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  1. I personally disliked WoA because the Vin/Zane/Elend plot felt like something I would've expected out of Twilight. Rest of it was okay, just hated the attempt at romantic tensions.
  2. It's my favorite of the Era 2 books. The ending is a kick in the gut.
  3. I think how you act on instinct reveals a lot about a person. I get it though, I don't think he's a terrible person necessarily. I just don't think he's as honorable as his father after that scene.
  4. That depends on whether or not you view vigilante justice as honorable or not.
  5. Shardclaws: The Wolverine KR
  6. I didn't find a WoB that explicitly answers your question, but by reading some of these, I believe the limitation to Awakening off Nalthis is more of an issue of lacking a source of Breaths. Zahel has tried and failed to Awaken using Stormlight, so I think it's more of an Investiture issue and less of a color issue. But Brandon also has RAFO'd a question about what the color is needed for, so this might be something we more clearly understand if we ever get a Warbreaker sequel.
  7. But at the same time, Tor's official artwork shows Vin and Elend as both being white on the HoA cover. And Brandon liked the idea of Ellen Page playing Vin if a Mistborn movie was made back when the books were I always imagined those characters as being white too.
  8. I still feel like that Perpendicularity has to do with the Stormfather. You have this giant spren that Honor sort of dives into after being you'd end up with this large concentration of Investiture that can move (I'm assuming) because it's a spren.
  9. That could totally be a decoy...
  10. @The One Who Connects If it ain't charring something with fire then I'll be unfulfilled by its appearance lol.
  11. @The One Who Connects Thanks, I would like to see a dragon somewhere along the line before Dragonsteel comes out in...too many years to think about lol.
  12. I've read before that one of the original 16 Shardholders wasn't human. Was one of the original holders a dragon?
  13. Relevant WoB:
  14. I want it to be Jasnah holding Nightblood but I'm pretty sure it's just her spren Shardblade.
  15. Could be more backing behind the "Trell is Autonomy" theory, and Bavadin is the force invading Scadrial.