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  1. That's never been a problem before...
  2. Was this in a WoB or something? Anyway even if this is the case then the Nahel Bond ideals add to the spiritweb and make it what it is
  3. My exact inspiration
  4. Can we please brainstorm some quotes about the Knight Radiant/Recreance? I'm tyring to create something real cool and I need quotes, but I can't find good ones on my own
  5. Wait please tell me real quick: which colour is the foreign shard, and which is Sazed protecting his world?
  6. After some thought I realized that Shardblades cause poeple's eyes to burn away, and that dead Shardblades in Shadesmar have no eyes...could there be a connection between the two facts? When I think about it, humans have three aspects: Physical, Cognitive and Spiritual. If we assume that the soul is the spiritual aspect (I think that's been confirmed), it becomes clear that what a Shardblade does is: 1) Seperate a person from his Spiritweb 2) Make the connections between the three aspects unravel So it takes the soul, and it takes the eyes...eyes are windows of the soul (maybe). So then if we assume that this is why the eyes disappear, then why do the Spren's eyes disappear after the bond dies? My theory is that a spren (which only has one part, the cognitive part) achieves Spiritual and Physical aspects from a Nahel Bond. Swearing the Ideals constitutes the spren's Spiritweb, and adds to it, which means that a spren's spiritweb is made of Oaths and Ideals. Then, when the Radiants broke their bonds, they "broke" the spren's Spiritweb, robbing them of their souls (eyes) and their physical form.
  7. To be honest I really do think that Navani is the best candidate but then I deeply think about it and I remember how the plot goes so far off the predicted rails and we all get confused...RIP Elhoker and his Almost-Bond...and so my theory is: The sibling bonds with Graves
  8. Ground breaking theory: Brandon will make Shallan destory oshar in one big Chernobyl
  9. To be honest Oathbringer just blew my mind. I mean, every time you think the story will go somewhere you can cmpletely understand Brandon's like "Confusion before clarity! Journey before Destination!" and we're back to square 1. Why else do you think he had Dalinar, I don't know, fuse freaknig REALM'S together???
  10. Think about it... You're in a battle which you're struggling with, and you might lose. Out of nowhere appears Saitama...err Szeth...flying in the sky and holding a blade bleeding smoke and destroying your enemies, in all his bald glory. Would you really stand up and say "Get lost bro, I don't need you"?
  11. TBH Dresden Files and The Aeronaut's Windlass were pretty good, but its not like we can compare them. I mean, on one side there's a lone 600 page book and on the other is a series with, what, fifteen books and thousands of pages... Scale breaks, right?
  12. BURN THE HERETIC! BURN HIM! DESTROY HIM! DEESTROOOOYYYYY HIIIIIII... *pulled away by the moderators into a closed room...*
  13. Brent Weeks is better known for his Night Angel Trilogy but Lightbringer is waaaaaay better in my opinion... Please don't shoot me
  14. If you trust me on anything, trust me when I say that Night Angel has so many flaws it almost isn't worth your time, and if you decide not to read it you'd be better off.