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  1. Are you looking for the order the books were released or the order the stories take place in the Cosmere? I think you're going for order they take place in the Cosmere...so I'll give it a try. Elantris The Emporer's Soul (There might not be an audiobook version of White Sand but I think it goes here, I know it's one of the earliest Cosmere works in the timeline, just can't remember if it's before or after Elantris.) Mistborn: The Final Empire Mistborn: The Well of Ascension Mistborn: The Hero of Ages Mistborn: Secret History Warbreaker Stormlight Archive: The Way of Kings Stormlight Archive: Words of Radiance Stormlight Archive: Edgedancer Stormlight Archive: Oathbringer Mistborn: The Alloy of Law Mistborn: Shadows of Self Mistborn: Bands of Mourning Sixth of the Dusk The other Cosmere novella that is currently out is Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, but I can't remember when it takes place in this timeline. There's also a Mistborn novella, Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania. It takes place around the time of the Wax and Wayne Mistborn books (The Alloy of Law era). You can get a bunch of these novellas in Arcanum Unbounded instead of buying them separately if that's easier.
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    I only came in here to vote for Shardfork and it's not even on there!
  3. #KalStabbedFirst
  4. This thread was made a while ago but no one had posted updates in it recently. Out of curiousity, what differences would you like to see? I see the 360 video from the bottom of the chasm and it's similar to how I envisioned it (I've hiked through slot canyons in the western USA and that image matches the vibe pretty well). I didn't like the way Stormlight was portrayed flowing through the character's arms in the short video though. That's my small nitpick, but overall I think it feels pretty accurate.
  5. Could close the thread here... Seriously, Words isn't just my favorite Stormlight chapter, it's my favorite chapter I've ever read across all books.
  6. There's some stuff about this in the Mistborn annotations (I think The Alloy of Law ones) where Brandon talks about making Mistborn hereditary because he wanted to play around with the idea of "super-human races" similar to how cultures like Hitler's Germany viewed themselves. The spark for it was mainly asking, "how would people act if there actually was concrete evidence that some bloodlines had super powers that others didn't?" And it's obviously a flawed way of thinking one culture/race/nationality is better than another, so he used the hereditary magic system to explore the struggles of that concept especially seen in dictatorships. None of this was to argue against your point by the way, just thought I'd chime in with some other insight on it.
  7. That is possible, but there's a WoB that makes me think there might be something more to it than just his religious following. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/214-a-memory-of-light-seattle-signing/#e4694 We don't get an actual answer, but starting with "that's a really excellent question" makes me think the questioner was at least onto something along the lines of "there's something strange going on with this speech." Edit: There's also this to think about. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/103-salt-lake-city-comic-con-2014/#e1019
  8. @MonsterMetroid Overall I think it was a good, but not amazing movie. It takes some risks for a Star Wars movie, some that failed and some that really succeeded as well. I think you make a lot of valid points. For me it was a film I had to watch twice before certain things started to really set in for me. Some of the ways we remember the Force from the original movies is being expanded on for sure, but I think it keeps things fresh. The black and white hero vs. villain arc has been done time and time before, and we know how it ends. One of the things that excites me the most right now about the franchise is that the main villain is off the rails and unpredictable. Vader killed the Emperor because he wanted to save his son. Kylo killed Snoke because of envy and lust for power. That's going to be really interesting and has a lot of potential for how his character plays out in Episode IV.
  9. Not exactly. It's clear in the fight at the end of The Force Awakens that Rey is about to lose until she allows the Force to fully control her actions. The Force is what makes all great Jedi good with a lightsaber. Exactly how much lightsaber fighting did Luke do onscreen before he beat Vader? Not much. He simply became more accustomed to trusting the Force. He didn't leave the map behind. The map showed the location to the first Jedi temple, the location that people closest to him assumed he had gone to (Han's words in The Force Awakens). The research done and stored in the map led to that temple. This was something I watched for in my second viewing. I think it comes down to Poe's arrogance during the situation. He assumed during the briefing that he was going to be named Admiral in Leia's absence. Following that moment is the only time he approaches Holdo. She may not have had a concrete plan during that scene, we don't really know. But Poe never tried to talk to her again throughout the entire film (until his mutiny). It's not like Holdo needed to search Poe out to give him updates. When Poe learned the plan was to use the transports, he flipped out. Once he knew what the plan was, he still didn't like it. So telling him earlier wouldn't have made a difference anyways. Film magic (this one does seem like an oversight). Eh, I liked what Rose brought to the film, and I think Finn showed some nice character growth. He had to learn to stop fighting for himself and start fighting for his team. That was something about his character from The Force Awakens that did need addressed after he planned to leave the Resistance at Maz's castle. I do agree that their side plot was too long though. I actually think this movie does try to address this some. Luke and Yoda wanting to move on from the old Jedi Order. Kylo Ren wanting to kill the past, leave the Jedi and the Sith both behind. The Force will always be there, but until the people of the galaxy learns how to balance the light and dark within themselves, the Force will always be looking for that balance (and we keep getting more movies!). We'll probably get his backstory in a book lol. Luke's X-wing was in the bottom of the ocean...so he literally had no way off the island after Rey left on the Falcon. She stole Snoke's ship after the fight scene. Kylo Ren tells Hux that's how she got away. Doubt anyone would think to shoot at Snoke's ship since no one knew he was dead at the time. I personally loved that scene because it paralleled what Luke saw in his dark side vision during Empire. He looked in the face of Darth Vader and only saw himself. Now we have Rey searching for why she's significant to this story, and when searching for her parents, she finds herself. I think that's the symbolism the scene is trying to show. She doesn't need validation from her past to show why she's important in the present.
  10. I don't think so. Kylo Ren is a multi-dimensional villain. You can see his struggle on-screen to the point where it's hard not to feel for his character too. For me though, Hux not so much.
  11. Oathbringer Spoilers
  12. I think she's just good with combat weapons. She's been defending herself on Jakku ever since she was a little girl. She beats the crap out of some thugs with her staff in TFA easily. But I think the main reason Rey is seemingly so naturally gifted is because she opens herself up to be used by the Force. Luke alludes to that in this movie. "The Force isn't a power you have, it's what binds all living things together." She seems naturally trusting in what the Force can do through her. That's really the key in being strong with the Force. And don't get me wrong, some of it is just cinema. "We need a hero to root for" kinda thing. But I don't think what she can do is too far fetched given what we know about the Force and the Star Wars universe in general.
  13. "Darkness rises, and light to meet it." Rey's strong use of the Force simply comes from her being the vessel the Force chose to counterbalance the darkness in Ben Solo. Sure, you need training to master the Force, but you don't need training to use the Force. The idea with Rey's character is that she is the equal, but opposite to Ben Solo in the Force. The Force seeks balance throughout the universe. When Ben Solo became Kylo Ren, his shift to the dark side meant the Force had to choose a vessel from the light side to match him. This isn't new for the series. Luke was the light side counterpart to Vader. Anakin and Sidious, you could argue, ended up being the dark side counterpart to the old Jedi Order. I always had the theory that the old Sith Lords used to be so powerful because their numbers were so small. If the Force seeks balance, and there are thousands of Jedi, imagine how powerful a dark side user is going to be to counter them. What we're seeing with Rey is only new in the sense that the old ways of the Jedi Order are no more. The Force has always seeked balance, training or no training. Having a teacher is important, but it isn't mandatory to be taught in order to be strong with the Force.
  14. If you have a physical book, it's the written summary on the back outside cover of the book (the actual jacket/sleeve part of the book). I don't think the ebook has them. Not sure if all countries/physical editions have them. You were good to make that connection though. There have been some Sleepless appearances in the series so far, although they've mostly been minor. I think they'll begin to play larger roles as the series progresses.
  15. They are observing the Radiants. The excepts written on the back cover of each book, "these are the ones we watch..." are written from the viewpoint of the Sleepless.