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  1. Good point to that. Not sure about their shapes in that era. I always imagined them as similar currency to what you see around the word here, just circular coins made from some sort of metal.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. That helps clear up the confusion. I was pretty sure the bracers and the spearhead were two different things, I just couldn't pinpoint what exactly was going on.
  3. How I've read every book and still managed to not pick up on this I have no clue lol. But thanks for the clarification. I didn't think the spearhead was made from the same metal that TLR wore but I wasn't 100% sure.
  4. I feel kinda dumb for asking this lol, but I've been somewhat confused about the origin of the Bands of Mourning seen in the newest book (the metalmind that's a spearhead). Throughout the entire book, they're looking for the bracers originally worn by The Lord Ruler. And when they find the Bands, they actually come in the form of a something shaped like a spearhead that was left by the Sovereign. So my question is, was this spearhead re-forged using the original bracers The Lord Ruler wore? Or is the spearhead a completely new metalmind that Kelsier figured out how to make and The Lord Ruler's bracers or just gone? Seems like a dumb question but I never quite got how The Lord Ruler's bands tied into the spearhead or if they were even the same thing.
  5. I always assumed their worship of stone tied back to the Honorblades being embedded in a stone by the 9 Heralds that abandoned the Oathpact. Since pretty much all of the Honorblades are in Shinovar, I assumed the Shin were the ones who found the blades in the stone. But there may be a lot more to their worship than that.
  6. Eh, not really. Force equals mass x acceleration. A Mistborn shooting a coin using a duralumin steel push is going to have such a high acceleration that the overal force of the coin would probably exceed that of an arrow shot from a bow. Not to mention that a coin would have a better chance at making it through the eye slits of a Radiant's face guard.
  7. There are a few different theories regarding what Dalinar actually asked for and what his curse was. Some people think he asked to be able to cope with the pain of losing his wife, so the Nightwatcher wiped all memories of her from his mind. Whether that would have been the boon or the curse in that situation isn't quite as clear. I tend to think he asked for something a little more for his brother's throne or to be with Navani, and losing the memory of his wife was the curse. But the real answer to what Dalinar asked for his not been explicitly stated up to this point, and you won't see the answer to it in WoR. If I remember correctly, the answer may be coming in Oathbringer...but I'm not 100% sure on that one. And welcome to the forums!
  8. @CaptainRyan Well that is just not as catchy.
  9. @Calderis I don't mind having romance in the books because that is a driving factor in most people's lives. It can be cliché but it tends to be true. Most people will do things out of love for a spouse/child/parent that they normally wouldn't do otherwise. I do agree that the most important part is how the relationships affect the characters' overall story arcs and individual growths. And for the most part I think Sanderson does that successfully in his books. Warbreaker and Elantris come to mind. I think his poorest attempt at romantic drama was the Vin/Elend/Zane thing in Mistborn, but I think he's learned a lot as a writer with romance since then.
  10. I think Shallan's relationship with Kaladin is less about romance and more about Kaladin learning that not all lighteyes are terrible people/have an easy life. To be honest I don't really care about who ends up with who, but I thought their bond was good for Kaladin's character growth.
  11. They're actually somewhere in the Unclaimed Hills if I remember right according to Brandon's answer when a fan asked about that scene.
  12. I got 99 problems but a Desolation ain't one?
  13. I think something besides the Breaths went into making Nightblood to give the sword the level of sapience that it has. Since all Shardblades originate from spren, it makes sense that Nightblood was probably created using some sapient piece of Investiture that was already around at the time. We know the Cosmere has spren and seons which function similarly, so maybe something like that was used in Nightblood's creation, but something went wrong to cause it to become corrupted. However it was made, it seems to take more than just "a lot of Breaths."
  14. Did Parshendi always have carapace, or did they evolve it over the years as a way to shield themselves better against the high storms?
  15. Have you read the Edgedancer novella? Will give you some more insight on #3.