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  1. Just wanted to remind people that this is active now!
  2. I hadn't really thought about the verse referring to the Cognitive Realm, and that's possible. The land far away is probably something we just won't know for certain until future books.
  3. question; Is Wyndle normal?

    Wasn't Wyndle originally going to be assigned to that shoe maker who was killed in one of the interludes? It does seem that his bond with Lift went through a few steps before he actually got there.
  4. I Read Way of Kings Weird

    When I first read The Way of Kings, I found myself being mostly interested in Kaladin's story a lot more than the rest, so I can see how you would've done this. I don't think it works as well for the second book with how all of the plots start to come together.
  5. I saw this come through Tor's Twitter feed today. They'll be offering a free eBook download of The Way of Kings on March 23-24. I figured this would be a good way to spread the word around about the book series in case if people want to try it out (or in case if anyone here just wants an eBook copy to go with their hardcover/paperback).
  6. Oathbringer Update #7

    @Ammanas @Jondesu Thanks for the tips! I'll try Facebook first if it'll be easier for them to see. Edit: So after checking out his Facebook page, I saw Brandon posted on there that you can get White Sand by signing up for his newsletter. I hadn't done that yet, so that was easy enough! Thanks again guys!
  7. Oathbringer Update #7

    While this is on topic...I haven't read White Sand in AU yet. What exactly does AU include from this story? I see a graphic novel, and after that, there's a few pages of text with a Prologue and Chapter One. Does AU show a preview of the written novel as well as the graphic novel? From what I've found online, I don't think the written novel was released, but some people have the transcript for it?
  8. @Samaldin True, some of the details slip my mind after not reading the books for a while. I still think in general that it wouldn't be warranted. A genocide just doesn't seem like an event an author like Sanderson would portray in a justifiable way. That would be like a country on earth slaughtering innocents just because they think these people might become violent. I know it's different in the case of the story because the storm seems to affect the parshmen directly, but I think the point is still generally the same. I personally think Sanderson is going to approach this story in a "it's better to understand each other than to attack each other" kind of way within the mist of the war.
  9. Oathbringer Cover Revealed

    It's left. I just looked it up to make sure.
  10. Oathbringer Cover Revealed

    I saw someone on Reddit say that thankfully the giant S is covering up her left hand to give the picture some modesty.
  11. I think the parshman member of Bridge Four and how Kaladin and the rest of the guys treated him was enough foreshadowing to show that parshmen aren't the main problem. How you treat a person largely determines how they will act towards you. There are enough blood-thirsty high princes who I'm sure would be for the idea of a mass genocide against the parshmen, but that doesn't make it right.
  12. Oathbringer Update #7

    I know he needs to finish the last Wax and Wayne Mistborn book fairly soon. But I think he needs to give Mistborn a break for a few years after he finishes the next book so he can focus on SA. I agree that 3 year gaps are better than 4. His hardest task is trying to build the Cosmere while having such a massive series like SA as its core. He wants time for Elantris sequels and Mistborn along with his short stories and non-Cosmere works. Not that I'm complaining...just would like to finish SA within the next 20 years instead of 30 lol.
  13. Oathbringer Cover Revealed

    @DSC01 That's just someone looking to nitpick things I'd imagine. I don't see it.