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  1. Hey everyone , I have been here for months now and thought I should say hello and get some guidance about the best features and navigation in the site.
  2. Thanks. That Seems most likely. I like this cinquedea picture.
  3. Without Doubt. Stick..... Also the honorblade is now the second Stick...
  4. Thanks Everyone for your answers. Although now there are more questions in my mind. Hoid did not switch blades. So who is the mysterious swapper? If there was a swap. Also What would a blade that is long, narrow, straight and shaped like an enormous spike look like? Ahem Anyone ever drew a picture?
  5. I am not confident about what I am about to ask, So if I am being stupid tell me. At the end of Words of Radiance Dalinar became a bondsmith after bonding the stormfather. Then he summoned his Shardblade (Taln's Honorblade) heard screaming after which he unbonded it. As for as I know Shardblades are dead spren and when a Knights Radiant touches them he heards screams but Honorblade are different. Honorblades were given to heralds by Honor and are not spren. When Kaladin took Szeth's blade , He heard no screaming as he heard when he touched a Shardblade. So My Questions then are: Dalinar heard Screams when he touched an Honorblade but Kaladin did not why? Maybe because Dalinar was bonded to one and Kaladin was not OR if not then........................ If a knights radiant can touch an honorblade So does it imply that Dalinar's blade was not an honorblade but rather a shardblade? if so then the madman Taln is not the Herald? Was the man switched or just the blade? Could it be due to different orders of Kaladin and Dalinar? Or does it have something to do with Dalinar? Maybe he is not who we think he is.