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  1. I am still out of town at this point, and will not be able to defend myself against suspicion sufficiently. I’ll just wait for the accusations and suspicion to come to a climax before roleclaiming (piece by piece, for I have items as well) in the Day phase. I’m assuming that the elims don’t want to kill me right now, seeing as I’m an easy lynch target tomorrow. Thus, I’ll start roleclaiming in the Day phase unless there’s a huge lack of posts this cycle—in which case I’ll want to improve my claim’s visibility by posting earlier. —————— Dorter knew any false move could make him appear suspicious, and thus available for killing. He decided to use the Shadozer, but then remembered he was near a number of shadow-producing trees. In that case, he’d just use the Power Glove to defend himself should he encounter any attacks. After preparing himself, he went over to the party and explained that he’d have to go scout for a bit.
  2. I am going to be semi active for the next day or two, due to being out of range for Internet. I should have said this earlier, but I got out of range yesterday too.
  3. "Whoa." Well, that certainly was an interesting trial. Dorter was declared Not Guilty, after it was found that he had been stuffed into a web wrapping with a knot tied on the outside. Before the spider came into camp, Dorter was accosted and stowed away the moment he met with it. Caught by surprise, all Dorter could say was "Oh...hello, mister Spider," before the stick it was inexplicably holding knocked him out. Dorter awoke to darkness, and was met with three choices: Knife, Shout, or Opacinator. He chose Shout, which let him escape the webbing and reach a long cutscene in which he was walked over to camp. Approaching the first face he recognized, he greeted "'ey, buddy"--to which he then stopped talking, met the person's eyes, and heard them start talking. "There has not been an incident in this group for weeks, and the day you show up, this happens." The speaker gestured to the spider's carcass, and explained what happened. There had been a spider attack, while Dorter was on watch--and seeing as he was missing, suspicion fell on Dorter and others in the camp. It came to a climax as they determined who to throw into the fire to determine alliance to Mordor, but there was a tie. The group threw a d4 into the air--and it landed on its point. Soft ground does help, after all. Either way, no one died, but no one looked for Dorter to find and throw into the fire. (I took way too long to type this; no longer am I using word-for-word dialogue from the Henry Stickmin series. My RP will still be chock-full of references, though. Also, I forgot to check when I was signing up for the player list, but apparently it's spelled Dorters, not Dorders, so my character is named Dorter after the chip whose name appears in a loud cutscene.)
  4. I will be Dorder, a drawer of stick figures and drinker of Don Dew. And I know my way around rings, if you catch my drift. I’ve yelled and gotten near to a close call, eaten some Dirt Mushrooms (they make you fall over, and bite the dust), and made a number of puns that also serve as apt descriptors of my personality. I’m Dorder the adventurer, and I’m not losing my humor for anything short of a Punishing dwarf.
  5. If I don’t know everyone is coming back the next day...I’d probably just try to figure out a “schedule for the end of society.” Trying to find the nearest grain silos, etc. stuff that doesn’t need maintenance that stores necessities, that sort of thing. But that’d probably happen after the first month. Looting and videogaming it is.
  6. Hmm. I have some suspicions with both Burnt Spaghetti and Elandera, and not Straw. Considering how the tie is, I guess I’ll just vote Burnt Spaghetti to avoid usage of iocaine. My reasons will remain unclear until next cycle, unfortunately.
  7. I'ma be joining this, unless there's an application. In which case I'll be applying soon--and then I will join you all this fall.
  8. Oh dang I don’t want to go inactive— so I’ll post here and then do it again later if I don’t forget. Sorry about that.
  9. I think that given the posts in the last few cycles so far, either Fifth Scholar is an elim, or Mr Doctor is. Or neither. But their discussion leads me to believe that they can’t both be elims, or else they’d be sabotaging each other pretty badly. I’ll just toss a vote onto Manukos, because it’s what the majority wishes. And I’d said that I would vote on someone already. @Sart, I do not have any more info or opinions to share with the thread, but hopefully this is a regular amount.
  10. Alright, I’m online, and I will say this: I have been quite inactive; I haven’t read almost any posts except the ones that mentioned me, and I thought I would disguise that by posting entirely neutral half-RP posts. As I said earlier (about Night 2; not sure though), I mostly have the time to be active, but it’s a lot less time than I normally have, so I’m in the process of getting used to it. Regardless of my alignment, my inactivity means I’m not a good asset—so I should be lynched. On the other hand, it means I’m not a threat, and that suspicion should remain on others who have pointed fingers of their own. I’m going to stop being neutral pretty soon, if I don’t die; I think I’ve got enough info to analyze tonight and reveal in the morning.
  11. Dang, I’m not gonna be active enough to get a good post for the fashion today. Let it be known that I would try to sell some air guitars with which you say “excellent” while using them.
  12. I want to give thoughts on this game, but all I can say right now is that it was very fun, and that the mechanics were such that I understood what was going on despite not knowing the lore. Well played, everyone!
  13. Welp, I’m posing for activity here—I’m busy for the next day or so . May as well post at least once per cycle rather than leaving it to the two-cycle limit.
  14. I have no time to voice a lot of my suspicions right now, or check whether they’re founded, so I’m just going to give a memory of Bill Ted in support of today’s fashion. ———— The Iron Maiden. One of the coolest bands out there, and the guards were just going to bring it to Bill Ted. ”Radical!” He didn’t know how they had travelled back in time here, but he used a phone booth. One with awesome lasers and stuff. The one the Iron Maiden used would probably be bigger than a phone booth, and comfy too. He imagined trading them and meeting back up in the present. It wasn’t until a bit later, as they were being led into the dungeons, that Bill Ted realized they were talking about a torture instrument. A bad one. A really, really, bogus-bad one. ...but he escaped by deux ex machines because even an alternate-timeline movie has the same rating, and can’t show graphic depictions. (All of the above was not how it went in the movie; I forget what happened, but I do remember this set of dialogue: ”Bring them to the Iron Maiden.” ”Radical!” Bill and Ted escape pretty quickly after that conversation)
  15. Well well well, it appears I have yet to garner lots of votes. It appears I am sufficiently entertaining for my survival, or at least neutral enough to avoid actions. I don’t have many suspicions right now, but I think I’m going to say that Doc12 may be the target of a coalition of people, or perhaps not. In my experience, having private discussion is no more beneficial than public discussion, except when you’re the elims. So scratch that; I’ve not nothing else to say lest I stop being a neutral player right now. This is an excellent adventure, but first it must be careful.