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  1. I don't wear earrings but I went with right for this reasoning: the books make comments from time to time about how she runs her fingers around her earring as a bit of a habit. I'm assuming she's right I imagine her touching her right ear with her dominant hand unthoughtedly out of habit instead of reaching her hand across her body to the left ear.
  2. Welp, looks like I've got something to take to Cosmere Theories now.
  3. As others have mentioned, writing a graphic novel from scratch seems like it will go better. It's hard to condense a previously written novel into graphic novel format without cutting a lot of the details. I personally prefer novellas because I'm just not that into the whole graphic novel thing. But we might get some cool Cosmere stories in this format that won't take Brandon years to release this way.
  4. I think it's going to end by saying, "The end of book five of The Stormlight Archive."
  5. Yeah the Wheel of Time comes to mind with this one. I haven't finished that series but a lot of the dialog comes back to "I don't trust the bloody Aes Sedai!" lol
  6. On a realistic note, I think what the OP is saying does have some merit to it, with one exception that I'll get to shortly. Kaladin does hold a lot back inside. He's not very good with talking to others about what he's dealing with. There are definitely come communication issues going on in his life that make his character frustrating to read about at times. I think he's super cautious about opening up to people after what happened to him in Amaram's army. It can't be easy to trust people after you've been betrayed the way he was. Yes, yes, Dalinar traded his own Shardblade for Kaladin's freedom, but that still doesn't mean all of Kaladin's trust issues should have disappeared instantly. I think the OP makes some good points, but the one exception I would bring up is the scene at Kholinar. Kaladin's mission in Kholinar was to be a spy, not superman. They knew something was wrong with the city, and they didn't know who was currently occupying it. If he walked around telling everyone he was a Radiant, someone would have ratted him out to The Fused.
  7. A lot of the problems that the characters encountered in this book could have been avoided if Odium was just a chill dude.
  8. It'll be back up on the website once the next printing is done. I just ordered a copy of the Elantris leather-bound after its newest printing became available a couple days ago.
  9. I was personally pretty confused about how some of the metals were supposed to be categorized when I first read the series. I didn't realize at the time that the Ars Arcanum were supposed to be written from the point of view of a character. While it's a cool idea, I found it a bit confusing when I first started reading the books.
  10. An hourglass is also symmetrical, so let's use an hourglass with a storm raging inside of it.
  11. I think they just took off the wording on "all questions must be specific" to deter everyone from thinking, "oh cool I'll ask a question." Doesn't mean you can't do it...I mean you can type whatever you want in that box lol. Doesn't mean Brandon will answer I suppose. But when I ordered a book recently my quote might be considered a bit "long," and he still wrote the whole thing.
  12. I mean, I guess I should know the difference between the two given that I grew up in a Christian church lol. I do know Hebrew is Jewish, but I kind of assumed the language had at least some phonic similarities to Arabic. But I haven't studied the languages or anything myself, just thought the language fit the vibe of SA was all.
  13. That's really cool! Given the Arabic/Asian influences found in the series, I think performing a song in Hebrew feels like a very natural sound.
  14. The status of your order will change to "shipped" on the website when they actually hand it over to USPS, FedEx, etc. Trying logging into your account to see if it says it's been shipped or if it's still processing. If I were you and I hadn't heard anything by the first week or two into March, I'd drop an email to the store. Kara is generally quick to respond. My guess is that the shipping process just takes a while for a smaller business. Theoretically say all the books are signed, and hypothetically they sold 2,000, it'd take 3 weeks to ship them all if they packaged up 100 books per day. I'd say you're fine, but it wouldn't hurt to email them if you don't get a shipping notification within the next couple weeks.
  15. I just got mine like 3 days ago. They're probably in the process of shipping them in batches. And the symbol on this book is steel to answer the original question.