster and Elenion, you're both right about the name Monster's right that I'm very new to this as well. That's all the defense I can really give at this point - I'm just winging this, eh
  4. I don't really have the time to write a big post, so I'm just going to vote. Len, I'm sorry, but from what I've read I feel like Kynedath’s arguments make more sense to me. I'm reluctantly voting Elenion this round.
  5. I'm so sorry, I've been trying to find time to write a decent post but it hasn't quite happened yet. I'm just going to church, I'll be back on before rollover all going well. Monster, the puppy is adorable
  6. Okay, that seems fair. BR, Budgie. I probably should actually go now, this game has sucked up a lot more of my morning than I anticipated! I'll see you all later on.
  7. I think I’m mostly up to date on everything. I haven’t really contributed to discussion because I don’t feel like I have much useful to contribute. Due to my lack of experience, most of my thoughts on the game are just reading someone else’s post and thinking, “Oh yeah, that’s a really good point” I hadn’t really considered the possibility of Elenion being an eliminator, because he’s been super nice to me in PM’s throughout the game. In hindsight, that was probably a bit naïve. As I said to Orlok just before, I have the tendency to trust until proven otherwise, which is probably the complete opposite of what I should be doing in a game like this. So yeah, we have at least one eliminator from the group who didn’t take an item D1, but I haven’t found a good reason to distrust any one over the others yet. And there are several eliminators outside that group too, so we shouldn’t focus solely on that. I might not make it back on before rollover - need to pick the car up from the garage - so I’m going to vote. Since I have doubts about Elenion being an eliminator, BR is probably my best option this cycle. Like Metroid said, she was the one to suggest that everyone declare what items they were going to take, which is probably just helping the eliminators know who to target. Of the people that didn’t take an item D1 she looks the most suspicious to me, and that’s all I’ve really got to go on right now. EDIT: Ninja'd, twice. @Orlok Tsubodai, if you explain your reasoning I might change my vote. I'll leave my computer on while I do stuff for a while.
  8. Ironically, after saying I want to try and be more active on the thread, I can't guarantee I'll make it back online before rollover, depending on how busy work is tomorrow. So I'm putting my vote in now, even though I haven't put as much thought into it as I would have liked. Orlok, I hope you're better soon, but you and Alv both seem hard to trust.
  9. I was going to say that this theory seems pretty solid, although now I'm second-guessing myself. I want to try and be a bit more active on the thread when I'm able to be online, but I'm still having some trouble getting a decent read on a lot of people. I'm going to write up some notes later this afternoon to get a feel for things and get my thoughts in order, so I'll be back after that
  10. I guess I need to vote then. Honestly, I was considering just throwing my vote - I don't feel I know enough about the game or any of the players to pass adequate judgement, so I want to sit back and watch how this plays out a bit longer. Alvron and livinglegend make good points though, so MacThorstenson.
  11. Why have a label maker if not to stick silly labels on random objects? That's clearly what they're made for. I mean, I feel like most girls would look short if you're 6'3"? I'm 5'8", and that's definitely above average.
  12. Just a thought - if you had a small ring binder you could organise and reorganise it however you wanted.
  13. "I can't say for sure, sir." Lara stepped further into the tent, and surveyed the pile of supplies. "There's certainly not a lot, but if we are careful I'm sure we can make do." ----------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not going to vote just yet - trying to get a bit more of a feel for things first, so I'll wait til a few more people have chipped in.
  14. Agree with all of these. There are too many to choose from! All of the interactions between Wit and Shallan in OB are incredible though.