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  1. Hey, guys, I have some questions I didn't have an opportunity to ask during Warsaw signing. If you, or your friends, or people on facebook event, or something, have no ideas for questions, you can use some of mine (I'm especially Dying to know about Ashyn). General Cosmere Can you bind a cognitive shadow with someone else’s body? probably RAFO Is Nightblood an example of another end-negative investiture? Is the Evil on Threnody the same kind of wild Investiture that is present in Cognitive Realm on Sel? Has Cultivation Invested in Ashyn? Are people of Roshar actually from Ashyn? (Is Ashyn Tranquiline Halls?) I know, probably RAFO. Technical Roshar Can the surge of Progression be used as precisely as to grow new synapses and therefore learn faster? Does the Surge of Division allow to split an atom? What are practical differences between Cohesion and Tension? Because from the physics point of view you can achieve the same results with both – increasing cohesion in a piece of say, leather, that is making intermolecular force pull the particles in stronger, would effect in that leather being stiffer or even unbreakable, just as simply increasing the tension of the material. Is there a local forum/facebook group/fansite in Germany? If there is, I really advise to get organized with non-sharders too, It was very helpful in Poland to gather WoBs this way Anyways, have fun!
  2. Theory: Sixth of the Dusk: Ones above

    That is the most popular theory.
  3. Jasnah and the Cosmere *WoR spoilers*

    I think that if she traveled to Scadrial - or any other planet really - her priorities wouldn't be getting a bandolier and a backpack but clothing that isn't ragged and a proper glove. But when we see her, her dress is tattered and she has an improvised glove on her safehand. That makes me think new possessions is something she either found or was given and that very well might have happened in the shadesmar.
  4. Poland - Warsaw and Krakow events 18/21 March

    Nice one. Btw. You're an excellent liar. You constructed that post the way it was absolutely believable that BS would say that. But I too was wondering why aren't you fangirling the next day then!
  5. Slatrification?

    I personally don't care that much for the graphic novel and it can totally be non-canon if you ask me. I'm praying for the novel version of the story anyways. But, you know, that's just me.
  6. Poland - Warsaw and Krakow events 18/21 March

    He said he has Solaris on the list but didn't give it a go yet.
  7. Preservation's "Shadow of Self" in HoA

    Here to just say I asked about that in Warsaw signing and got a RAFO.
  8. [Secret History] Ire's Age

    We know now for sure that IRE is older than Reod, because I asked Brandon if Reod affected IRE and he said "it did in some way". Not much, but just leaving it there
  9. Poland - Warsaw and Krakow events 18/21 March

    Some people are more prone to depression than others, there's also some heritability to it, but developing depression without a trigger is not very frequent. Most patients deal with mental issues, although lots of them don't even know it. There's still taboo in this matter unfortunately.
  10. Poland - Warsaw and Krakow events 18/21 March

    Oh yeah, my tee, Brandon said "I can't believe you're wearing this shirt" Next time I'd love to wear a t-shirt with "let me think. RAFO" that was recently posted in sanderson memes If someone draws Brandon, let me know!
  11. Poland - Warsaw and Krakow events 18/21 March

    Oh, I almost forgot! I asked one more question! Brandon's favourite pie is hot apple pie with crust on top
  12. Poland - Warsaw and Krakow events 18/21 March

    Yeah, exactly what I meant, thanks for elaborating xD
  13. Slatrification?

    I guess if it was ever released as a novel with slatrification changed they would release it from the book one. The whole mastrell path finale makes no sense if slatrification is not a thing, Traiben specifically says he did slatrify.
  14. Poland - Warsaw and Krakow events 18/21 March

    It's actually quite troublesome, because improper brain chemistry in depression is usually caused by the psychological issues. It can happen in other way (an accident and brain damage) but it's rare. These things go together most of the time. So the actual answer would be: depression can be rarely healed by cosmere magic.