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  1. Pattern + Adolin. 100%. Patterdin.
  2. Warbreaker spoilers Edit added spoilers. Spoiler scope between Warbreaker and Stormlight gets confusing sorry.
  3. I personally theorize that splinter-human(or any sentient being) host relationships work the same way as shard-vessel relationship but on a very different scale. But while shards are so much more powerful that they overwhelm the vessels, thats does not seem to be true with the splinters we have not seen.
  4. This scene was so crazy I dropped my phone (which was playing the audiobook). Luckily it was on carpet.
  5. I have always hoped that the material of duralumin would do the opposite of aluminum, so like easier to push, but I don't think there is any evidence that this is true.
  6. I think the general theory is that plate does not work the way it used to work, just like living blades vs death blades. In Dalinar's flashbacks, we see Plate that glows with glyphs and helmets that can disappear/reappear. Those Radiants also "flew" into battle, probably with lashings, something that can't be done currently. I also doubt that Knight Radiants needed a ton of help getting their Plate on and off like it takes now. Now does that mean that plate can be activated fully again or if new plate needs to be made.
  7. Who ever is in charge of guarding those spheres:
  8. I bet Re-Shephir was on the giant pile of spheres was because she was trapped in one or more of them.
  9. They are either like a white gold or PLOT TWIST: Electrum, the gold/silver alloy.
  10. Pewterarm + Skimmer (Iron Feru) = Slammer. Their natural fighting style would involve a lot of high jumps and heavy slams into the ground.
  11. I really like both styles. I would expect in-universe there to be tons of different depictions of the Heralds. Now I really want all ten heralds in both styles.
  12. Yea that works, I wonder if those moons also connect to the three super spren, like how ten shows up all the time.
  13. yea both the stained glass behind Vedel and on Jezriens belt have three inner circles within the ten that obviously represent the ten heralds/KR orders. Maybe those represent the moons or the three super spren that the Bondsmiths bond with?
  14. Yea I can totally see this. These really feel like religious paintings with so many details. The original two had a very Magic Card feel I also love. Just like our world, there would be many depictions of the heralds. I would love to have all ten heralds depicted in both styles.
  15. Does not matter who they are, I want high rez versions as backgrounds!