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  1. 1. Do they always cover 100% of the Breaths used to Awaken objects? I thought they only got all the Breaths back if they recalled them fairly quickly. I know Vasher was looking for more Breath at the beginning of the book, so I assumed it could be lost over time after transferring it back and forth between objects. 2. It might just dull the color of the filter itself, turning the light colorless because the filter itself becomes colorless.
  2. Returned need one breath per week to stay alive though which doesn't exactly seem viable on Roshar.
  3. The red hair of the Royal Locks in Warbreaker shows up on the sisters to represent temper/anger/frustration. That one might not be quite as significant to this theory, but it's still along the theme of red = anger or something similar.
  4. @Khyrindor I think I got the verbiage of Cognitive Shadows vs. "world hopping using the Cognitive Realm" mixed up. I was trying to refer to world hopping in general and got the terms crossed.
  5. Well, we know of other Cognitive Shadows that can travel between planets like: I'm not sure of the specifics of the Heralds immortality and exactly what causes the teleportation to Braize with the Oathpact though. I know if they died they would end up on Braize automatically, and if they survived a Desolation, they were expected to go there voluntarily. The latter option means they must be able to willingly world hop between planets at least within the Rosharian system. I'm not sure how the automatic teleport to Braize after death works though. Maybe Odium captures the Cognitive Shadows of the Herlads after they die and takes them to Braize himself? Edit: For spoilers because I forgot I was in the SA forums and not the Cosmere Theories one.
  6. The only works I would consider side projects are his YA novels. I know Stormlight is going to be his biggest series, but building the entire Cosmere is really his life work as an author. He'll be writing novels on Sel, Scadrial, Roshar, and Nalthis especially for a number of years to come. 3-4 years between Stormlight books really isn't too bad considering he writes other novels in those gaps. And when you get used to other fantasy authors like GRRM and Rothfuss,
  7. I like the quote you found, and I agree that the Ideals are good. I like the second Windrunner one. "I will protect those who cannot protect themselves."
  8. The Claymore on Dark Souls is a two-handed weapon that your character carries over the shoulder. It's a fairly large sword. There are larger weapons in the game, but the Claymore is bigger than your typical straight swords, long swords, katanas, etc.
  9. The thing that seems odd to me with Nightblood is that apparently steel is incredibly difficult to Awaken, enough to where Vasher is surprised the 1,000 breaths actually worked. But not only did Nightblood Awaken, it also can talk/communicate, something you don't see from other Awakened objects such as clothes. So to a degree I understand where the OP's theory is coming from in that the breaths might have been used to Awaken something that was sentient at one time. And the only thing that resembles a sentient sword in the Cosmere that we know of is a Shardblade. Also, I don't see the big deal about how large the sword is. I thought spren could form weapons of various shapes/sizes? We've seen everything from huge blades, to spears, to...forks? lol And I thought Nightblood was like 5 feet long which is pretty large anyways.
  10. I think you're right, 2010 to 2014. This current gap is 3 years but when you count the months, I think it's getting close to 4. WoR came out in March, and Oathbringer will be November.
  11. @dyring I know he's interested in some of his other YA projects as well as an Elantris sequel too. After Oathbringer comes out, I think he's planning to write the last Wax and Wayne book plus do something with his YA novels. I imagine Mistborn will take a break until sometime after Stormlight 5 is out, but I believe sequels to Elantris and some other Cosmere worlds will be more important to him than the next Mistborn trilogy over the next few years. I think it's good he has so many different worlds to write about. I read his newsletter yesterday, and he talked about being sick of Oathbringer at this point after reading it four times in a row for revisions. I could imagine reading the same 1,000 page novel four times in a row would make anyone sick of it lol. So while I know a lot of fans would like him to write Stormlight books more consistently, he really needs a mental break from the world of Roshar so he doesn't get sick of writing about it non-stop.
  12. We know Kelsier has been on the southern side of Scadrial, but there's a 300 year gap between those areas where a lot could have happened. A lot of the details are just unknown at this point. I agree that the comment from Sazed does seem odd if Kelsier had been on Scadrial the entire time.
  13. I ran across this earlier today when I was looking up Aons. What I remember seeing is that the Aons already existed and the Elantrians discovered the shapes by "trial and error." Now I'm sure there is some reason that they began this process because otherwise, you wouldn't search for something that you didn't even know was possible. I'm not too knowledgeable about the origins of old Elantrians before the book takes place.
  14. I wonder what the original source for that was? I know Brandon tends to RAFO some things that might've been answered outright in the past because it's hard to remember every single thing. I just thought it was odd that the WoB from December 2016 has him RAFO'ing the question about Ati being Ruin's original holder. I'm leaning towards Aon Ati being coincidental, but I started to become curious when I couldn't find much about it. I had this elaborate theory of Aon Ati -> Hope -> Kelsier -> Ruin forming in my head, but then I figured it was just coincidental naming. It might be something I try to ask about on Reddit or Twitter if I can't dig up a specific WoB about Aon Ati. Edit: @Weltall That's probably good enough confirmation even without a source. I guess I just found it hard to believe Brandon would do that without it being an Easter egg lol.
  15. I was searching through the Coppermind list of the Aons trying to learn more about how they work, because I've only read Elantris once and I kind of skimmed over the details of the different Aons in the Ars Arcanum section of that book at the time. I noticed that there was an Aonic symbol called Aon Ati, and that Aonic symbol stands for Hope. I thought it was interesting that Ati would be the name of an Aonic symbol since that was also the name of Ruin's Shardholder. I didn't see many results turn up on this site for Aon Ati, so I went over to Theoryland looking for questions asked about Ati the Shardholder. I noticed this question from a signing this past December. Now, this RAFO doesn't mean Ati was or wasn't Ruin's original Shardholder, but it's kind of interesting that Brandon wouldn't outright confirm that he was. But anyways, I remember the passage in The Letter from Stormlight Archive where it mentions Ati and Rayse, and how Ati's personality was eventually corrupted over time by holding Ruin. It seems interesting that an Aonic symbol that represents Hope would have the same name as Ruin's Shardholder, and we all know Hope in the Mistborn series is tied to Kelsier's final words when facing the Lord Ruler. So with all of that being said, is this naming convention a complete coincidence, or is there possibly a hidden meaning to it?