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  1. hah thanks, I was worried I was gonna have to go scouring through it to find the quote.
  2. I feel like somewhere in the book after they have a larger gem cracking they then mention taking it to somebody to have it cut down into smaller gems or spheres so it can still be used. Not sure who it was but I'd assume its somewhere in the Shallan chapters.
  3. Cool I'll have to check it out. Riding around on horses definitely makes it less likely they could see exoplanets. Could some part of their magic system have given them the ability to see planets? Like the magnification Dor except x10000000 in potency? Galileo could see the planets in our system while still riding on horses, with a little magical help perhaps his telescopes could have penetrated deep space?
  4. Having not read or seen Dragonsteel I can only guess about the kind of technology/culture they had, but perhaps unlike us they actually did give real names to planets they deemed habitual/able to support ecosystems and just ignored/gave general names to others they came across?
  5. Samurai-era Japan and Honor... maybe Tanavast committed some form of Shard harakiri so that Odium couldn't splinter his shard and someone else could take up the fight against Odium and the desolations.
  6. I don't see that just because the planet has a name it necessarily had to have people living on it before the Shards arrived. Look at our solar system, 8 (9) planets all with names, but only one has life. Stars, planets, solar systems all have names throughout our universe even though we've never even been remotely close to investigating them ourselves. Maybe wherever the Shardholders came from was a somewhat advanced culture like ours with telescopes and such, and so named some of the planets they could see as we do.
  7. Yea, this was just a way to throw another idea out there for the synonym of Devotion that Aona might be. I hadn't seen this one suggested, so thought I'd make a post for it and see if anyone else had noticed other uses of dedication in the text, maybe referring to the people of New Elantris or other Elantrians
  8. As I was going back through Elantris a line popped up to me that feels like it would lend credence towards Aona's intent, but I can't remember if it has been talked about or not so I just thought I'd drop it off for you guys here. In the first chapter of section three, chapter 55 page 550 paperback, Raoden and Sarene are talking about New Elantris and the Aons when Sarene says "I always knew you would find the answer. Domi doesn't let your kind of dedication go wasted." Has dedication/dedicated been asked about before? Devoted to a task or purpose; having single-minded loyalty or integrity: "dedicated doctors". It sounds a lot like what the people of New Elantris are. They become so dedicated to the tasks set before them that their minds forget about the pain and hunger. Not sure if they are referred to as that earlier in the book or not, didn't pay much attention to their descriptions earlier. Guess that's all I have to say on it, cheers
  9. Had been a long time fan of WoT when we took over. Read Warbreaker while he was finishing TGS and loved it, got Elantris soon after and been hooked since. Didn't take long at all