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  1. The matter of fact way Szeth has always thought about how the Stone Shamans would be able to get his blade back from someone who bested him as always got me pumped. Two of the blades grant teleportation so they can just show up too. They might even have Plate, Szeth mentions he could have worn some in WoK prolgue I think,.
  2. Something is seriously up with the Azish. First the change from the Gawxs resurrection mix up, the weird back and forth and how they are communicating with the parshmen. It even cuts off real fast. Also why not mention Lift? I think something might be changing whats being sent back and forth or some is there threatening them or something of that sort. Maybe parshendi "Smoke form"? they are mentioned in the song and this seems like a possibility.
  3. I might be wrong but I think Kaladin's eyes only change color when he summons his blade, not when he uses stormlight. I think people did not notice the stormlight cause he limited how much he used and it was a bright day. Plus its not like something people in the crowed (except Shallan or other secret KRs know to look for).
  4. Yea I highly suspect based on Dalinars conversation with Kadash I suspect that Dalinar either killed or was involved with Shshshss death. Which would fit with Dalinar getting his memories erased from the NIghtwatcher. I also suspect that Kadash does not want Dalinar not to remarry not because of the sister in law thing but because of what he witnessed when Shhhshsh died.
  5. There was a reddit comment Sanderson said was close. It involves a large bendalloy bubble around the ship, which when the ship is going threw its faster then light from the perspective of the people outside the bubble. But the distance this ship would cross is still the same so from the ships perspective its not FTL. Instead of cryo, a second smaller cadmium is around the crew so from their perspective its normal time (or less). Normally bubbles can't move but as we saw with the train if you have enough momentum it is possible to move the bubble (so feruchemical iron might be used on the ship). I am not sure of the propulsion in space but thats an easier problem then FTL.
  6. @Ammanas Yea looks like my understanding is an oversimplification, I will have to look into it more. @ryshadium90 Thanks I hope I represented your faith fairly well. Kelsier is up to something and helping (or with Kelsier possibly using) other peoples on other worlds seems like a solid guess.
  7. I am not Mormon but I have read a fair about it and other world religions and I noticed some interesting similarities between Mormonism and whats happened on Scadrial. If I get any details of Mormon theology wrong please correct me. Some of what is here is pretty obvious but some I have not seen anyone say before. Also, I’m not trying to make the argue that Mistborn is secret Mormon propaganda, more that growing up Mormon affected and inspired Brandon Sanderson in interesting ways. First, the main premise of the Cosmere feels inspired or similar to Mormon theology. This is a simplification but in Mormon theology, anyone can become god and get their own new planet. Similar to the idea of the 16 shards becoming gods and getting planets. Another parallel is Harmony to the Trinity. In most Christian theology (Honestly I’m not 100% sure the Mormon view on the Trinity so this is a bit of a side point). For those not familiar with Christian theology the Trinity is the three “persons” of god. God the Father, God the Won (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. (Sorry if I am using Catholic terms, I recently took a class in Catholic theology and I don’t know what words are Catholic and what words are used by everyone). Harmony is also a trinity of sorts. Harmony is the Shard of Ruin, The Shard of Preservation and Sazed. While Harmony does not have the exact same properties, Most Christians believe the Trinity can’t be separated, and Shards clearly can be and Ruin and Preservation are not separate “persons” but powers. Still, it's an interesting comparison. I could see Pathian/Surviorist theologians use term “trinity”. Back to Mormonism, one of the most well know part of Mormonism is the Golden Plates. Mormons believe that Joseph Smith, a Mormon prophet found golden plates with the Book of Mormon on them. In the book of Mormon proper, a variety of metal plates are also used to write down stories. What does this remind you of? It reminds me of the metal plates used through out the books to hide and protect writing from shards. Kwaan, Spook and other write important things in metal plates. Even in era 2, I think metal plates are used for important things like constable badges. The church of the Survivor started in a similar way as Christianity. In Survivorist theology Kelsier died and came back to life and met with a chosen few, similar to Jesus in Christian theology. But what makes Survivorism truly parallel Mormonism is what happened in The Bands of Morning. One of the cores of Mormon theology is that after his resurrection Jesus went to the Americas to teach to the peoples there. This is exactly what happened with Kelsier, after his real resurrection (not the fake Kandra one) He went to the other side of the world and taught them the metallic arts and it seems a new religion or at least new religious beliefs. This is such a strong parallel that I am surprised I have not seen any one post about it. Thoughts? anything I got wrong?
  8. My personal theory about the difference between ancient and modern fabrials is that they have completely different underlying mechanics. We know modern fabrials work based on trapping spren in gems of certain cuts, but the soulcasters (only ancient fabrials we have really scene) have replaceable gems. If I had to guess I would say what makes the anceint fabreals work is they are of a god metal or god stone wrapped in gold.
  9. While Allomancy and Feruchemy are hereditary they are not linked to physical DNA, instead to ones "Spiritual DNA". See Which means this type of genetic modification would most likely not work.
  10. megatheory

    Maybe the Hemalurgic charge is store via burning the spike? Or buring the spike is how to create more "powerful" version of an attribute, since just compounding a nicromind would be to easy and the Southerns would have already made nicrominds as powerful as the Bands but with only two or three powers.
  11. I wonder if the corpse has metalborn powers threw hemalurgy if they would still work with the lifeless (or if they could be applied after creation of the lifeless).