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  1. I tend to think that the impressions we have got of the Windrunners and Skybreakers worldview is overly positive and negative respectively. To my mind the essential philosophical difference between these two order is the extent to which they trust their own instincts to determine what is moral. Windrunners believe that they can determine what is the right thing to with essentially exclusive reference to their own personal morality, while Skybreakers do not believe that they are capable of determining this so rely on external moral codes, primarily the law. Both of these approaches can be good and can be bad and in real life we rely on a mixture - sometimes hard and fast rules won't be situation appropriate and sometimes because of imperfect information if we ignore rules to follow whats a our own view of whats appropriate we end up doing bad things. The reason we have such a one sided view of this is because of the characters we have viewpoints for and because the current Skybreakers are led by an insane person but which of these approaches is actually better really depends on broader philosophical questions about human nature itself.
  2. I think much depends on two things, the rate of population growth in Nalthis because that determines how many new breaths are being created and the percentage of new breaths that are entering the market because these two together account for much (most?) of the supply side of the equation
  3. The fluctuation isn't reflecting supply and demand though but the cycle of Highstorms. On the second point about the gold standard, this isn't really the place for this discussion but gold standards are a terrible idea. There is only ever finite amounts of a commodity but economies have infinite capacity to grow so one should have a currency whose supply can be adjusted to fit the demands of the economy. And the point about just printing more is the beauty of fiat currencies. It means governments can spend as much money as they like without having to worry about arbitrary constraints such as deficits but are instead only limited by the real capacity of the economy. If Rosharan governments had a fiscal architecture which allowed them to borrow unlimited amounts of money then it would be much easier to finance opposition to Desolations
  4. @hoiditthroughthegrapevine This.
  5. I don't claim that Roshar experiences wild cycles in terms of the value of its currency, I'm just pointing out out that the value of its currency has a natural fluctuation over the course of a few weeks which we don't see in real world economies. And thank you for expanding on why it is that its currency fluctuates in value
  6. These are called Resonances FYI. I'm genuinely torn on how much to examine the content of the Surges when looking at these. 'Strength of Squires' for the Windrunners does seem as you point out to fit quite nicely with their Surges but does the Skybreakers ability to sort the quilty from the innocent fit with their Surges - I suppose somewhat but not obviously - and I really struggle to see how Illumination and Transformation together make the Lightweavers memory abilities.
  7. theory

    Setting aside whether this possible, why would this be a good story that Brandon would want to write? All it would do is turn the SA into a giant macguffin hunt. Given that Brandon has really carefully designed the magic system so that magical feats and emotional payoff are closely intertwined I just don't see this as something he would do. Sorry to be brusque but I think a big problem with us as a fandom is treating theories about world building and theories about character completely separately when Brandon very clearly hasn't and doesn't.
  8. I find the economic of Roshar weird generally given that the currency depreciates and appreciates according to the timing of the Highstorms so you get this weird inflationary and deflationary cycle over the course of a few weeks but the economics of Shadesmar are absolutely next level crazy. Like what happens to interest rates when the currency is literally disappearing and reappearing over the course of time? Its obvious why Stormlight is the central commodity in Shadesmar but why you would choose it as currency makes no sense to me. Also given that the level of currency is highly variable normally you would see a developed system of credit with IOUs functioning as currency when there isn't enough of it but we don't see this - although it might exist offscreen. I've ranted about this before but the Heralds really needed to tell the Rosharans to get a fiat currency and better economic management generally - that the Oathgates need to regulated as utilities with anti-monopoly protections would one of my personal crusades if I were a Rosharan Edit: Also given that Honour is the Shard of bonds and similar it would be cool to me if Rysn took it up and refocused it on security of contract and consumer trust and we could see Roshar as the financial capital of the Cosmere
  9. On whether Death Rattles are entirely forward looking I don't see why that would be the case. Future sight in the Cosmere comes from accessing the Spiritual Realm, in which there is no time, thus enabling you to see things that have yet to happen. But because there is no time you can also see things that have already happened and without external reference its not clear whether you could tell the difference. If it is the case that all the Death Rattles are forward looking Moelach would have to consciously make this so and I don't see what motivation he would have to do that - misinformation I suppose but surely giving useless information about the past is better than misleading information about the future. I agree that most of the Death Rattles are probably forward looking for the meta reason that most of the SA happens after WOK and they function as foreshadowing but Brandon could just as easily have wanted to foreshadow reveals about the past such as we got in this book
  10. This all solved quite nicely by the Fused/Regals distinction we see. Stormform, like Envoyform and I'm assuming all the forms in the listener songs are Regals and so do not need to correlate with a Surge or Radiant order. We can tell this because Eshonai is still herself, if corrupted, when she is in Stormform as opposed to being replaced by a Fused. Fused are the ones we see using Surges and Voidlight in a manner that resembles Radiants but I'm not sure what we'd describe Regal powers as - although I suppose Venli's Connection thing is essentially Spiritual Adhesion so they might have the use of a slight portion of a Surge. That's Cohesion which he gets from the fact that Yelig-Nar grants all ten Surges. Warform is not a Form of Power so it likely doesn't relate to any order
  11. Yeah sorry, I was quite drunk when I posted that
  12. This isn't strictly true. Preservation and Honour aren't very good at seeing into the future because it doesn't accord with their intent but Honour explicitly says that Cultivation can because it does accord with her intent. Shards have essentially infinite power but they are limited by mind of their vessel and by their intent. So those Shards with which future sight accords with their intent can and do see into the future and any inaccuracies in doing so are caused by limitations inherent to the nature of their power
  13. The comparison with Hrathen is interesting in that Hrathen has always struck me as quite similar to Dalinar. They're both middle aged men undergoing crises of faith and whose arcs revolve around coming to terms with the terrible things they've done in their lives. (They are also my two favourite Sanderson characters by quite a distance). Given that in many ways Taravangian is the anti-Dalinar I wouldn't be at all surprised if Taravangian's long term arc ends being quite similar to Hrathen's.
  14. My quibble with this Willshapers making Dawncities idea is that the other things we know of as 'Dawn-' which are the Dawnsingers and Dawnshards both predate humanities arrival on Roshar whereas the Radiants obviously don't. The Singers were already there and the Dawnshards were on Ashyn. In fact we see Kholinar complete in the time of Nohadon which was before the establishment of the Radiants (although not before human surgebinding). My longtime assumption is that the Dawncities were built by Singers as the connection between them, the Rythmns and the sound based nature of Cymatics seems too obvious to ignore. I am open, however, to the idea that given we know Surgebinding existed on Roshar before humans arrived, that the Singers used Cohesion in conjunction with the Rythmns to build the Dawncities
  15. Dark One has been moved out of the cosmere according to this years State of the Sanderson https://brandonsanderson.com/state-of-the-sanderson-2017/ As for Obrodai I'm fairly certain it is First of the Sun due to this WOB