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  1. I'll sign up and edit in my name later. EDIT: My name will be Rennid, a man who has lived on Darkside long enough to know he likes Dayside better. His alibi says he's been working in the city for over three years, but it's actually two...Yeah that's it.
  2. Well maybe Bendalloy Compounders can just produce medallions for the world. I think that makes it more powerful than just never having to eat again. Chromium Compounding would imo be best used when trying to escape people. Hide in the jungle, they’ll never find you. Hide in a sand desert, the wind will pick up. Hide in a city, doors will open. Etc etc
  3. So this title is pretty clickbaity, but also a great description of what I'm trying to say. Kind of like "Net Neutrality" describes the topic, but is misleading on the surface. When those Scadrians develop rapid prototyping machines, they're going to invent selective laser sintering. Since the powder used in this process doesn't have to have to be as good for Allomantic ratios, and it's powder already I think that street Allomantic suppliers may try these instead of proper Allomantic flakes. Much like people nowadays buy cold medicine and try to isolate the active chemical which can be changed into the active ingredient for meth (very bad idea as it involves high temps and pressures, which is why meth labs explode), people will steal SLS powder from factories, and try to bake out the polymer binding out of it, and sell the left over "metal" (which includes metal and some waste) on the down low. This comes from me being in Engineering and learning about rapid prototyping right now. Not a super serious theory, so I'm putting a /w on it. (Since /s stands for "The preceding text was sarcastic," I made /w, which means "The preceding text was one of Walin's favorite type of theory, one that is partly a joke and partly a serious thought")
  4. "Be Sharp." Then it would study and possible become another Awakening Scholar. I want to have a sword smart enough to understand words with multiple definitions. So it would cut real well, but it can also cut to the point. And it's the sharpest knife in the drawer. This Sentient Awakened Object is going to be a pretty sweet sword. Hopefully it's actually smart and not just a pun master, because then it'll just meme poorly until it gets Investiture. But if it does get Investiture...hahahaha creator of puns we cannot dream of. Stab it through a dictionary, or just let it listen to an audio reading of a dictionary (if it can't destroy like Nightblood can). Then unleash it on your foes.
  5. I think that since they have to admit things to themselves that they are hiding, then it might encourage insanity. Memory suppression is a way to cope, and without that, you could very well go insane. Also, if you have a dependency, it's very hard to break. So if you're dependent on coping, and you lose one form of it (like memory suppression) I think that you would develop a new coping mechanism real quickly. I think this is why Shallan develops her multiple personalities so quickly. So yeah, it's really probable that most Lightweavers have some unhealthy coping mechanism, which could include self harm. However, keep in mind that when Shallan stabbed herself, it was to observe the corrupted painspren, not to cope. And since Pattern is a younger Cryptic who hasn't bonded anyone yet, he probably doesn't recognize self harm as a possibly habitual thing. He just got worried because it was out of character for Shallan, according to him, because he didn't know why Shallan was doing it.
  6. After getting some squires Kaladin found new hires But they didn't replace Bridge Four Because they got trapped near a door And the Windrunner escaped with some liars
  7. I think, like the Thrill and Sja-anat, and even Re-Sephir, not all Unmade are bad. Since Odium has his influence back, this may change. It’s just that when left alone, they act how they want, which may be bad or not.
  8. Ah; I thought you meant that the increased reaction speed comes from zinc, which they don’t have. To make this post not just a non-discussion reply, I’ll put my thoughts on the most powerful Compounder: Iron-Iron. They’d have a lot of weight to throw around, and if coming up against a steel or brass compounder, they could just pull the person past them, or even around them, like a gravitational assist. Except instead of “assist,” it’s “throw you miles away.” Also, they could do a self-destruct that takes out a city by slingshotting upwards, then tapping All The Weight and Pulling the city to them. Ultimate destruction.
  9. No, they basically slow time around them; their body speeds up and their mind makes thoughts at the same speed as their body. In Shadows of Self, Bleeder stared at Wax incredulously when using steel, when he was moving at her speed. It’s just that you don’t get smarter; you just think faster. I’m not good at computer science, but I think it’s like this: steel decreases ping times, but zinc increases the amount of RAM available every ping. So zinc effectively speeds up pings (hence Brandon saying that you get a little bit of bullet time) but you can also perform much more complex functions as well (when Brandon said you can make intuitive leaps).
  10. I think Moash will win the race to Replace Jezrien and Kaladin will be stuck at the lowly tier of Knight Radiant. That will up the Evil Herald count to either 2 or 3, depending on whether Ishar is delusional or a traitor. It would be cool if Kaladin just lopped off Moash’s limbs with his Shardblade and told him to apologize to Roshone or Elhokar’s Cognitive Shadow before he got Regrowth’ed with a fabrial or something.
  11. Great theory. Is it confirmed that Nohadon was a Bondsmith? That would make the most sense, but as he said “Not all spren are as discerning as honorspren” may have indicated that he was a Windrunner. What surges did he use in the vision?
  12. It definitely depends on the spren and Connection to society. I think that maybe if you come from some society with a completely different set of values, however, it may be different. Your Connection to it could make killing the hypothetical victim for a massive gain in life a good thing. However, the society would have to be large enough to get spren that share their worldview...so if it's small, you only have two edges to your tripod being removed. There's still that spren. If you have a spren that agrees with you though--you'd have a Nightblood on your side. Which I think can't happen with Windrunners; protecting is specific enough to not be subvert-able by different cultural values. Guess it's time for an Honorblade to do stuff like that
  13. @ChaosI sometimes feel like some people get more upvotes than their posts warrant; for example I got 7 upvotes just for getting the first reaction thread up about the small site change. And the AKS thread was an upvote generator, as opposed to some other theory threads that got only a few upvotes. Though that's less of a problem with the upvote system and more of a me-being-picky-about-my-opinions sort of thing. So actually, that wasn't meant to be a complaint but more of a notification that I like short theory discussion with some upvotes rather than an ongoing thread with just a bunch of opinions being expressed for the course of eight years. But AKS was only a few weeks so I don't really have a problem with it.
  14. I'm thinking that maybe one of the Dawnshards broke, or even got destroyed, and released a massive load of energy. Seeing the other theory/WOB that gemstones are made from Investiture, I think that if it can "bind any creature voidish or mortal" (much like the King's Drop) it probably has a big amount of Investiture. Perhaps it was an intentional thing by Honor during the Last Desolation to wipe out a large number of Voidbringers, seeing as the Heralds were getting weaker and the Voidbringers needed to be struck hard? Actually, I think any number of highly Invested people could have done it. But for now, I'm set on the theory that one or more Dawnshards got fractured or destroyed.
  15. The doll seemed like an odd action. Maybe Hoid was trying to get rid of Investiture so the Voidbringers wouldn’t find him, but that doesn’t make much sense. I guess the girl he told the doll to “take care of” (in either a protective way or a guiding way) will be super plot central in the Cosmere later on...