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  1. Speaking of Abrasion, does anyone else think it can be used to increase friction as well, or is that to similar to Adhesion? Not sure off the top off my head how increasing friction would be useful, except to stop fast when sliding or to walk on ice, but Brandon probably has ideas if its possible.
  2. Yea I was a little worried when I posted that something I said or a reply would be offensive, on accident or on purpose, but 17shard is a pretty great forum. And I had not heard of chiasmus, the idea does seem similar to Keteks.
  3. The theory I really like is the Sibling Urithirus spren. The way the ancient radiants talk about the Sibling it seems very connected to the city and the city seemed to much more alive. If this theory is correct then Navani might be a prime candidate to bond the Sibling. Investiture wise I feel like the Sibling is probably a mix of Honor and Cultivation.
  4. I wonder if the oaths prevent a WMD type situation that happened on humans previous home world (I think the main theory that its Ashyn not Braize). Although one example of extreme destruction on Roshar that might have been caused by surgebinders is the shattered plains. Not quite world ending but it seems like what ever created the shattered plains pretty much destroyed what was Natanatan. If I had guess the shattered planes where causes by Division/Abrasion or Gravitation/Division but who knows, since we have barely seen division on page.
  5. Spoilers Bands of Mourning:
  6. https://coppermind.net/wiki/Shardblade 1) On the main shard blade page it says that the "Wider than average - cleaver-like" shardblade that Dalinar had and gave up in WoR was "Talenel - Unbound" as the "Previous Holder", isn't that very misleading? That blade was never owned or held by Talenel, but people pretended it was. 2) For Talenels Honorblade it says it was stolen by Taravangian, is their citation for that? Thanks.
  7. I assume different types of surgebinding is "louder" then others. Lightweaving seems like it would need to be harder to detect to be affective. I'm sure if Shallan created illusions right near the screamer spren they could notice. Kinda like in Mistborn
  8. I think part of the insanity of the heralds is because they cannot sleep. From near the end of Oathbringer.
  9. Keep reading, not much else to say.
  10. No Mating!
  11. I don't actually think Taravangian is actually working for Odium, I think he is a double agent. Odium somehow can't see the entire Diagram. The diagram has something up its sleeve related to Renarin Kholin.
  12. I don't think Ishar is actually a Bondsmith, just similar. Bondsmiths have unique powers shared with all the Herlads according to in universe WoR quotes. I don't think we have any evidence that Ishar bonded one of the God Spren but its possible I guess.
  13. I feel like a Mistborn has two strategies, outlast (stormlight gets used way faster then metals) or leech with Chromium. If either way I bet they would use steel/iron with bendalloy to jump around till they can get close.
  14. Interesting theory, but then why was Odium willing to make the deal to spare Kharbranth for Taravangian? Is Odium lying or does it not need to be all humans?
  15. The 'push' of Abrasion might be increasing friction?