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  1. I had the same thought, actually. I suspect that even if there are only 10 surges, we'll find some relation to 16 later on. Of possible note is that 16 IS 10 in hexadecimal. I don't know how that could possibly relate, but I'm throwing it out there anyway.
  2. While Kelsier and Hoid may not like each other, that doesn't mean they are apposing forces in the cosmere. Things are rarely that black and white...unfortunately.
  3. By the end of Shadows of Self I would have agreed with you. However, the explanation in Bands of Mourning made me consider that I was only looking at it from a real-time, linear perspective. Whereas Saze's perspective is a bit more comprehensive. I'd guess that Saze is seeing not only other individual futures, but also the future as a whole and is acting accordingly. Much as a toddler may not understand why filling up on ice cream is a bad idea, a lot of the actions we're seeing here won't make sense until we have the same perspective. That's my take anyway.
  4. This brings to mind another mechanic; do we know how a shard can "unstick" themselves from a planet? Maybe the reason Odium is stuck in the Roshar system ( and I'm guessing Braize primarily ) is because there are still people alive originally of that world, so he can't move on until they're dead. I'm not sure how that'd work with the desolation cycles, nor how it factors into the breaking of the oath pact. Maybe once the heralds are well and truly dead, not just ported back to damnation ( which I'd love to know how that works too ), Odium is free to leave the system, and that's what the Oath Pact is all about.
  5. As I read it I had the same reaction...and I wrote it! I crack myself up sometimes.
  6. I'm not sure we have ideal examples upon which to compare. Kaladin was afraid of his powers and thus didn't really start working on them until later, however he did show some skills prior to speaking the second ideal. That said, I feel like the oaths enable a more efficient use of stormlight. They may make the skills work better too, but I feel as though that's probably secondary to the stormlight use. I also think that a person begins having powers immediately following the spren initiating the bonding process, prior to any oaths ( I believe this would be cosmere consistent ). Oh, and Dalinar had been using stormlight for an undetermined amount of time given how it felt familiar to him and how easily he was able to learn to use it.
  7. Oh, right, I had read that and forgotten about it. Now that I think about it, I doubt we'll get word of her in TSA; if I recall correctly, there was to be a sequal to Warbreaker, so I'd guess revealing anything of her fate would ruin it in that.
  8. I'd love to know what Vasher is doing there, that'd go a long way in suggesting where we might find Vivenna
  9. It's my understanding that the crack is necessary for a bond, but by itself is otherwise not sufficient to begin using an investiture system. It'd be interesting if I'm wrong
  10. Not entirely. I seem to recall a WoB that stated stormlight ( and gold ) healing only healed as you expected it to, or some such. Witness Kaladin's brands that haven't been healed. So it's entirely possible he has surface scarring because that's what he expects to have. EDIT: damnation, ninja'd
  11. I'd do it. Not only would I do it, but I'd also post the craziest, yet true, stuff in the theory threads just so in 10-30 years when it's revealed to be true I might give others the opportunity to go, "wait..." Of course, I'd worry about those forum folks who have memories that long, but I'd still do it.
  12. Uh.."conscience". I feel quotes are called for in this instance.
  13. As far as windspren vs honorspren; I got the impression that Syl only popped over to the physical to bind with Kal, otherwise she would have stayed in the cognitive. So I would assume the number is pretty close to 0. They are pretty closely related, hence the confusion.
  14. That's my pet theory as well.
  15. Has it? I must have missed it, my bad.