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  1. Oof. What do you do for a job? (If you don't mind me asking) I'm in my last 2 weeks before uni exams, so I worked on a group assignment and wrote out a lot of notes.
  2. I'm at DIDGERIDOO as well, I just got a little buried under all the posts while I was busy irl.
  3. $: Gallifreyan from Doctor Who, or one of the Elvish languages from Lord of the Rings, purely because I like how the writing looks. 54: Having seen the aftermath of several bad earthquakes and a couple cyclones, they're all pretty bad. The cyclones did a lot less damage though. $#2: I'm dairy-free. Plain cheese pizza isn't worth the effort, it's gotta be at least pepperoni. H: See, now, that would be telling. !3$: Cabbage. If you cook it right, it's not so bad. PJ: Several. Buying unneeded stationery is a weakness of mine. $223: Nearest book is my lab notebook (I'm writing a report). Third word is acetoacetate. 74: A window, a picnic table, several trees. 63g: Grey 4#3: Meh, the novelty would wear off pretty quickly. ¥: Dell ⇎: I see your fauns, centaurs and mermaids, and I raise you griffins, hippocampi, merlions, chimera......... ⌨: Absolutely. 45532: Hello!
  4. Fair enough
  5. I wasn't planning on it, no. Why's that?
  6. A woman walked up to the counter, and appeared to say something, although Ava didn't quite catch it over the ruckus. "I'll be right with you ma'am, I'm just going to serve this man over here." She made her way over to the Azish man, who was signalling for a waiter, stepping over the broken glass of the drink cabinet. "What can I do for you, sir?"
  7. The black sphere is May Aladar?
  8. Flight of the Conchords is classic. Also anything by Taika Waititi. Yes, Lord of the Rings was largely filmed here. The Hobbiton set is a big tourist attraction now. Ofelia is a pretty name!
  9. @whattheHoid very true! We've achieved a lot as a species, and it's quite amazing! I live in New Zealand. We definitely don't make a big deal about high school sports the way America does, but we obsess over national sports. Particularly rugby. Some people practically worship the All Blacks, I don't understand. We have a massive problem with binge drinking. I don't know about other places, but it's commonplace here to load up on alcohol for the weekend purely for the sake of getting absolutely plastered. Particularly university students, but adults too. Especially if there's a rugby game on that night. Tall poppy syndrome is huuuge over here. Anyone who achieves too much or is too proud of their achievements gets cut down and criticised for being too full of themselves. We're so far away from the rest of the world! Even flying to Australia takes five hours or so. It makes international travel difficult. That said, it is a lovely country. Beautiful scenery - you've probably all seen it in movies. Great beaches, great native wildlife, great tourism and tramping and all that. There's also the Kiwi "Number Eight Wire" mentality that we're quite proud of. Since we're so far away from everything else we've developed a "can-do" problem-solving attitude - if it's broken, fix it, or invent a solution, with whatever you can find lying around (Number 8 wire is a type of wire used for making fences on farms). There's been a lot of innovative inventions to come out of NZ as a result of this (e.g. the jet boat, the egg beater). As a general stereotype, we have very deadpan sarcastic humour which, as someone with that kind of sense of humour, I appreciate a lot. We're also a very laid-back and casual society, which is pretty great from my point of view.
  10. Ava entered, and approached the counter. "Do you need an extra set of hands? I could do with some work - some honest work, that is."
  11. Welcome! It's great to have you! Don't worry about writing too much - you'll fit right in I prefer physical books over ebooks too, although I've started getting ebooks of some of Sanderson's books so I can read them whenever I want. They're definitely convenient, at least.
  12. Shard of Curiosity. Or Hyperactivity. Or Hyperactive Curiosity. Honestly, this cat wants to know what every little noise and movement is, and to climb inside/under whatever she can. She was notorious for stealing pens as a kitten. She also sleeps with her paws over her face, which is ridiculously adorable.
  13. This line in particular is brilliant.
  14. Now I am become Goat, the destroyer of worlds.
  15. There's always another website... When you should be studying, but instead you're putting serious thought into whether you'd be a lighteyes or a darkeyes (my eyes are blue, so I assumed lighteyes, but they're quite a dark, greyish-blue...)