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  1. My personal theory about the difference between ancient and modern fabrials is that they have completely different underlying mechanics. We know modern fabrials work based on trapping spren in gems of certain cuts, but the soulcasters (only ancient fabrials we have really scene) have replaceable gems. If I had to guess I would say what makes the anceint fabreals work is they are of a god metal or god stone wrapped in gold.
  2. While Allomancy and Feruchemy are hereditary they are not linked to physical DNA, instead to ones "Spiritual DNA". See Which means this type of genetic modification would most likely not work.
  3. megatheory

    Maybe the Hemalurgic charge is store via burning the spike? Or buring the spike is how to create more "powerful" version of an attribute, since just compounding a nicromind would be to easy and the Southerns would have already made nicrominds as powerful as the Bands but with only two or three powers.
  4. I wonder if the corpse has metalborn powers threw hemalurgy if they would still work with the lifeless (or if they could be applied after creation of the lifeless).