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  1. I still think these types of clues are better when they are set up early. If someone has read Mistborn(either era), Elantris or Stormlight there are tons of super memorable expressions that can be dropped and instantly make worldhoppers stand out to more hardcore Cosmere fans, I think Brandon for what ever reason did not get those expressions across in Warbreaker.
  2. Chapter 79. Warbreaker Spoilers
  3. I always assumed the "bridge" was the Everstorm, is the some reason it something else?
  4. Great episode as always. I had two thoughts: If Harmonium can make a hemalurgic spike its possible it stops becoming reactive with water. Remember Atium dissolves in peoples stomaches when used Allomantically, but we can assume that Atium in a spike does not dissolve overtime in a persons blood, since Marsh has had at least one Atium spike for 300 years. Not the same level of reaction but same type of thing. Hemalurgy holds a body together when it should kill people, so its same idea. If a dead eye does not get pulled to someone when it is summoned, why was Adolins dead eye with him? Was it following him around? Does crossing into Sheadsmar cause them to be united? Since we don’t know if the boat dead eye bonded to a person or one of the missing blades. Just another factor to think about.
  5. Everything you brought up makes sense. The timeline for making medallions, a body and getting south always seemed pretty quick to me. This all had to be done while everyone was rebuilding civilization too. The biggest question to me is where did Kelsier and Spook get access to F-Aluminum and F-Nicrosil? To me there are a few options: Ruin game Marsh or one of the dead inquisitors those abilities for unknown reasons. A Feruchemists survived, maybe someone who was a child during the last days of TFE. Ferrings(of the right kind) or a Full Feruchemists are born. 1st generation Kandras somehow (and idea I have not heard before). Harmony helps out (unlikely). Hemalurgy shanahanigans. Personally I think it was option 6. Its a shot in the dark but I bet burning inquisitor spikes is somehow involved. I also think its possible Marsh helped, and that when you have that many spikes, the powers become more then the some of their parts. We also have to wonder where they even got the Nicrosil that fast. Maybe Sazed left some Chromium deposits easy to get?
  6. Brandons recent comments on Wax's steal bubble being part of his twinborn powers have confused me. Era 2 Spoilers:
  7. Yea my interpretation of binding point placement is they are not necessary but make things work better. Like if you have the spikes in the wrong place the Spirit Web is more likely to get warped in bad ways. Like if your getting one power spike, it probably does not matter where it is, but if your making something like an inquisitor that its important you put the spikes in the right places. The right places probably also give more benefits, like allomantic vision for inquisitors. It also seems that spikes change things in different ways then just what the attribute gives, look at koloss, they are not just a 5X strong person. I bet if you put those same spikes in different places you get something different then a koloss. But we don't know enough about Hemalurgy yet to know for sure.
  8. Oathbringer spoilers:
  9. It is possible, but its also so hard to know whats true and whats not in those broadsheets, could be foreshadowing could be a red herring. Many people theories Harmony's perpendicularity (aka shardpool), being in the southern hemisphere, since thats where Ettmetal comes from. But Harmony might have two perpendicularities or Ettmetal is not generated in just one place. At this point its hard to know for sure. Also, that pool might be Trells mini perpendicularity somehow?
  10. So I was thinking about the mechanics of the painting Kaladin sees and I wonder if part of how i works, in addition to being painted by an invested person, is that the paint is made with Tears of Edgli. Also, loving the podcast.
  11. The way I understand it is allomancy puts a force between the person and the object. The lighter thing moves either way but Vin can put more force out. But often times Vin pushes both the object and stuff in the opposite direction to use as an anchor, to compensate for being lighter so she is not what goes flying.
  12. Speaking of Abrasion, does anyone else think it can be used to increase friction as well, or is that to similar to Adhesion? Not sure off the top off my head how increasing friction would be useful, except to stop fast when sliding or to walk on ice, but Brandon probably has ideas if its possible.
  13. Yea I was a little worried when I posted that something I said or a reply would be offensive, on accident or on purpose, but 17shard is a pretty great forum. And I had not heard of chiasmus, the idea does seem similar to Keteks.
  14. The theory I really like is the Sibling Urithirus spren. The way the ancient radiants talk about the Sibling it seems very connected to the city and the city seemed to much more alive. If this theory is correct then Navani might be a prime candidate to bond the Sibling. Investiture wise I feel like the Sibling is probably a mix of Honor and Cultivation.
  15. I wonder if the oaths prevent a WMD type situation that happened on humans previous home world (I think the main theory that its Ashyn not Braize). Although one example of extreme destruction on Roshar that might have been caused by surgebinders is the shattered plains. Not quite world ending but it seems like what ever created the shattered plains pretty much destroyed what was Natanatan. If I had guess the shattered planes where causes by Division/Abrasion or Gravitation/Division but who knows, since we have barely seen division on page.