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  1. Another great update! Nicrosil is indeed a toy.
  2. First reply! I will be Nalter, brother of Nerkel. Will edit in stuff later but I want to be first. Dang it; ninja’d by MonsterMetroid! EDIT: Nalter is a young scholar. He came to Kharbaranth a month ago, hoping to find evidence of advanced fabrials used for culinary spying. It had happened to his scholar friend’s ardent friend’s merchant friend’s baker friend’s Shardbearer friend’s soldier friend’s linguist friend’s stormwarden friend. He assumed it was used with tastespren, found when scents connect with a memory. The spren were found some places he had never heard of, but Nalter thought it could be captured. He just had to go to all the places here that had memorable culinary artwork. Or he could travel away from Kharbaranth. Culinary spying is when you figure out recipes by picking out the individual scents, but using the tastespren Nalter described, it would probably just strengthen the connection to a memory. So I dunno what he’s doing; he may discover some real, different tastespren that could work for his research.
  3. We’re planning the mechanisms right now. We don’t know how we’re going to play it (I assume a Discord channel, or maybe a thread here) but that’s far off in the future.
  4. I don’t think I can sign up, and in the case that my earlier post got buried, I’m posting the same thing again. The mechanics sound cool, but I don’t have a lot of time to participate in it (I have a bit more free time due to losing in the LG, but more stuff is coming up). Can I get a spec link?
  5. Can I get a link to the spec doc? I can’t play but want to watch and discuss it.
  6. Dbec had seen the others. They openly talked of his need to go. His plans accounted for that, however. He left to his hideout in the middle of the city. Once there, he gave his skaa their instructions. He would stay here until the day passed. He had taught them well. He had only taken a few days, and they knew the alphabet. I can’t do much more before turnover.
  7. Ok. So if I don't do this now, I don't think I can reduce the number of votes on me. I've tried before and I think this is the only window in which I can do something. I've got atium, and I think no one else does. I'm pretty sure that no one else can do anything but lynch me now.
  8. Well I have a possible secret to reveal next Night if you don’t kill me. But if I get a vote train I’ll reveal the secret. I also am planning on the full Heatherlocke win too. So either don’t vote or vote heavily. But don’t leave me standing here, other SE players! RP below if I edit it in:
  9. I’m not dead yet! And thus we see the violence inherent in the system. ...No more quotes that I can think of are relevant—Aaaahh!
  10. I probably won’t be able to RP in time for turnover, but let it be known that: Dbec is still training his skaa I have been part of the group in Heatherlocke that is trying to stop stuff. However, I was roleblocked when I tried that, and afterward tried to use Skaa to mine Atium. I haven’t gotten anything to happen yet.
  11. NO! ...I was PM'ed by Stick last night...and I didn't respond in time. I could have voted on Mafia and kept attempting the no-death win... I'm sorry, Stick. I have few excuses. This round, though--I will do my best to prevent further bloodshed. I mean, if dying to a kandra doesn't shed any blood, then it's not bloodshed, right? Dbec paced around the room. Over the last day, he had talked to many skaa and gotten their rumors. The few that were coherent, he had brought here. The intent was to train them to be servants in his house, but also to be spies. There wasn't much else to do with his time, and what could it hurt? If they got killed while out spying, they couldn't be traced back to him. Dbec had never told them his name, and they shouldn't be able to recognize his face. They were only skaa, and Dbec knew that the sight of a noble drew attention to the clothes, and not to the face. Because often, looking a noble in the eye meant bad things. Rebellion. Pride. Lack of fear. So there wasn't any chance of getting repercussions for this. At least, Dbec hoped...
  12. Noooo Drought! Well, you went out with style. Dbec sat in the streets, listening to skaa. They all told different stories of what was happening. One said that Locke was never real, but just a front put up by some of the lower House Tormander members. This was the only rumor that even held a bit of significance. It hinted towards an infiltration of kandra. The coalition was still going strong. Of course, he only heard it from a skaa. A raving one at that, whose sentences varied in grammar. However, Dbec could teach him literacy in his own alphabet, the one he used to change his name. It was far superior to the Steel Alphabet, having 26 characters that varied in shape, rather than a few distinct characters that also symbolized metals. After all, if the plan went according to plan, Dbec would have to plan for a decrease in House members, who had planned to exit House Heatherlocke. So he would have some recruiting to do.
  13. Just two hours. Get your orders in. Hoping none of those orders are to kill me...But that’s the point of the game! So yeah, go for it. I don’t know whether we will come close to the kandra plan, but I’m telling you all who are thinking—it’s probably a good idea.
  14. Whoah, I think Fifth Scholar raised some good points there. But Straw started the accusations. Let me just say that I do not want to be killed by Koloss, but I also think... Well actually I’ll stay on the down-low. I’m not going to vote anything but No-Lynch (sorry; I’m on mobile) if still possible.