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  1. I've seen some theories that the Stormfather could have been involved. I would have to research the timeline of the plains shattering in terms of the Recreance though. I think the plains shattered before the Recreance but I would have to look to find confirmation on that one.
  2. Agreed. It's that pesky Voidbringer, Wyndle.
  3. I'm glad I don't do audio books because I was about to come in here and call that spren Oolim.
  4. @neithan Upvote for The Wise Man's Fear lol
  5. This website has taught me that Brandon's college roommate was Ken Jennings. Mind blown.
  6. @Mestiv Tried that and I've also tried different browsers on the phone (Chrome, Firefox), but nothing is different. Only thing I can think of is the OS. But even though I'm still using iOS 9 I'm not sure why a simple feature such as this one would have issues...weird.
  7. @Chaos iPhone 6s. Decently newer model so it's kinda weird. @Calderis Haven't really noticed issues before. The similar looking drop downs on this website have always worked fine on my phone. The menu on the top left of the Arcanum site (the one that looks like 3 straight lines) doesn't do anything for me either. But the equivalent menu on the 17th Shard site works fine.
  8. And that's possible, but I think the cities/villages were probably built there before the shattering. Once the event happened, people started abandoning those cities/villages, and any buildings left in tact became covered in crem over the years.
  9. Might be an OS issue because I tried Chrome and it's doing the same thing. I'm still running iOS 9.3 since Apple is great about pushing out updates that their older phones can't run well. I think I understand what @Calderis is saying but when I press the large magnifying class, the search menu doesn't open at all. So I'm guessing it's something with my OS.
  10. Here's what happens on my phone. The magnifying glass turns orange but I don't get a drop down like that. Same thing on the left side. If I press the button in the top left, I don't get an extra side menu. I can try another phone browser later as a test.
  11. First of all, the site is excellent. The hours of work put into this must have been immense, and the work is greatly appreciated. This system is so much better than the old one. I do have a question about mobile features. I don't seem to be able to use the search function when viewing the site on my phone. When I press the question mark symbol, it turns from white to orange, but nothing else happens. Not sure if it's something with Safari or not. Just thought I'd ask if the mobile version of the site had the search feature active yet.
  12. Honestly I'd have to go back and look at it too. I'm thinking the city was in the center though, and the shattering affected a much wider area than just the city itself. Some of those plateaus are humongous, so I think some of the plateaus are just fragmented land masses instead of crem-covered buildings.
  13. Missed this comment earlier, but like was said, I'm pretty sure the part of the plains that used to be a city was at the center of the plains. All of the vast landscape surrounding the city wasn't buildings covered in crem. That was just what happened at the city.
  14. I'll agree on that. Don't know if the resonances caused by Stormlight-fueled powers between two orders are affecting chemical bonds or if they're doing something completely different. I'm just not 100% sure on what Brandon's intent on using the term resonance there is.
  15. The word resonance has a few different definitions. I'm referring to the mechanics/physics definition in my theory. The way resonances between two KR orders are described reminds me of the Chemistry definition of the term: two structures joining to create a single, more powerful structure. Resonance can be used to describe a few different phenomena, but I'm specifically looking at the vibrations.