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  1. Kind of ironic that the traitor was broken by ambition since Ambition was broken by Odium (presumably).
  2. I could tend to agree with this only if Nightblood doesn't get a far explanation in this book (but I tend to think it will). You have to remember that Warbreaker was only written to better explain Zahel's backstory. I'd imagine the idea of Nightblood existed in the world of Roshar before Warbreaker was written, just as Zahel was. If you're only a SA fan, you'd get the idea that you'll have to wait and read the next book to learn what the voice Szeth heard in his head was (that's what I assumed when I read WoR the first time).
  3. Same for me. If you enjoyed the book while reading it and didn't realize it had easter eggs at the time, does it take away from the quality of the book once you realize there are? I don't think so. I just think it adds to the quality of re-reads. But to each their own.
  4. Right, I think she thought it was the only one that was possibly unsealed. But she had to travel to the Shattered Plains to verify it, which is pretty much Shallan's entire WoR arc because of Jasnah.
  5. I think the one at Stormseat was the only Oathgate that hadn't been sealed. That's what Jasnah expected, and it's why she went searching for it. But I'm not sure if she ever exactly knew why that was the only unsealed one.
  6. When Dalinar had the moment's thought that "Gavilar can't know the truth," I thought at the time that he was thinking about how he was in love with Navani. That's mentioned earlier in the flashback. But at the time I thought that was odd placement to start thinking about her again, so maybe he really was trying to hide his inability to kill the boy. Not sure based on how it reads.
  7. I thought this was a really touching moment, and it's been one of my favorite scenes in Oathbringer so far. It introduced us to Renarin's use of Surges in such a meaningful way.
  8. I think we're gonna have to tune into tomorrow's episode of CSI: Urithiru and see what happens.
  9. As others have said, the comment is meant to be interpreted as "Jasnah searched Urithiru out" as in she was trying to find the city. It doesn't mean she is physically in Urithiru, searching its halls and floors. Shallan is thinking back to all the work that Jasnah was doing in her research in an attempt to find the city.
  10. I agree with some others that it will be interesting to read about Adolin's personality changes if he isn't a Radiant, at least for a while. He's going from being one of if not the best individual duelist in Alethkar to being surrounded by a family of Radiants using powers he doesn't have. I may not be a fan of Adolin remaining "normal" forever, but I think it'll be interested to read about for a while if he can't Surgebind. I want to see how he handles himself.
  11. I can live with that. Actually makes sense too, with the Champion leading The Unmade and their armies with another leader at the front of the KR.
  12. While I can't really find some piece of evidence to really disagree, Dalinar does see a Champion in black Shardplate which seems to suggest a warrior of some sort. Only other thing I've got is that anything outside a battle seems kinda...lame lol. I get what you're saying in that there are different ways to spin what the Champion would actually do.
  13. I do agree that Venli seems more likely than Eshonai if the champion is a Parshendi. But Eshonai is more of a warrior already, so there's that to think about.
  14. theory

    I was reading the Listener's Songs and thought about this thread when I read this. To me it seems like a Nightform Listener could predict a new storm, which is what Renarin does with the Everstorm when he's sketching the countdown on the walls. My gut instinct is that Nightform Listener spren and Truthwatcher spren are both related to Cultivation, not necessarily Odium.
  15. Thanks. My first instinct was they didn't, but then I remembered the songs and wondered. I haven't read the Eshonai interludes in a while so thanks for clarifying.